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George Krallis, aka Geographics, is the Renderosity members choice for Artist of the Month this September, 2016. George was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to talk about his life, his work and thoughts on art-making. Since George lives in Greece, I thought perhaps some of his inspiration for his work came from his environment. Let's see what he says about it.

Interview with Artist of the Month for September, 2016, George Krallis (Geographics)

In your Renderosity bio you state that you are from Xanthi, Greece. How much does the landscape you live in affect the images you create? Stone and rocks are beautifully rendered in so many of your images; is it based on what you see and live around every day?

Geographics: Yes, Xanthi is a small town located on the northern part of Greece and it’s full of beautiful architecture, forests and mountains, lakes rivers and beaches. I feel lucky living in a place like that because it actually has everything I love. All this beauty around has definitely influenced me IN many of my 3D artworks, but inspiration doesn’t stop there. It comes from what I see, or even what I hear. I might see something in a movie, game or documentary and makes me create crazy things that I hadn't thought about before. I might get inspired by a poem or ΚΕΝΟ novel and actually this is the beauty of inspiration. It can come from anywhere at any time. All it needs is to take something and turn it into an idea.

Do you have any formal training or are you self taught? Are you working in the digital arts/computer graphics field right now?

Geographics: I’m ΚΕΝΟ self - taught and I'M still learning. The digital arts field is so complicated and so fast growing that I feel like I have to chase IT all the time. I have a Graphic design studio of my own called Natural CMYK located in Xanthi and at the same time I work occasionally with companies from abroad for commercials or movies productions that need 3D. I’m also teaching 3D studio max to Architecture students

Reflections Reflections of the Past by Geographic

3DS Max is your application of choice; why do you like to work with this application so much? What is it that draws you to using it for so many of your images?

Geographics: Actually because it was the first one that I got involved with when I began to work with 3D softwares. There are many programs that I really love to work with such as Vue, Zbrush, After effects. Max still IS my favorite because It makes me feel comfortable with it. Whatever I have in mind I can easily model, texture and render it. And of course Vray is my favorite renderer

There are so many great art works you've created it's hard to choose one to talk about! How about Neuron: tell us a bit about your workflow on this wonderful abstract piece. You don't usually do a lot of abstract work, where did the inspiration for this come from?

Geographics: As I said before inspiration can come from anywhere. A few days before I made Neuron. I was watching the Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon where there is a scene showing Kevin with his vines and neurons on his body. That was it. The idea to create an abstract face of my own but with millions of small vines on it came to my mind. The technique behind Neuron was quite simple but sometimes behind simple techniques there are impressive results.

Neuron Neuron by Geographic

All I had to do was to model a low poly human face. Not something complicated and detailed because in the end it would not be visible at all. After I finished the face it was time to work with Ivy generator. Ivy generator is a free plug in for 3ds max and it can easily generate ivy WHICH in my case was vines (branches without leaves). I used many ivy generators until I came up with the look I wanted. After the final render I drew extra vines of specific shape in photoshop in the area of eyebrows and finally I played between WARM and cold colors to intensify the colors I had given with lights inside 3ds max.

Who are some of the artists that have influenced you and why?

Geographics: There are so many artists out there that I admire and I have been influenced by ΚΕΝΟ and I'm not only talking about 3D artists but 2D artists as well. Some of them are really mindblowing such as Raphael Lacoste, James Paick, Dylan Cole and Marek Denko. His skills are really insane.

How has Renderosity made a difference in your work as an artist?

Geographics: Renderocity has worked for me almost like all the other sharingart websites. All of us, the artists, like to create our online protfolios and share our art so that we receive and give comments. These comments are very important to me because they make me want to become A better artist. I also like to watch other people's portfolios to see what they have achieved and hopefully renderocity is full of good artists to share comments and works of quality.

What advice would you give an artist who wants to create using 3DS Max?

Geographics: As I have told you before I'm teaching 3d studio max to architecture students. One of the most common problems I face with them is that when they begin with 3Ds max they are super excited and when they realise that things are not as easy as they thought , then they lose their excitment. So my advice is never lose this feeling of excitment. I know it sounds easy but difficult to achieve but they must keep in mind that if they insist maybe one day they will be able to become better artists than those they admire now. They will also have many opportunities in the industry as professionals or freelancers. If this excitement means to be a child then I definitely advice them never to grow up.

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