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71 - A daring rescue begins

Poser SteamPunk posted on Nov 14, 2023
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Sonja Steelsinger and the Darkstar clanks execute a daring plan to rescue Lilja Darkstar from Baron Mikel Von Reanimeister. Molly's art notes: Molly's art notes: Set up and rendered with Poser 13.1.518 using the Superfly Cycles X rendering engine with some post-work in Superfly and a tad more in Photoshop. The 8 separate images were then mounted in a graphic novel page format using Comic Life 3.5.21. Sonja Steelsinger is based upon La Femme with modifications by Afrodite-Ohki. Fat Bob is by Simon 3D. Weasel is by Jonnte. Miss Pannikin is by 1971s. The maid servants dolls are by Studio Maya. The butler and his wife are based on the CSI dummy by Cybertenko. The mechanical revenant is based upon Victoria 4. The setting is Steampunk hideaway from DAZ and steampunk building by Cybertenko. The vehicles are by 1971s and Mausel. Support content creators!! I did include full size versions of the original panels. Finally, I worry that it's harder for those who don't speak fluent English to manage this format since cutting and pasting into a translator is not available with the images on a graphic page. Therefore, I reprinted the dialog below; if you use Google Chrome it can translate (right click and choose translate) or you can easily cut and paste into translating software. Another issue occurred to me: the effort to reproduce the accent of the unrefined characters like Sonja, Pannikin and Fat Bob might not translate so I included a standard English version of their dialog in square brackets beneath the reproduction of the speech balloons from the story page. ------------------------ Dialog for use in Translating software follows this break-------------------------------------- PANEL 1 Narration: The clocks of New Babbage strike midnight as an airship approaches the stronghold of Baron Reani- meister. PANEL 2 Weasel: Any sign of Fat Bob and his subersible? PANEL 3 Sonja: Not as of yet! Just 'old station 'ere, Weasel. Fat Bob be bound to show soon. Nowt sign o' life in yon tower: no guards, so entrance be easy as pie. An' when Bob gives th' 'igh sign? Bring us up to th' landin' platform and in me an' th' little ones go! [Plain English: Nost as of yet! Just hold station here, Weasel. Fat Bob be bound to show soon. Nowt sign of life in yon tower: no guards, so entrance will be as easy as pie! And when Bob gives the high sign? Bring us up to the landing platform and in me and the little ones go!] PANEL 4 Narration: Beneath the waters of Steelhead Bay, Fat Bob's Submersible makes way toward the Stronghold with the giant guardian clinging to its hull. Panel 5 Narration: The only sign of the submersible's stealthy approach is the periscope through which Fat Bob navigates. PANEL 6 Fat Bob: Ah! we be near teh base o' teh tower wid teh door! We ken bring 'er up, Mate! [Plain English: Ah! We are near the base of the tower with the door! We can bring her up, Mate!] PANEL 7 Helmsman: Aye, Skipper! Up we goes! Narration: The clank at the helm acknowledges Fat Bob's instruction and steers the submersible toward it's destination: the door that will be the exit point for Sonja and her band of maid dolls when they have rescued Lilja Darkstar. PANEL 8 Sonja: I see's 'em, Weasel. Fat Bob an' th' Guardian 'as th' submersible stationed right smart. Bring us 'long side o' th' landin' platform! Time to rescue her ladyship! [Plain English: I see them, Weasel. Fat Bob and the Guardian have the submersible stationed right smartly. Bring us along side of the landing platform! Time to rescue her ladyship!]

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Comments (7)


1:18PM | Tue, 14 November 2023

Wonderful new chapter in the story!


2:21PM | Tue, 14 November 2023

Thank you so much! It took me a bit longer than usual to work this page out. I'm so glad you enjoyed it enough to leave me a nice comment! <3




2:16AM | Wed, 15 November 2023

Great fun!


9:22AM | Wed, 15 November 2023

Thank you! I am pleased you are enjoying the story.




7:10AM | Wed, 15 November 2023

Wow. Stunning images and layout. Great story!


9:24AM | Wed, 15 November 2023

Thanks, Annie. This page was really hard for me to do and took a long time for some reason. I'm sure that part of it was making it take place a night. Night time lighting always drives me nuts. XD




2:02PM | Wed, 15 November 2023

Good work! I think the night time lighting looks good; just dark enough to represent night and darkness and still light enough to see details. Night lighting (and blue in general) is a difficult balance, it looks good here. The layout and panels are well done, too.


2:05PM | Wed, 15 November 2023

Thank you, Barb. I REALLY appreciate the encouragement as this business of dimly lit scenes is a journey for me. >.< I struggled a lot with story flow from the previous page, too, so I appreciate the feedback on the layout. <3




7:47PM | Fri, 17 November 2023

This is really great, and superbly done, Molly! I love the characters' dialogue, too. And Your idea about putting the actual text of the dialogue below for translation is an excellent idea! We do have a world-wide audience here... I'll have to give that some serious consideration, myself.

The panels themselves are really excellent. The treatment you've given the night and undersea scenes works beautifully! Keep 'em coming! (I should talk.... LOL)


1:43PM | Sat, 18 November 2023

Thank you so much, Rod. It's slow going setting up some of these scenes with dozens of test renderings to get the look I want. I keep hoping I'll get better at that but so far it's often "hit or miss" until I get what I'm looking for. I alternate between this story and the story of Lena Bubnoff's odyssey from Russia to River Heights to keep myself a little off balance and thinking of new stuff.

The business of making the text easier to translate comes from that old adage: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". When I look at a lovely piece of art and all the explanation and commentary is in another language than English I'm so grateful if it is laid out so that text is easy to read by translating software. I am one of those sad specimens who only speak one language. =(

I really appreciate the encouragement and it reminds me that I need to take some time to have a look at other artists' work here and leave them some feedback. =\




2:36PM | Sat, 18 November 2023

On they come.

Like the varied blue tones in the water scenes and how they contrast with the interior. Dimly lit scenes are a challenge, buty they convey like few others. Nothing like candlelight....

Like having dialogue repeated below. i put the scene on the big screen, regardless :)


9:33PM | Sun, 19 November 2023

Thanks for the encouragement and positive feedback, JD. It's good to hear from you. I know you love candlelight and I haven't had reason for that challenge in this story but perhaps a stand alone picture or two... XD

I'm glad that you look at the page in high resolution! I put a lot of time into each panel. =)




6:41AM | Mon, 20 November 2023

It shows :)


8:03AM | Mon, 20 November 2023



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