March 2015 Vendor of the Month - 3D-Age

March 3, 2015 1:01 am

 3D-Age Renderosity's "Vendor of the Month" for March, 2015

We congratulate 3D-Age for winning the March, 2015, Vendor of the Month. Regrettably, we were unable to interview 3D-Age, who lives in Beijing, China, as he is incredibly busy. However, we'd like to share some selected items from his very popular Renderosity Storefront



3D-Age has been a Renderosity member since xxxx. His store primarily sells clothing and accessories for women. The quality of is work is obvious, but he also has a real knack for choosing the right model and for posing it so that the clothing looks its best. 3D-Age features 265 items in his store. Here are some selected pieces.





 Be sure to stop by 3D-Age's Storefront and see what other fabulous items he has for sale. 

Article Comments

echokimono ( posted at 6:18AM Tue, 03 March 2015

A very deserving win!!! to an outstanding vendor. A favourite store ..... I have so much of your wonderful creations.

Kazam561 ( posted at 11:40AM Tue, 03 March 2015

Congrats! Great work on your products! Big fan!

EdArt3D ( posted at 4:04PM Tue, 03 March 2015

Very well deserved ! Congratulations

savanna ( posted at 5:31AM Wed, 04 March 2015

Congratulation 3D-Age :)

ilona ( posted at 1:02PM Wed, 04 March 2015


Shaylea ( posted at 4:28PM Wed, 04 March 2015


robinsk1 ( posted at 6:55PM Wed, 04 March 2015


Hamiltongraphics ( posted at 11:14PM Fri, 06 March 2015

Excellent product got you here. Thanks for your products and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. You are my favorite.

lycanthropy ( posted at 5:59AM Sun, 08 March 2015

Congratulations well deserved!!!

WandW ( posted at 12:36PM Mon, 09 March 2015

I enjoy using his products! Congratulations! :D

Anagord ( posted at 10:13AM Thu, 12 March 2015


Tempesta3d ( posted at 1:24PM Fri, 13 March 2015

Congratulations, very talented!!!

dhawk0948 ( posted at 2:09PM Sat, 14 March 2015

3D-Age is my go-to vendor. His work is always top-notch.

atpo ( posted at 8:14PM Sun, 29 March 2015

come on 3d-age,your artistic cell is enough and enough so that it is out ,why not installing our brain,in here please upload ,and we could be getting freely downloading. congratulaion indeed!

LPR001 ( posted at 8:11PM Wed, 01 April 2015

Congrats 3d-age!