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March 3, 2015 12:06 pm

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 Our Renderosity "Artist of the Month" for March, 2015, is Eremes, a digital artist chosen by peer vote from the Maxon Cinema 4D  GalleryRenderosity congratulations Eremes on his selected as AOM from the Maxon Cinema 4D Gallery.

 Eremes, who's name in real life is Valentino Szemere, is an Italian artist based in Switzerland. He runs the Apax Creativi where he  designs ads, wegbsites and many other forms of VFX/CG work. Eremes joined Renderosity in 2009 and posted his first image (created  in Maxon's Cinema 4D, which is his professional application of choice, to his impressive gallery of images (see image below). 

 Since then Eremes has published 48 images, primarily created in Cinema 4D, to his gallery. His work is detailed and imaginative. No  matter what format Ermes works in, commercial or artistic, his work stands out.

                                                                                                     "American Sublime" ©Valentino Szemere

Interview with Eremes, Artist of the Month for March, 2015. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is 'Eremes' ?

Eremes: Eremes has been my Avatar for many years and it is a play on my real name, Szemere, that happens to be … Hungarian. Although I’m italian and I live in Switzerland. I’m married and I have two daughters.

Did  you start out with pencil?

Eremes: I run a small design studio in the italian part of Switzerland.  I hate to say it but I’m really quite old, so yes, I did start with a pencil since that’s all that was available. I started as an illustrator mainly for italian publishers and magazines, then I moved to Switzerland where I founded a graphic design studio.

I think I was probably one of the first graphic designers in my region to use a computer. Oh the memories:  64 K of memory and no harddisk. (that’s how old I am)

How long have you been  creating art?   When did you become interested in digital art?

Eremes: As soon as the first 3D programs became available I started to experiment.  It was Strata, Carrara and then Cinema 4D (release 3). Around 10 years ago I decided to make a movie featuring my daughter, boldly going where no girl has ever gone: in a submarine, in a forest full of fairies, in a palace run by an evil Magician. All this was done by filming my daughter and a few willing friends against bluescreen and creating the rest in C4D. This got me started on many new ways.

Since then 3D has become an assential tool in my work. I use it for illustrations, for simple logo effects, to represent real objects (like medical instruments) that would be difficult to photograph, as a preview tool for, say, exhibits or fair stands, for architectural visualization, to design house implements for a company  I work for, and of course for all my personal experiments.

In the last five years I’ve making a lot of TV commercials, for Swiss and Italian clients, mostly based, again, on 3D animation.

                                                                                     "Fancy Dancing at Buckingham Palace" ©Valentino Szemere

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Eremes: Inspiration comes of course from a number of sources. Websites like Renderosity or Deviant Art, are an incredible source of talent, ideas and challenges. Then some time it’s just experimenting with a new program or a new feature in C4D.

What programs might  we find in your digital toolset?

Eremes: My toolset is a rather extensive one. Besides the programs I use for my graphic work, for 3D I often start by drawing shapes and splines in Adobe illustrator which I then import into C4D. I use, without being terribly proficient, Marvelous Designer for clothes, materials, tents, etc., Realflow for liquid simulation, Poser for human and animal animations (again imported in C4D for setup and render), a number of plugins for effects and simulations (Turbulence FD), After Effects for video work, and of course Photoshop for just about everything.

My favorite remains cinema 4D and I’m very honored that some of my works are featured on Maxon website, while one has been chosen for the 2014 Maxon calendar.

What are some of the projects you are working on currently?

Eremes: Right now I'm working on an interesting animation project. It’s a girl engulfed in flames ballet-dancing in a futuristic landscape for a TV commercial. It entails starting with a Poser model, applying a Mocap (BVH) file with the dance moves, exporting it into Marvelous Designer to dress it and animate the clothes, exporting it to C4d, applying the flame effect, creating set, lights, camera, etc. and finally rendering sequences to be assembled in After Effects. With render times of 12 hours for a few second sequence, it is taxing my resources.

How  has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and  learning?

Eremes: Communities like Renderosity are absolutely essential. I like to publish here and above all I love the comments (in fact I wish there were more). Somebody always sees details that I totally missed or gives me new insights into my work. After having toiled for days on an image I have the tendency of cutting corners and declaring myself satisfied a little too early. Comments are the mirrors of my failing. Of course I also like when somebody posts a  compliment!

                                                                                                       "The Old Swamp" ©Valentino Szemere

Do you have any  parting comments, or advice for other artists?

 Eremes: I’ve a lot to learn a very little to teach. My only advice is to fall in love with what you do. Once it becomes part of your thoughts day and night, then every difficulty is a challenge and every obstacle sets a new goal. Sometimes while I’m driving I see a mountain, fog, a sunset or a peaceful scene by the lake and my first thought is "How can I do that in 3D?” .

Of course I don’t mean you have to be maniac. Enjoy life, family, good food and all the rest. Just also enjoy tremendously what you do for a living or in your free time.


Renderosity: Our sincere thanks to Valentino (Eremes) for taking the time to answer my questions and for sharing his art with the community here at Renderosity. Be sure to view the short video we made to highlight his gallery and commercial video work. 




 We invite you to have a further look at Eremes gallery!

 And be sure to visit:

 Eremes Renderosity Homepage

Eremes Renderosity Gallery




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soffy ( posted at 1:11AM Mon, 09 March 2015

Congrats:) you have a wonderful Gallery**********

deemarie ( posted at 9:29AM Wed, 11 March 2015

You are a master of your craft!

Elcet ( posted at 11:39AM Wed, 11 March 2015

He is simply breathtaking! Incredible!

UteBigSmile ( posted at 11:43AM Wed, 11 March 2015

Well deserved, your artworks are simply amazing ones!!!!

bebopdlx ( posted at 11:52AM Wed, 11 March 2015

Well done, big congrats.

msannaf ( posted at 12:09PM Wed, 11 March 2015

It's all so awesome by I'm mostly drawn to The Old Swamp. I love all the detail. Great works.

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