27 - The Interview (Part 3)

Poser Story/Sequential posted on Sep 20, 2022
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The interview continued along the expected, traditional lines. All were seated and the Professor moved her desk chair close to Lena to make conversation easy. Unseen, ghostly Grace observed. Still perched on the desk, the Professor's sister, Dorotea, also observed. "Lena's acquitting herself very well despite obvious anxiety," Dorotea thought. "She keeps looking to her left, away from Lizzie. What's that about, I wonder?" Eventually the conversation reached the point Gregor feared most: forgery of foreign Student Visa documents. He interupted and explained the problems he had faced with deadlines and fears for his sister's safety in St. Petersburg. Professor Van Humbeek nodded thoughtfully. "Gregor, although I can say I have great sympathy for your dilemma, you know I'll have to consult the faculty handbook regarding forgery and cheating. I'm fearful that it mandates more than a warning. I really don't know as this is the first time in many, many years I have come across such a case. It's also the very first time I've encountered such a situation that did not involve academic work. There may be Federal laws to be addressed." Gregor nodded gravely. "Whatever must be, must be, Professor. Know well that little sister was in no way party to decision to forge papers." The Professor remained cautiously upbeat. "I'll do my research and meet with you both in a couple of days. Watch your email for an appointment, Gregor. We'll try to manage this in a way that keeps you in my research group; academic probation perhaps. I think I can offer a position to your sister." She pursed her lips. "I'll have to figure out what, if anything must be reported to the Federal Authorities. Hopefully that can be managed, as well." The siblings nodded gratefully. Lena spoke, "You are just the kind of person brother claimed. Very fair. Very good." "We'll see, won't we?" Professor Van Humbeek chuckled softly. "Now you'd best be going. I need to confer with my sister and..." she paused, "...another valued confidant." Dorotea considered whether or not to share with her sister that she believed Lena experienced a crisis apparition earlier in the day. Grace, unseen by all present except Professor Van Humbeek, considered what she believed about Lena and whether or not it should weigh into all the Professor's deliberations. Molly's art notes: Set up and rendered in Poser 12.0.1029 then composited for ghostly transparency and tweaked in Photoshop. Professor Elizabeth Van Humbeek, Ghostly Grace and Dorotea are all based upon the La Femme mesh. Gregor is based on L'Homme. Vladlena is based on the Bela 1.2 mesh. The Professor's study is by RPublishing.

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Comments (9)


radioham 5:21PM | Tue, 20 September 2022

Very nice render I do love the Ghost image in the background

MollyFootman 1:08PM | Wed, 21 September 2022

Thank you, I'm glad you like the rendering. The ghost was achieved by rendering an image with it visible and then one with it invisible and compositing the images to give the final effect. Takes a bit of time but I like the result. =)



Radar_rad-dude 5:57PM | Tue, 20 September 2022

I think the professor should be informed of the apparition before the siblings leave! That is, if ghostly Grace wasn't aware of it herself? Wonderful ambiance in the study! Excellent details and I'm loving the story! Many fine praises from me, Molly! Bravo to the max!!!!!

MollyFootman 1:12PM | Wed, 21 September 2022

In an earlier image Grace remarked that she heard a cry of distress from elsewhere in the mansion just before Lena and Gregor arrived; I meant that to mean she had some awareness of the apparition (it's on her turf, after all XD). Dorotea, of course, is well aware of the apparition but is uncomfortable bringing it up if Lena and Gregor don't want to further complicate the interview. Lena is disinclined to bring it up as she feels it will make her seem hysterical an reduce her chances of getting the position. Humans; the strangest monkeys. =)

I'm so pleased you are engaged with this complicated little story. <3



RodS 1:42PM | Wed, 21 September 2022

A really excellent artwork illustration to go with your story, Molly. Sounds like things are almost as complicated as another legal mess currently going on - only with fewer bad guys... 😆

Looking forward to the next one!

MollyFootman 8:57AM | Thu, 22 September 2022

Yes, it's a complicated story. I'm hoping to weave some of the threads together with the next few pictures. We'll see if I'm up to it. XD



mazzam 4:01PM | Wed, 21 September 2022

Nice scene.

MollyFootman 8:57AM | Thu, 22 September 2022

Thanks, Mazzam!



radioham 5:24PM | Wed, 21 September 2022

Very many thanks for the info on how you worked the ghost render

MollyFootman 8:59AM | Thu, 22 September 2022

You're welcome! I hope you will find it a helpful tool. You need GIMP or Photoshop or some other paint program that does layers to composite the two images into one where the ghost is partially visible. Again, it takes a bit of time and involves rendering a picture twice but I don't know any other way to get the result. =)



Annerose 11:16AM | Mon, 26 September 2022

The students are very busy and I understand them. What an unusual research topic!

MollyFootman 3:30PM | Tue, 27 September 2022

Yes, the Professor is a researcher of ghost and all things ghostly. Any student who manages to become a research assistant on her team is bound to have many strange experiences.



perpetualrevision 6:05PM | Mon, 26 September 2022

I understand why the Professor needs some time to look into how she should best handle the situation, esp. if there might be legal consequences for her or the university. But I'm sure her remarks did not do a whole lot to relieve Lena's anxiety! At least she's in the US now, and hopefully she'll find a way to stay that's within the law, even if there are some consequences for Gregor's actions. (She may not have known he forged the papers, but that makes me wonder: how did she think Gregor managed to get her there? I think maybe this was covered in an earlier scene.) I bet Lena is looking forward to finding somewhere to rest for the evening, after a rather harrowing day (during which she managed to not get a run in her tights, which is a miracle in itself ;-)

MollyFootman 3:38PM | Tue, 27 September 2022

Thanks for validating the credibility of this part of the story, Amy. Having some experience as an Associate Professor teaching nursing I can well remember consulting manuals and other resources when some problem with behavior of the students came up. I always wanted to be supportive of the student but recognizing potential personal professional liability as well as exposure to liability for the University I tended to take a pretty distant posture while things were getting decided.

I agree Lena might well have known what was going on but as a dissident in a country that had just passed a law involving jail time for implying anything negative about the "special military action" I supposed she'd just head for the exit and trust Gregor to do whatever needed to be done.

I'm working on settings and a more detailed story board for the evening after this which she'll be spending in the company of her new room mates (skeptical Brooke and smitten Pixie). =)

As for her tights? I'd give a lot for such sturdy material for my pantyhose. XD



Annerose 9:50AM | Wed, 28 September 2022

Maybe that Lenas ghostly observations and research will help to stay legal in the United States? Perhaps as a sort of ghost specialist? :-)

MollyFootman 2:43PM | Wed, 28 September 2022

You are very close to what I am thinking about Lena and her abilities regarding ghosts and such. I hope you will continue to enjoy the story, Anne. I always love hearing from you. =)



jdwtrxk 5:16PM | Sun, 02 October 2022

The professor faces a choice that while hers alone she would be well served to accept any offered help from Grace or her sister...

MollyFootman 10:47AM | Mon, 10 October 2022

So true, JD. I'm glad you're following the story closely. She will consult her sister and Grace, rest assured. =)


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