The break under the cherry tree (For Catweazle)

DAZ|Studio Landscape posted on Apr 24, 2022
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The events happening in Europe at time being are so emotionally exhausting, that I had to take a break of it. So I went for a walk on the country side to a place near my village through blooming rapeseed fields and blooming cherry trees. I sat down on a bench and enjoyed the sun, the birds and all the flowers and the fresh green all around. Then a stranger came with her dog and asked me, if she might have a seat on the bench as well, which I confirmed. She then went to the nearby fountain to get fresh water for her dog before she sat down on the bench. Her dog sniffed intensively on my leg and I assumed, that he smelled my cats, which always rub their head on my legs. And so we had a talk about pets, the life and what they might mean in our personal life. No words about this war raging in Ukraine, no words about a possibly ill minded Russian president who might start throwing nukes, it was just about life here and now, and it was good to change the focus once in a while. So I thought I reflect this in today's render. Harper just was on a bike ride through the countryside when she saw these beautiful cherry trees and decided to have a little pause in the shadows of the trees. The Landscape is made with "UltraScenery" from HowieFarkes (one of the most talented creator of 3D Landscapes in Carrara and DAZ3d). I really struggled a long time with Ultra Scenery despite my relatively "up to date" Computer Rig. DAZ would always crash, or the Rendering would never really start, which was pretty annoying and disappointing. Then "Catweazle" kindly gave me some tips in one of his image comments (see "", which I tried and - Tadaaaa - it worked!!! (Thanks Dude for your help - that's awesome!) The border stone in the foreground was made by my self. On one of my walks I encountered this old border stone some where in the forrest. I took my mobile phone and took a few photos of it from different Angles (about 80-90) and processed them with "Meshroom" a free tool to do "photo grammetry", which does it all by it self (see first Screenshot). So in the end I got a hires mesh of it and the surroundings. With Blender I cut the scene to the bare stone and with "MeshLab" (another cool free tool) I reduced the size of the mesh (I know, I could have done this possibly in Blender too, but since I didn't know yet how to do it, I did it in MeshLab See second Screenshot). All pure IRAY Render without Postwork (except for the Logo) Zooming in is very much recommended for details (the full Picture is 6000px in width) Credits: "UltraScenery - Realistic Landscape System" by "HowieFarkes" @ DAZ3d "Cherry Trees" from "Lisa's Botanicals" @ Hivewire - no longer available "P3D Harper for Genesis 8 Female" by "P3Design" @ DAZ3d "Classic Long Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female(s)" by "Linday" @ DAZ3d "Genesis 8 Female MEGA Wardrobe" by "Outoftouch" @ DAZ3d "Betty Lou Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)" by "DirtyFairy" and "Nikisatez" @ DAZ3d "Marguerite Mahaut and Denver Bundle" by "Deepsea" @ DAZ3d "Tractor F9N" @ DAZ3d "Farm Gear" @ DAZ3d "Daz House Cat with dForce Hair" @ DAZ3d Thank you for the peek and thank you for all your kind and helpful comments on my previous images. Feel free to comment here as well if you like to.

Production Credits

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Comments (17)


7:20AM | Sun, 24 April 2022

I love that cat in the grass


9:44AM | Sun, 24 April 2022

Me too 😉 😆



11:20AM | Sun, 24 April 2022

this is one of the most thoughtful and complete pictures, you are amazing, I will look forward to your new works


11:32AM | Sun, 24 April 2022

Thank you for your kind comment 😊


RodS Online Now!

5:38PM | Sun, 24 April 2022

This is absolutely exquisite, my friend! Oh, I so wish there was a place like this around here... I could look at this for hours, and it's already given me a feel of calm and peace - something we all need right now. Sounds like a pretty nifty way to create some new props!

I've pretty much limited myself to one or two quick updates a week on the "situation." I'm already fighting an extended bout of depression, and don't need to read stuff that depresses me more. Got an appointment for tomorrow at the Dr. office.



5:50PM | Sun, 24 April 2022

Brilliant awesome composition and render. It's good to stop, at least from time-to-time.



1:34AM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Stunning image, excellent rendering and superb lighting๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ



1:48AM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Very peaceful and restful; splendid scene and text.



10:38AM | Mon, 25 April 2022

wow! thanks. I am very surpriced that the photogrammetry works here so well. 100% of all photogrammetry-items i got for DAZ - even from the daz-shop have been more or less ugly and you don't really want to render them. I have seen a tutorial on Youtube about working with photogrammetry and it seems to be very difficult.


11:36AM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Hi! Well I know that whole Photogrammetry stuff mainly from Sketchfab, and there are many pretty unsuitable for DAZ-Studio or Poser, just because of their coarse resolution (one I made with a free downloadable model was the "Angels Ladies" [] which was pretty high res. But I saw a youtube tutorial of the use of "Meshroom" and I tried it with that border stone. I was amazed, how simple it was, since the software did everything automatically. Just have a reasonable amount of Photos from different angles, throw them into a folder and let Meshroom do it's magic. How ever you certainly wont work with an OBJ-File of 170MB in DAZ, but with "Meshlab" I brought it down to 2.6 MB without messing up all the UVs and if you want a little more details in the mesh, a 10MB file still will do and look great. I think it's not that difficult 😉



6:03PM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Sounds interesting. I downloaded both now. Can meshlab reduce all obj? Is it like the old decimator in daz?


1:08PM | Thu, 28 April 2022

Mesh lab isn't that simple and intuitive as the good ol decimator (which I still own and use), but way more powerful concerning pure mesh handling. You need to use the right filter to not scramble up the UV-Mapping when reducing the mesh ("Filter" -> "Remeshing, Simplification and reconstruction" -> "Simplification: Quadric Edge collapse decimation (with Texture)"). How ever Meshlab doesn't reduce the Mesh of a rigged character as the Decimator in DAZ can. So both tools have their place in the toolbox and supplement each other. For stand alone meshes and Props, Meshlab is really powerful. Meshlab can as well do some conversions from one to another format - so a total keeper any way.

For Meshroom, there are a lot of tutorial out on YouTube such as this: "" who explain how to photoscan a 3D-Object. :-)



12:42PM | Tue, 03 May 2022

very pleasing landscape and beautiful lady


2:37PM | Sun, 08 May 2022

This is a great and beautiful scene!



2:26AM | Sat, 04 June 2022

Beautiful work



7:13PM | Sun, 05 June 2022

A wonderful scene. I of course honed in on the stalking cat. I hear you the war, the killings of 19 children - emotionally exhausting.



9:05PM | Thu, 09 June 2022

Gorgeous work!



2:39AM | Mon, 04 July 2022

Beautiful summer scene.



8:02AM | Wed, 10 August 2022

Beautiful scene.



4:53PM | Sun, 02 October 2022

This is such a pretty, calm & peaceful setting! Makes me wish I was there!



7:01PM | Fri, 11 November 2022

I love that stalking cat!

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