32 - Prof. Van Humbeek's office: Chatting with the Feds

Poser Story/Sequential posted on Nov 04, 2022
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The female CIA agent, Eliza Braun, came directly to the point. "We have been following a Russian national that you intend to hire. We would like you to proceed with hiring her even though there are irregularities in her paperwork." The male HSA agent, Edward Cumming, nodded. "We think she's going to be useful in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine." "I was inclined to hire her anyway and unless Ella, Jake or my sister can provide a reason not to I will go ahead. I need an absolute guarantee that no one will come down on me or the University for not properly scrutinizing her paperwork." The Professor paused to await a commitment from the agents. "There is never an ironclad guarantee in such things; circumstance alter cases. I can say that you have as close to a guarantee in this matter as ever can be given by our respective agencies." Agent Cumming pursed his lips and thought. "We don't wish to have any coercion or unpleasantness in this matter. Just hire her and let her do her thing." "Perhaps my sister would be willing to undertake the risk if you were a bit clearer about Vladlena's worth to your agencies?" Dorotea offered. "You're safer not knowing specifics, but this is a very brief summary: Vladlena Bubnoff is also known as "Headcleaner", a 'hacktivist' who maintains several websites that are not supportive of the Kremlin. We don't wish to support her work directly but we want to make sure she continues what she's doing, which is helpful to the Ukrainian efforts as it feeds an anti-Kremlin resistance movement in her homeland. We know she's also under surveillance by Kremlin operatives and might well be targeted for elimination. With her here, we feel confident we can watch and protect her." "Typical," Jake observed. "You put her at risk and try not to 'take out' the Kremlin operatives as observing them gives you insight into Russian priorities." "Yes," Agent Braun confirmed. "Better to know where the spies are than to tip your hand by scooping them up." "How much risk are we at here?" Jake asked. "We think the only person taking any significant risk is Vladlena. She would be at greater risk without our surveillance, don't you think?" Agent Braun replied. "We'll go ahead with the hiring," the Professor decided. "Make sure Jake and Ella have a contact in case this doesn't go as you plan." Agent Braun smiled. "Excellent!" Molly's art notes: Set up and rendered in Poser 12.0.1029 and tweaked in Photoshop. Professor Van Humbeek, her sister Dorotea, and her personal assistant Ella Hamilton are all based on the La Femme mesh with enhancements by Tempesta3d and Afrodite-Ohki. Ella's husband and head of security and IT for the Van Humbeek estate is based on Dusk. The male agent, Leonard Cumming, is based on M4. The female agent, Eliza Braun, is based on V4. Professor Van Humbeek's study is the Gothic room by RPublishing.

Comments (5)


jdwtrxk Online Now! 3:46PM | Fri, 04 November 2022

Sorta figured Lena was working against the Kremlin which, like so many 'predictable' plot developments is both forgivable and proper. it's always good to mix the expected with the twists. Structure, structure, structure :)

As I was reading, I was wondering when either sister would raise the issue of security. Granted, the Russians aren't likely to 'double-tap' Lena on the toilet, but they've poisoned dissidents on foreign soil and under the current state of affairs, nothing is past them. The sisters are prepared to accept such potential risks and disruptions, which hints of other story thread, back or forward.

The CIA claims they will watch and protect Lena, but what does that entail? How much should Lena be told?

Poses work as always, and your knack for diverse characters is a treat to view. As another Tempesta fan, I can endorse your choices for whatever value that offers....

MollyFootman 10:31AM | Sun, 06 November 2022

Thanks, JD. I very much condensed what I imagine the conversation would be (largely for the sake of my readers). XD I think the CIA sees Lena as an important asset but wishes to keep out of the 'dirty tricks' business they are so famous for. Just keeping her alive is a pain for the adversaries in Russia. That being said, the Kremlin is famous for poisoning people. =\



eekdog 9:51PM | Fri, 04 November 2022

Another marvelous story and image work.

MollyFootman 10:32AM | Sun, 06 November 2022

Thank you, my dear! I'm pleased you're still following the story! XD



perpetualrevision 12:47AM | Wed, 09 November 2022

I think Lena probably is safer having these guys watching out for her, given the looming threat from the Russian agents, but it still must be awfully scary and unnerving to need the protection of CIA and HSA agents. So JD raises a good question: should they tell Lena about this or not? I'm glad the professor is wiling to go ahead and hire Lena, although I suppose I would've been rather shocked at this point if she'd instead decided to send Lena packing! Looking forward to seeing how the seeing ghosts angle works into the Lena as rebel hacker angle!

MollyFootman 10:33AM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Thank you, Amy. I have a hazy outline of how this story will go that I'm firming up. There are enough threads what with Pixie's infatuation, Grace's presence, Federal and Russian operatives and the filial love of Gregor that the possibilities are substantial. =)

Hopefully I can keep it interesting and pull some of this together.



JoeJarrah 8:09AM | Fri, 11 November 2022

Nicely done, I like the POV, it brings the viewer into the conversation group. The details of the papers and screen on the desk also help to engage the onlooker and make the scene a bit more intimate, nicely judged.

MollyFootman 10:35AM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Thanks, Joe. I find I often have to add some little detail to a nicely constructed bit of content like the Gothic Room by RPublishing to make it feel a bit more personal and "real". I always love it when someone comments on that effort.



Radar_rad-dude 1:17PM | Sun, 13 November 2022

Most interesting developments in this fine story! Love the Ukrainian influence! I for Ukraine, 2 million percent and pray for their victory over the invading Russians day and night!

MollyFootman 10:37AM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Thanks, Rad. Since the very first picture where Vladlena arrives in the airport and is clearly being followed by a "Man in Black" I've had this bit of the story in mind. I am so pleased that you enjoy it (and that you are supportive of Ukraine). <3


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