Happy National Pet Day!

Poser Animals posted on Apr 11, 2022
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Carmen and her feathered and furry friends wish you a Happy National Pet Day!! ==AMY’S NOTES== I didn’t find out that it was National Pet Day in the US until midday (April 11th), and of course I wanted to make a render in honor of the day, as I’m a big animal lover (and currently have four dogs and a horse). But that didn’t give me a lot of time, so this is a bit of a rush job! I re-used the living room from Wagging Tongues, which featured Ant Sinclair being licked by puppies, and this one features his sister, Carmen, surrounded by assorted pets. Carmen and Ant are characters from a graphic novel WIP. I know Carmen’s hair looks a little toony, but I set her up about 3+ years ago, and now I’m so familiar with her look that no other hair looks right! With more time, I might’ve put Carmen and friends in an outdoor setting, so that I could include one of her horses as well as some other farmyard pets. Maybe next year! (And maybe by next year, I will have either fixed that poor old ancient rabbit or found a newer one!) Rendered in April 2022 using Firefly in Poser Pro 11.3 for Mac at 3200 × 1800 pixels. View full size on my blog. ==CREDITS== SCENE: Cozy Kitsch Living Room by ForbiddenWhispers. Dog Basket by Merlin Studios. Dog blanket from my kitchen towel freebie. CHARACTER: S-16 version of V4 by Karina, with Celia skin by Rhiannon and PH Punk hair; Bad Attitude tee with material from Pd-Paisley Poser Materials; The Cargoz for V4 by Rhiannon; Bossy Boots by Headkase. Boston Terrier by Kirwyn. HiveWire Big Dog with Chug and Beagle characters by Sparky. Mill Dog with Great Dane character. Mill Puppy with Mastiff coat. HiveWire House Cat with CWRW Calico Cats coat. Mill Cat with grey tabby coat. African Grey from Songbird Remix Parrots of the World Volume 1. Domestic white baby rabbit by Lyne.

Comments (23)


eekdog 10:45PM | Mon, 11 April 2022

And she is loaded with them. Thank you for sharing.

perpetualrevision 9:19PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks for the comment! I forgot to mention that I had two of the dogs putting their paws on her b/c that's something my dogs do all the time! But yes, that's an awful lot of pets in the house. In the story, her mother is a vet who also has a soft heart for animals in need, so they're always taking in critters who need homes :-)


CoolDimension 12:54AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Beautiful scene! Wonderful tableau of furry friends!


poser4me Online Now! 2:12AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

She is surrounded by a lot of love. Love it!


RubyTuesday70 6:40AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

oh squeee!!! This is an adorable image with a whole lotta a love! I didn't realize it was National Pet Day either! Thank you for including the feathered friend, a lot of people don't realize how affectionate they are. And i just love how the calico is looking at her!

perpetualrevision 9:23PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks for the comment! I don't think I even realized there WAS a "National Pet Day" until I saw it in a email from Embark (a company we used to do breed testing on our four dogs). And of course, every day is "pet day" in the home of a pet lover. But it was a fun excuse to load up a bunch of animal figures. In retrospect I kinda wish I'd gone with more birds instead of the rabbit, given how weird that rabbit looks (like it's been working out at the gym and maybe slipping some steroids!) I've never had a bird, but I know from other people's birds how fun and interactive they can be. I've always wanted one but worry that one of the dogs might harm it. Good thing I have some digital birds (and bird toys) to play with!


Gisela 7:21AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Lovely scene. For me her hair looks alright.

perpetualrevision 9:25PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks for the comment! I think it's the texture I used for the hair that looks toony to me, which makes sense as it's a texture from a toony hair for A3. (The hair model itself was for Genesis.) Maybe a less toony orange texture would do the trick!


CassandraNorth 7:34AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Beautiful image, lot of love there

perpetualrevision 9:44PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks so much for the comment! Pets certainly do warm the heart :-)


MollyFootman 8:43AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Nothing here that isn't lovable. I would share that my favorite is the kitty on her back playing with Carmen's hair. I have been owned by cats who enjoy that sort of play. Out of curiosity, have you tried running Carmen's hair through EZ skin 3? Sometimes that helps older hair models and sometimes.... not so much... >.<


perpetualrevision 9:53PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks for the comment, Molly! There is one figure in the scene that's a bit of an odd one out, and that's the ancient rabbit. It wasn't until others made comments about how beefy and "pumped up" it looks that I really took a closer look. Probably shouldn't have included that one, but I can't believe no one has made a newer "realistic" rabbit figure for Poser! (Summoner's bunny doesn't count!)

As for Carmen's hair, I think what makes it look toony is the texture I chose, which is from a freebie for a toony hair for A3. (I mix and match hair textures all the time, just not trans maps, of course.) I need to go through my collection of hair textures tagged as "orange" to find one that's not quite so toony, I think.

I didn't use EZSkin on it (although I use it on MANY things!), but I will double check the specular settings. I set up some nodes to add specular to any hair, following some advice I picked up from BagginsBill, but I think I did that after I initially set up Carmen's hair. I add those nodes (which also use a generic vertical hair texture bump map) to almost all the hair models I use, replacing whatever's already there (if anything), but of course it works best with hair textures that don't have burned-in specular (which that toony orange hair does).


gerberc 9:12AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Amazing! The pets are super cute and the poses are spot on! Love it and goes straight to the favs!

perpetualrevision 9:54PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks so much for the comment! I always love working with animal figures, esp. if I can get them to look cute :-)


jdwtrxk 9:21AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

What a crew :)


madame 10:04AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

What a wonderful and joyful scene, she looks so happy with all her furry friends... beautiful and touching image !!

perpetualrevision 9:55PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, Carmen is a big animal lover. In the story she's from, she has an "enhanced ability" that lets her communicate with them mentally, but that's the sort of thing that sounds like it would be cool until you REALLY think about what your dogs and cats are probably saying :-)


uncollared 10:41AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

I love this. What a warm and fun image. Love the pug up front.

perpetualrevision 9:56PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks for the comment! I love that pug too! It's supposed to be a "Chug," or Chihuahua/Pug mix, based on Sparky's own dog, but it looks mostly pug to me. It's my favorite morph for the HW Big Dog!


misumu 1:07PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Cuteness overload. I must say the bunny is looking quite swole!

perpetualrevision 9:58PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Ha! Your comment made me LOL :-) I had to look up "swole" to find out how kids today are using the word, and yes, that's about right. Bunny apparently goes to the gym a little too often! Not the cute house rabbit I was going for, but that figure is problematic in several ways. Maybe one day I'll attempt to fix it b/c lord knows I don't have the skills to model one myself!


Flint_Hawk 5:30PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Aww! This is really special! They are all lucky to have each other!

perpetualrevision 9:59PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thank you for the comment! We'll just pretend that in this household, dogs, cats, birds, and bunnies all get along peacefully :-)

perpetualrevision 10:00PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

And if anyone gets out of line, that buff bunny will knock some sense into 'em :-)


Diemamker 5:47PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Kind of looks like my house only I have cats.

perpetualrevision 10:02PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Ha! I bet many of us can relate, but with various configurations of pets! I had the dogs put their paws on Carmen b/c that's what mine always do to me, when they're not trying to put their paws on my laptop keyboard, that is! They're all small dogs, a bit smaller than cats, and they apparently have some cat-like tendencies! Thanks for the comment :-)


mazzam 6:45PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Fine scene to honor the occasion!


donnena 8:17PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Every Day is Pet Day at my house!!! we are merely staff... poorly trained staff.

perpetualrevision 10:04PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Yes indeed, same here. But since there's apparently an actual holiday on the books, I took the opportunity to play with pet figures! Not like I needed an excuse... I do wish someone would make a decent "realistic" house rabbit for Poser, though. The one I used has apparently spent a bit too much time watching workout videos!


kelchris3 4:41PM | Wed, 13 April 2022

Awwww so wonderful!!! Nothing like the love of a pet. Her happiness just shines from her :)

perpetualrevision 8:07PM | Fri, 15 April 2022

Thanks for the comment! Carmen was one of the first graphic novel characters I set up, using a little something from nearly every morph package I have, and I was delighted to find that her face remains expressive! With later characters I discovered that some facial morphs can really interfere with expressions, but I decided that was OK if the character was minor. Carmen is my main character's best friend, though, so she needed the full range! And she's a huge animal lover, so even if I don't get back to working on the graphic novel, I can always use Carmen for scenes with animals :-)


Radar_rad-dude 7:30PM | Wed, 13 April 2022

She is surrounded by a lot of love! A most delightful image! Bravo!


mifdesign 11:09PM | Wed, 13 April 2022

Wonderful happy team, delightful composition, that natural smile just makes the atmosphere warmer. The depth of that carpet it's just pure magic, I have no idea how you have achieved that perfection and obviously, Love is in the air...
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!

perpetualrevision 8:11PM | Fri, 15 April 2022

Thank you so much for the comment! I enjoy coming up with expressions for V4, using all kinds of different dials and morph packages, but I do especially like Carmen's smile! The carpet material is actually quite simple and entirely procedural. I think it was a clouds node in the diffuse color input and a noise node in displacement. If you want the specific values, I can send you a screenshot by private message.


Inawati 1:39PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

This image is very cute and so lovely. Thank you for sharing my friend. Have a nice evening

perpetualrevision 8:11PM | Fri, 15 April 2022

Thank you so much for the comment, Inawati! Hope you have a nice day or evening as well :-)


Annerose 2:17PM | Fri, 15 April 2022

Lady and her pets are feeling good and are lucky. Hopefully all pets where lucky with their owners, but I know that there are exceptions. Regards Anne

perpetualrevision 8:12PM | Fri, 15 April 2022

Thank you for the comment! I do imagine that all of Carmen's pets are rescues, so yes, they're lucky to have her, as she is lucky to have them :-) And thank you so much for your comments about my freebies! I'm glad you found them useful!


daggerwilldo 11:56PM | Sat, 16 April 2022

Feeding time is around the clock. You just might not get your favorites but you will get fed.


MeInOhio 7:34PM | Wed, 20 April 2022

This is so darling! I have two pets.

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