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Click Here to visit HiveWire3D's Renderosity Store

Click Here to visit cwrw's Renderosity Store

HiveWire3D's Animal Release & Sale!

Renderosity is pleased to introduce you to the latest releases of products from HiveWire3D and cwrw.

As a special introductory sale, we're offering a 30% off sale on three of the products shown below and a 35% off sale on four new products. These sales are valid now thru 11:59pm (cdt) on Friday, November 3rd.

Additional Products from HiveWire3D

In case you missed our first release from HiveWire3D back in September, we'd invite you to Click Here to view more outstanding animal content.

We recently had an opportunity to talk to HiveWire3D about these releases and here's what they had to say...

(Renderosity) Which HiveWire3D animals will be available on Renderosity?

(Hivewire3D) First, we're grateful to Jenn Blake for her inviting HiveWire3D to publish our content with Renderosity. We will continue to publish at HiveWire3D also, but Jenn has opened up the ability for us to publish our animals at Rendo on a non-exclusive basis. Jenn, Lisa Buckalew (my business partner) and myself, agreed to publish our original animal products and see how that goes. So our goal is to make available all of our original animals at Renderosity and at HiveWire3D. This would apply to our current animals and those in the future as well. We'll be publishing our Big Cat, Cougar, Cub, also our House Cat and Kitten in our first wave. We will follow this up with our Horse, and accompanying breed products. Laurie Prindle of CWRW will be providing some of her additive products through the Renderosity channels as well. We have many, many animal products in the works and we look forward to those hitting the Renderosity store also.

(Renderosity) What makes your animals stand apart from other vendors?

(Hivewire3D) Many published artists would say that their products are the best, and superior to all others available. You see that being said about the many human figures that are available in the Poser/DAZ Studio market. Customers will gravitate to what they feel works best for their needs for multiple reasons. We feel the same when it comes to our HiveWire3D animal products. Some differences that help our animals rise to the top are evident right away with convincing imagery, while many other advances are only experienced once a customer has our product on screen of their software of choice.

Here are a few of the advantages with each of our animal products. They're all available natively in both Poser and DAZ Studio, and this takes significant efforts. But we do this for all of our HiveWire3D products, animals and human figures. We don't just provide a quick conversion to make this happen, but we make sure that each product works the best it can to match and work the same in either software. We also have a strong background within HiveWire3D of creating content that is anatomically accurate as much as possible. We work tirelessly to assure that our animals look correct, and have the visible surface anatomy to be convincing. We model in surface bony structures, tendons, and muscle groups that aid in an accurate looking animal. It's one thing to create an animal and then cover it with a strand based fur, but take away that fiber fur, and does that animal still hold up for accuracy? We also do our best to make sure the topology or mesh layout of each animal is efficient, clean, flows well, and is created with a myriad of morphing capabilities in mind. Our meshes are made to support many shapes. Our animals also have added expressions, and head and body shaping options to create believable and creative morph combinations.

In addition to a strong base mesh to work with for each animal, we have created superior rigging structures to allow for a convincing range of motion when posing the animal. With smart weight mapping, combined limits, range of motion, and joint controlled morphs, a very realistic bending of body joints can be achieved. We have had superior texture mapping for each animal, most of which have been created by the highly skilled and talented Laurie Prindle of CWRW. Laurie has aided us immensely with her art direction of our horses and cats. She has also shared insights with effective UV layouts to achieve a compelling texture map with minimal stretching, and a consistent resolution. We've also used the skills of Virtual World for our Gorilla, and recently we've teamed up with the talented Sparky for texture work on our Dog line of products.

We have some very solid product imagery by CWRW. She knows how to show off an animal and make it look natural. She is a graphic artist as well and can combine text and graphics very effectively.

We create our animals to get the most out of each one. For example our Horse base is also used as the same mesh for our Mule Deer family, Cow, Spanish Bull, Big Horn Sheep, and even a Warthog. And our Big Cat mesh is used for all our planned Big Cats, our House Cats, Dog meshes, and even our Dragon. So yes, even textures can be shared across animals that share the same base. And all of these can be seen in our Work In Progress forum threads.

Finally, we have a solid internal Beta team, made up of skilled volunteers, and our Quality Assurance and Verification team is stellar. We also very purposely share our work in progress on all of our products, and glean even further ideas to incorporate into our products by a very passionate community within our forums.

(Renderosity) How will this partnership benefit HiveWire3D?

(Hivewire3D) We see this partnership as a way to gain more exposure for our products which is not only a benefit to HiveWire3D but to all who support the content we create.

At the creation of the Hive, we founders set ourselves up with Guiding Principles. We call these principles "the 5 C's" - Create, Commit, Communicate, Collaborate and Care. Offering our animals for sale in partnership with Renderosity covers all five principles.

First and foremost, we Create. By following our passion and doing what we love to do, we create in 3D. The exercise of creation brings the concepts, ideas, skills and talents of many individuals together into the crafting of a sellable product. The intangible then becomes tangible as artists of all kinds and skill levels are provided with a new "actor" that through the "stage" of various 3D software can be manipulated to suit the needs of the artist. Thus, our passion for creation assists others to also create.

As a team we are Committed to each other and to our collective vision for creating and providing 3D content. This also requires that we commit to the needs and wants of the customer as they provide feedback as to what they like about our products and what they don't. We also commit to taking actions that we feel are of benefit to the growth of not only our HiveWire3D community but the Poser/Daz Studio community as a whole. One step we have taken in that direction is that every one of our new products released since 2013 is fully developed in both Poser and Daz Studio with both versions being supplied to the customer within a single purchase.

Much of what we do requires that we Communicate well in email, forums and social media with the typewritten word. We are conscious of the need to connect with others as openly and clearly as we are able and we strive to do better when we find we are not being understood as intended. For us, communication is about connecting with people - whether in a forum thread, email, a support ticket, image comments, etc., with each connection bringing an opportunity to forge or strengthen a relationship.

Our Collaboration with Renderosity is an example of how our commitment, combined with clear and open communication, has created a new opportunity for everyone involved. Our HiveWire3D Animals will be presented to a different group of people than they have been previously. It is our hope that people will like what they see and will purchase our animals. Their purchases will not only support HiveWire3D's ability to continue to make high quality products, but also supports Renderosity as a brokerage as well as many artists within the community who have chosen to make additive products for HiveWire3D content.

Our final HiveWire3D principle is that we Care, and we truly do. We are here for so much more than ourselves as company owners. Many of our decisions are made with what we feel is good for the community overall in mind. We know that it is possible for artists creating 3D content to carve out a nice living for themselves. We know that times have changed and what worked yesterday doesn't work in the same way today. We care about the future of what we love to do, we care about our creative and passionate artist friends we get to do it with, and we will continually strive to find new ways to collaborate as we move forward together.

Please click on the appropriate product below to learn more

HiveWire Thoroughbred
CWRW Liver Chestnut for the HiveWire Horse
HiveWire Friesian
Regular Price: $12.95
Regular Price: $4.90
Regular Price: $12.95
30% OFF Sale Price: $9.07
30% OFF Sale Price: $9.07
30% OFF Sale Price: $9.07

HiveWire Whisper
Regular Price: $14.95
30% OFF Sale Price: $10.47

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