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Land Of The Necromancers

Vue Fantasy posted on Mar 18, 2003
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She knew she should've listened to her instincts that told her to stay on the well traveled path, but ohhhh no, ever since she was a small child she had a real inquisitive nature about her, and that usually ended up getting her into trouble. Thank goodness she was well trained in the deadly arts, she like others that had begin to travel out of her village was a deadly assassin, however her people had made a pact a long time ago to use their gifts to fight against the 3 prime evils and their minions. This time her inquisitive nature had led her right into the home of the Necromancers, a people that most avoided because of their practices and beliefs. The Necromancers had the abilities to raise the dead and use them for their own purposes and she was having a first hand experience of their power because before her was 3 giant creatures that looked as gross and nasty as their rides. By the looks of them, at one time they used to be warriors, fall warriors now by the looks and smell of them. No doubt the Necromancers were using them as guardians to keep away anyone that might intend to harm the mages or intended to use their services for evil. Running was pointless, although the creatures looked like slugs, they are much faster, and thanks to the deadly toxins they secrete, much deadlier than their smaller cousins. As soon as she explained her reason for being there and they determined she was no threat, the quickly retreated into the fog, waiting for the next un expecting soul to wander into their territory

Comments (11)



12:12AM | Wed, 19 March 2003

Excellent image as always. I really admire the entire atmosphere of your images; the materials and details on the ground, placement of vegetation, trees, etc.



2:36AM | Wed, 19 March 2003

Wonderful artwork and a great story!



4:27AM | Wed, 19 March 2003

Excellnt as always, great scene.


12:38PM | Wed, 19 March 2003

kekekeke :) I like it


4:11PM | Wed, 19 March 2003

Wonderful scene and atmosphere! Excellent details and textures!


4:37PM | Wed, 19 March 2003

Excellent scene and story as allways



4:40PM | Wed, 19 March 2003 snails, Shannon? Now that takes a lot of imagination. This is very well set up and has great depth. I like the stone idols, too...nice touch.



11:08PM | Wed, 19 March 2003

realy fantastis idea wow.



4:01AM | Thu, 20 March 2003

That's cool! Excellent scene and story!



4:58PM | Fri, 21 March 2003

Oh this is great!!! You put so much work and feeling into your images. Love it!



10:40AM | Sat, 22 March 2003

Thanks everyone :) I always appreciate the comments and ratings. thanks for taking time the time to look at my work :o)

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