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Want To Ride This Road..

Mixed Medium Portraits posted on Mar 04, 2023
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... With me? You'd better behave yourself, then! Just a bit of mucking around with some facial morphs. This is Christy. She looks very demure (well, most of the time), but she's quite perceptive, and can "read" people quite well. Don't try any slick-tricks on her; you'll fall flat on your......well..... face. I may have to call her in from the field to do a little poking around here.. I think there might be some "funny business" (not so funny actually) going on in the 'hood' here at 'Rosity. I hope I'm wrong. (added 03-05-23 7:00 PM CST) And I was. Happily this is one time I'm happy to be wrong! [[[ I have deleted the paragraphs that were here previously. The situation described has been amicably resolved. ]]] Page 40 coming soon! Thanks for stopping by! Stay well, stay creative, and stay safe. It's a crazy world out there. Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord AOY 2019

Comments (27)



1:32AM | Sun, 05 March 2023

This is a fantastic portrait!



1:44AM | Sun, 05 March 2023

Wonderful portrait, fantastic rendering ... exceptionally well done job !! 👍🙋‍♂️



2:28AM | Sun, 05 March 2023

Nice portrait


jdwtrxk Online Now!

7:33AM | Sun, 05 March 2023

Colorful and appealing!


ladylake Online Now!

9:07AM | Sun, 05 March 2023

I too have noticed the drop in comments. And am still blocked from reading some. Not to worry, if we be nice to everyone, it will all work out.



10:24AM | Sun, 05 March 2023

Nice render



10:33AM | Sun, 05 March 2023

This reminds me, in a way, of a few things Yves did with various components, each tying to one another, as the notes of a song... pleasant art :) With regard to the drop offs and bored souls who have no release, Social Media is being broken apart, and inundated with piece-mill anchors for individual platforms ... chat sites are also being impacted, as our future seems confused by differing agendas and lack of leadership.


4:02PM | Sun, 05 March 2023

Oh, I remember Yves! Another brilliant artist and friend gone missing. So sad...



1:37PM | Sun, 05 March 2023

Looking Good Rod



1:57PM | Sun, 05 March 2023

Nicely done!



3:12PM | Sun, 05 March 2023

how about riding with her? she is dynamite Rod



3:12PM | Sun, 05 March 2023

Nice render!



6:59PM | Sun, 05 March 2023

I love to muck around with facial morphs! Great morph!



11:36PM | Sun, 05 March 2023

really nice depth of colour to her skin/skintones...



10:04AM | Mon, 06 March 2023

Looks goo, Rod!



2:04PM | Mon, 06 March 2023

Pretty looking young Lady!

PS. Peace is always better than WAR! 😄👍


4:57PM | Mon, 06 March 2023

AMEN to that, Ute! 👍


5:02PM | Mon, 06 March 2023

Beautiful and fiery portrait. Excellent color and lighting!



9:06PM | Mon, 06 March 2023

Beautiful model.



9:38PM | Mon, 06 March 2023

A cruise with her would be pleasant. Love that red setting.



5:24AM | Tue, 07 March 2023

Very creative face morph Rod! She's a looker! Stay safe Sir!



2:11PM | Tue, 07 March 2023

Beautiful character. Lovely smile. And I love the vibrant colours 🤍



11:39AM | Wed, 08 March 2023

I approve of the morphs and textures that you used in this character, Rod. That and a couple of bucks gets you a small coffee at Starbucks. XD

Kidding aside, thanks for sharing. =)




1:54PM | Wed, 08 March 2023

LOL - the mailman just delivered 3 cartons from Two Rivers Coffee, so I'm set for a while! 😁

Thanks so much, Molly!



3:16PM | Sun, 12 March 2023

She looking highly intelligent and super wise! A great looking character and fine addition to your gallery! Many fine praises from me! Glad your issue was resolved without having to dis-assemble the entire site! LOL! Many fine praises from me!



10:32PM | Sun, 12 March 2023

Wonderful composition, superb character, gorgeous morphs and expression, brilliant awesome render.
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it! I'll borrow a Chevy from Bill and have a ride just behind you.., in case you'll get stuck..😊💖🥰



11:19PM | Sun, 12 March 2023




1:27PM | Mon, 20 March 2023

Very nice. Great use of background.



8:16PM | Sat, 15 April 2023

Very colorful and cool looking character, love the hair :)

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