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 Subject: Enough Hardware for 3dsmax

vincewicks opened this issue on Jan 25, 2013 · 3 posts

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  vincewicks    ( ) ( posted at 8:04AM Fri, 25 January 2013 

Hello guys,

I'm a beginner in 3ds max. What's your Hardware for 3dsmax? What's enough and what's intermidiate?

  wheatpenny    ( ) ( posted at 8:22AM Fri, 25 January 2013 · edited on 8:24AM Fri, 25 January 2013 · @4034773

I run 3dsMax 2013 on a computer with 4 GB RAM and a 2.9 GHz AMD Athlon II X2 245e (Windows 7 Home Premium, SP 1) with no problems.


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  libertycityanimation    ( ) ( posted at 8:28AM Fri, 25 January 2013  · @4034775

it all depends on the computer you have, I have a 4 slot motherboard with 4gbs a sparkle VGA card with shader 4.0. 250 HD and another 250 HD one for window and one for 3ds max 9.


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