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December, 2016, Vendor of the Month:


December, 2016, Vendor of the Month, Zeddicuss, is the couple/team of Chris and Ava. Together they create wonderful and unique 3D models, poses & expressions and props (among many other cool digital things). The specialize in the beautiful and exotic female figure. A quick look at their store and gallery will tell you that they take great pride in their work.

Ava and Chris took time out from their busy schedule to chat with us about their work and workflow, their ideas about art and advice for prospective vendors.

Note: VOM Sale for Zeddicuss will be starting on Friday, December 23rd at 12 am and running through Sunday, December 25th at 11:59 pm please. Store will be 60% off.

Interview with the Artistic Team - Zeddicuss

Renderosity: Congratulations on becoming Vendor Of The Month! How was 2016 for you?

Zeddicuss: Thank you, we were so pleasantly surprised when we found out we are Vendor of the Month, it is such an honor! As a whole, it was a great year for me and Chris. One of the most important things that happened is that Chris's health is improving. He suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but this year with a lot of effort and positive energy, he is slowly getting better. He is feeling much more energetic and we have started doing the things we love again, like taking walks, going for bike rides and simply being outside. Chris really feels like he has his life back now. Our cat Cotton, even comes on regular walks with us. lol We are starting to suspect she may be more dog than cat! It was a lovely summer though, and a very special year. :)

Tell us a bit more about one of your recent products, Z Lips So Divine. How did you create this one?

Zeddicuss: We decided to expand our skills as a 3D content creator and that is how Z Lips So Divine happened. We have had a lot of requests to create morphs already so we thought this would be a great place to start. Inspiration came from some of my favorite actresses! :) Lips So Divine is already one of my favorite products. We are going to create more morph packages in the future as we find it fascinating!

How much planning goes into the product creation process?

Zeddicuss: The planning time really varies between each product. Z Lips So Divine was something we have never done before, so it required a lot of planning. Initially we spent a fair bit of time playing around creating a lot of different morphs to see what looks good and what does not.

After that, we spent some time packaging up the product in the best way, to make sure all our content is user-friendly. This is something really important to us as we feel a product must be pretty and artistic, but also functional and easy to use. Hopefully we have achieved that. :)

What about creating content you are more experienced with?

Zeddicuss: When it comes to other products such as Poses, Expressions, Props and Environments, there is less planning as we are already very experienced with these. We really try to just let our creativity flow. ^_^ We still spend time making sure everything is extremely user-friendly but our experience makes this a relatively quick process.

How have you found collaborating with other vendors?

Zeddicuss: Amazing!! This is something we really like doing. We have worked with several vendors, more recently with Sveva and Lilflame. They are such lovely people and lots of fun to work with :)

Tell me a bit about the learning process as an artist?

Zeddicuss: Well, I think the one of the most important things is patience. It can be easy to become frustrated when you can't do something straight away, especially when you have a wonderful creative idea, but it's important to relax and just enjoy the process. Creating art and learning new techniques is not something that can be forced, and it generally goes better when you're happy and calm. I tend to play nice Irish folk music or the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. When I am in my happy place, I find I am most creative. :)

Do you have advice for artists and prospective vendors?

Zeddicuss: I would say just remember you're doing it because it's your passion, it's what you love so really just enjoy being creative. I also think finding the right inspiration can really help. It's really about what can inspire you to make beautiful art.

Any final comments?

Zeddicuss: Yes, we would just like to wish everyone in the 3D community Happy Holidays! Have a warm and magical Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! : ))

Be sure to visit Zeddicuss' Store at Renderosity to browse their many excellent products. And don't forget their store-wide sale starting Friday, Dec 23!

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speculoos ( posted at 2:10AM Fri, 09 December 2016

Congratulations (and celebrations!!!). 😄

arifzhafir ( posted at 9:31AM Fri, 09 December 2016

Well deserved. Congratulations, Ava and Chris, for all your great work!

renecyberdoc ( posted at 12:01AM Wed, 14 December 2016

congratulations well deserved,always a pleasure to use your props,characters poses and ..and...and....!!!!bring em on.

Zeddicuss ( posted at 8:40AM Thu, 15 December 2016

Hi everyone! :) Thank you very much for the wonderful words, we truly appreciate them!