In Memory of Suzanne Burgos [ARTWITHIN]

September 22, 2013 10:08 pm

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It is with great sadness that we hear that Suzanne Burgos, known here as Renderosity member, ARTWITHIN, passed away on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 (Link...).

Suzanne had been a Renderosity member since 2006, sharing her beautiful art in the 2D Gallery here. She had also spent a lot of time as a coordinator of the 2D Gallery and Forum, greeting new people and helping to make 2D a thriving part of Renderosity. Unfortunately, she didn't leave anything behind in her gallery here, but you can see some of her works on her Wordpress site. Many of us still remember her wonderful art and the contributions she made to Renderosity's 2D community. She will be truly missed.

Suzanne Burgos [ARTWITHIN]

A dear friend of Suzanne's, anahata.c, shares a beautiful tribute to her:

"I learned that Suzanne Burgos---ARTWITHIN, on RR---passed away of cancer, on August 3rd of this year.

Suzanne was Coordinator of the 2D Gallery and Forum for several years, as well as a notable artist herself.

Her last year on RR was a painful one, as all her friends knew; but she accomplished a great deal here, and I wanted to share it as I did with Suzanne so often when she was alive...

Suzanne championed 2D on Renderosity, and turned the 2D Forum into an extraordinarily creative gathering, as the participants remember so well... She over-saw a gush of creative energy, inspiring artists to 'riff' off each other, to create from each others' creations, suggesting a wide array of themes, and encouraging a remarkable stream of projects and wonderful play---in an art that's usually known for being slow and solitary (ie, painting and drawing). At her height, she created a truly fertile ground, and made 2D feel grand.

For me, she was the first person to encourage me to return to art after so many years; and she urged me to come to the Forum and "meet the crew"---people I considered giants, and who later become my friends: i.e., Helle (helanker), Koosie, Martin (groegnitram), Gun (gunsan), Tim (november22) and later Ana (anaber), among others. Some became family for me, and for all this I remain truly grateful...

But she also constantly welcomed people to the 2D Gallery---she even learned everyone's names, including those who rarely posted; and she was a marvelous artist herself.

She was overtaken by cancer in the end, and I'm grateful she's out of pain now; and I send my deepest wishes to all who loved her, and I'll always remember the embrace and love she brought here for so long, and the art that she loved so dearly. Rest in peace Suzanne, and know that the horizons you opened for many will always be there, shining and inviting and in your name,

blessings and peace to you in abundance,


In Memory of Suzanne
by anahata.c


We invite you to join with us in sending condolences to Suzanne's family and friends.

~The Renderosity Staff and Community

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Article Comments

helanker ( posted at 12:13PM Tue, 24 September 2013

Thank you for opening this memorial for Suzanne Burgos. It was a sad news, when we heard she passed away. My warm thoughts goe to Luis, her Husband and the family in all. Suzanne was a great artist. She created very gentle and beautiful art, that indeed is worth dwelling on. I remember the fun time we had in the 2D forum where we made collaburations and created coffee machines and sent in our different drawings of a time machine. All this fun and laughter was because Suzanne made it possible. It was some great years and I thank Suzanne very much for that. May she rest in piece. Helle

anahata.c ( posted at 12:42PM Tue, 24 September 2013

Thank you so much, Nick and Staff, for this beautiful memorial. And I'm honored that you included my dedication with your beautiful tribute. Helle (helanker) said it beautifully---Suzanne was a great artist, I don't think she knew how beautiful her work was, it was beautiful and touching. And she created real inspiration in the forum and in the 2D gallery. I remember those coffee machines Helle speaks of, along with so many other projects Suzanne inspired. She put a lot of her heart and soul into that place. I often just watched and learned. I too send my warmest condolences and comfort to Luis, her husband, and to all else who knew and loved Suzanne. Thank you, too, for posting a link to Suzanne's blog---her art was so sensuous and spiritual, and the world should see it and bask in its beautiful glow. A beautiful memorial, and I too wish Suzanne great peace and light and blessings. Much light to you, Suzanne, that rose (in my dedi) was a drawing you always liked, I wish you the beauty of all roses, Mark

anaber ( posted at 7:28PM Tue, 24 September 2013

I feel very happy because this Space was opened to honour Suzanne and her work in Renderosity and especially in the 2D Forum. I feel very glad too because this place will be a permanent rememberance of her Art, as well. She was a wonderful artist and her art was deep and always so significant and I feel glad that everybody that wants, can see it through this place, where she put so much of her heart and soul and so much creativity too. She used to visit my gallery and one day she invited me and insisted with me, to make part of a challenge in the forum. I was a shy new-comer but I accepted the challenge:) and I thank her very much for this, because i learned a lot of many differents things. I experienced there, wonderful colaborations, exchanging experiences and new ideas and I had much fun and joy. She always incentived me for doing more and more. Also, so much important to me, the fact that i met there great friends that will remain for all my life. I have good memories of those times and they will stay in my mind. Like Helle and Mark said, 'Suzanne made this possible', so, i am much thankfull to her. I send my deepest thoughts and my condolences to Luis and her family and wish them, the very best. To you, Suzanne I wish you much PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT wherever you are:) Love,ana

groegnitram ( posted at 6:28AM Wed, 02 October 2013

I will remember Suzanne as someone in love with colours, poetry, light and of course those roses. Quite a wonderful dedication by the way, Mark. After Bev's leaving as a Moderator the 2D Forum fell into a time of silence, most people who participated 10 years ago are not here anymore. I was here when Bevchiron, Gallimel, Gunsan, Synapse, Titta, Traumer and many more created a unique place and atmosphere, a place where painting and drawing was essential and meant everything. How can a good place become so abandoned, one may ask, it didn't happen over night, reasons are many. One of these reasons was that Bev as a moderator became ill and had to leave one day, I miss her quite a lot and hope she is fine. Suzanne came in short after this time of abandonment and found this place in state of a sleeping beauty, little by little, with a lot of passion and energy, she managed to restore this place. People stopped by again, participated and filled it with life. Suzanne succeeded in overcoming the difficulties this place always had to struggle with, seemingly. But there was something she did not expect herself, and silently this 'something' searched its way into her life. After spending so much time and energy to solve those problems with the 2D Forum, she became ill, little by little, a burn out, feelings of emptiness and sadness filled her heart. Suzanne had to leave Rosity, sooner or later, for her own good. I will not forget these times, I cant, because they meant everything to me. I had not drawn for 10 years, mainly because of business, I forgot what I loved the most and was close to serious illness myself. I wish you a good journey, Suzanne, thank you for the splendid time at the Forum, for your wisdom and insights, thank you for everything, may love and light ... and roses of course ... always be with you, Martin.

StaceyG ( posted at 1:07PM Wed, 02 October 2013

Suzanne was always so helpful, positive and just an all around wonderful person. She will be missed greatly.

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