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September 2023 Update

Mixed Medium Portraits posted on Sep 03, 2023
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Aileena and I wanted to pass along some updates! August was an insanely busy month - but it looks like it was just getting me prepared for September.. WHY did I retire?? LOL First on the list, though.... I know some of the old-timers here know Faemike55 (Mike Jessett). He was one of the first friends I made here at 'Rosity, and we still chat on the phone a couple times a month. We talked a couple days ago, and he had some disturbing news. During a visit to his doctor, some scans of his chest / lungs was done, and they diagnosed him with some "abnormal growths" on his lungs. The full diagnosis isn't in, but the doctors seemed to think it was the nasty "C" word (I.E. cancer). Mike's already survived abdominal cancer, so hopefully he can beat this as well. He's a couple years younger than me, but he's smoked most of his adult life. Let's all send a prayer, and some good wishes his way. On a much lighter note, it looks like things here are showing signs of turning in a much more positive direction. I got to snooping around the massive Social Security website(s), and discovered that a recipient's spouse is entitled to a SS "Spousal Benefit" after age 65, and it amounts to approximately 50% of the primary recipient's benefit. In other words, if you get $2000 per month in benefits, your spouse will receive $1000 / month. Whether she / he worked or not. We applied, and qualified. That definitely helps! Keep this in mind (those in the USA), if you get SS - and it doesn't matter if your spouse worked or not. I am now in the process of getting the images put together for the next page (41) in the TNA story! It's waaaay past time to get this rolling again! Look for page 41 in the next week or so. And much more often after that! Aileena is a collection of my own morphs applied to Vicky 4, and the BG photo is one of mine. Rendered in Poser 12, composited in Photoshop. Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend this Labor Day! Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay creative! Rod out! Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord AOY 2019

Comments (22)



7:58PM | Sun, 03 September 2023

striking render and her beauty is exceptional. great to see you post again


9:55PM | Sun, 03 September 2023

Hey, Thanks, Richard!



9:30PM | Sun, 03 September 2023

Beautiful image with your beautiful lady, my friend! She's absolutely gorgeous, and she's messing with the beat of my heart! The most beautiful image here I've seen all week! Wonderful creation, this is one of your best!

Best Wishes for Mike, and for you as well! Have a great day tomorrow, Rod! I have to work Monday (loud growls) lol


9:58PM | Sun, 03 September 2023

Thanks for the wonderful comments, Rick! Aw,'ve gotta work? What a bummer - I'll drink a cool ice tea for ya!



9:38PM | Sun, 03 September 2023

I hope everything turns out good for Mike. sweet character!


9:59PM | Sun, 03 September 2023

I do too, Dan... He's one of us! Thanks for stopping by!


9:52PM | Sun, 03 September 2023

Beautiful character and sweet expression. Lovely outfit and nice background.

Best wishes and prayers for your dear friend Mike. Glad to hear about the additional SS spousal benefit income.


10:01PM | Sun, 03 September 2023

Thanks so much for your comment and wishes for Mike. Yeah, that benefit is going to help!



11:36PM | Sun, 03 September 2023

I do hope the best for Mike, he can beat this. The image is lovely render. Keep fighting the good fight.



12:12AM | Mon, 04 September 2023

Nice work on this, and I'm happy to hear things are looking up for you.



1:30AM | Mon, 04 September 2023

Lovely creation!



4:37AM | Mon, 04 September 2023

Mike has always been such a kind and generous supporter of everyone he's followed, and his art has been so wonderfully creative---and so "him". He's used the same tools as his cohorts, but what he's done with them is so creative, so delightful and sometimes so off-the-wall---in the best sense of the word!---and just downright brilliant. I've missed his presence and great kindness...Mike, you'll be in my meditations every day, may you conquer everything that comes your way: the cosmos owes you, dammit, and I'll shake it by the collar and be sure that it delivers. (You've always been so kind to my work, as well...even my impossible hard-to-follow tales...I've always been so grateful.) Get well soon. I add my wishes to everyone who's always cared about you. You deserve them all.

Lovely piece Rod! I love the old rusticated stone walls, and that great blouse. It looks like she stepped into the 12th Century (well, except for the blouse...unless they had a Prada in medieval france!) Fine job as always, Rod. I'm so happy about the S.Sec extra---that's a sweet piece of news, and I wish all the best to you and Jo; and thanks for letting everyone know about Mike. He deserves the very best. You've always kept us abreast of Mike, and I've appreciated it greatly.



7:12AM | Mon, 04 September 2023

Wonderful girl, fantastic rendering ... exceptionally well done job !! 👍🙋‍♂️



9:15AM | Mon, 04 September 2023

Hey extra money, who wants to turn that down? I hope things keep improving and you get your wish with the computer time.



10:56AM | Mon, 04 September 2023

Very cool!!! Congrats!! lovely image, as well Prayers for Mike!



2:29PM | Mon, 04 September 2023

She's beautiful and she has a look of surprise in her face as if you had interrupted her at some important chat or whatever she had done right before.



5:46PM | Mon, 04 September 2023

Nice to see you back here. And damn that news about Mike. Hope he ends up beating it.


poser4me Online Now!

7:46PM | Mon, 04 September 2023

Hope all goes well for Mike. Great news about the SS. If she's trying to call me my number is 867-5309. ;-)



10:18PM | Mon, 04 September 2023

dang nab, another punch of that F-ing "C" word. my prayers have been with Mike and will continue Rod. thanks for sharing and of course we hope the best. glad you both were approved on that $$ help my friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers also.



1:29AM | Tue, 05 September 2023

So sorry Mike has been caught with the dreaded C again. It goes without saying that our thoughts are with him. So GLAD you have some extra money to finance a decent retirement and eventual move to your retirement home. Such a pretty young lady! You did well here Sir!



9:27PM | Tue, 05 September 2023

Outstanding glamorous composition, gorgeous bombshell V4 morph, superb atmosphere and lighting, brilliant awesome render.
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!😊💝🥰
Best wishes and prayers for dear Mike!
Great news with that subsurface scattering (SS) stuff.., just be a good boy and don't move into the cafeteria for such a happy reason..😂



1:51PM | Wed, 06 September 2023

Bad news! As I know him, he will make it again! Get well soon my good old friend!



4:20PM | Wed, 06 September 2023

Hoping the best for Faemike55. Don't know him personally but the "C" word has hurt my family. Finance wise glad to hear you got some good news. Your ladies always make for great art to view here. Very nice composition between figure and background.



11:20PM | Thu, 07 September 2023

I'll ramp up a few extra prayers and positive vibes and send them Mike's way! He has been such a great support to many artists here for such a long time! We wish him a speedy recovery so that he can continue having a big time presence here! Glad to hear you found another source of revenue for all the activities you are looking at in the future! A few extra pennies never hurts! LOL! Many fine kudos on your beautiful lady here and also, big time accolades as well!



1:45PM | Sun, 10 September 2023

Oh, mixed news, I hope your friend gets well, and I'm happy for the $$, it's great that you shared the tip, it will definitely help a lot of people!



12:41PM | Wed, 13 September 2023

Excellent image. Thank you for the updates, tell Mike I send love

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