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The Taxi to Home (for 3DClassics and Pixeluna)

DAZ|Studio Aviation posted on Jan 30, 2022
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(a fictive Story) I really enjoyed the day with my Snowboard in the Alps and the weather was perfect. I just finished one slope, when suddenly I heard a deep and loud growling and rumbling. An avalanche made it's way down to the valley and cut off the road down. I was at the hut in midst of the hill when I got the bad message, that the avalanche hat gone down in a very crowded area and that there are a lot of injured and missing persons. The road was closed and could not be passed and that there is the danger of even more avalanches coming down due to the warm weather. So I picked up my phone and called Angelie who was a mechanics in the Samaden (St. Moritz) Airport."Listen Honey, we ran into a big problem. there was an avalanche coming down and blocking the road and they say, that there might even more to come. I can't make it home tonight. REGA (Swiss air rescue) Is all busy, with flying the injured into the hospital. I have to see, if I can have a quiet corner in the hut to get through the night" I said to her. "I know, I heard it in the radio this afternoon. You know, It is not safe up there." "I know" I replied, "but what shall I do?" "I don't know! I.. I... what? oh..! Wait a minute..." then I heard, how she was covering the microphone of the telephone and I only heard some muffled voices talking to each other. Suddenly, I heard her again clear and she said: "I'll get you out of there",with some excitement and a clear determination in her voice. "But how?" I asked, "you can't take the road, not even with your Jeep and they will have to make it free of snow and ice tomorrow". "Let this be my problem, dear. Just make sure you stay at the hut". She hang up and all I could hear was a toot, toot, toot in the phone."Well then! What the heck was this crazy Lady up to now?" I thought by my self and went back to the hut, to see If I can find the Hut warden to arrange for a place to be over night. Then I sat in front of the hut and in the last rays of the setting sun. The air was filled with the flapping of rotors of the REGA Helicopters searching for people and flying them in the nearest hospital. Approximately one hour after the phone call with Angelie, I heard another sound, that was not the one of a Rotor, but more of a Continental four cylinder boxer motor. Then in the distance I saw a small plane approaching. It was an old Piper Cub with skis mounted and it headed directly to the hut. it throttled down and landed on the Place in front of the hut. The snow whirled up and flew into my face, when the Piper was turning. It is totally unusual, to see a plane like that here, but I thought, it must be some thing for the hut, I supposed. Then the motor stopped, and the doors sprung open. A slender figure with long blond hair and the classic pilots glasses climbed out and walked to the Tail of the plane. "Angelie????" I walked towards the plane, when she leaned relaxed and confident against the tail, lifted her hand to greet me and with a broad smile said:"Your Taxi is here, Mister". I stuttered:"Where... how.. whose plane is this???" She grinned and explained:"Oh, you know Tom, don't you?" "That crazy old guy at the airport?" I asked. "Yep, that crazy old guy. He had it in the back of the Hangar and when we talked on phone, he walked by and pointed to it and said, I could borrow it to get you out. So won't you hop in and make your getaway? It's going to get cold here soon, when the sun is behind the mountains, and it would be a bummer, when I would have to eat the Fondue alone this evening...". I had to laugh out loudly. Then I walked over to her, embraced her and whispered in her ear:"Angelie, you are my Angel, my Angel on wings of steel and fabric". Then we climbed in and closed the doors. "I really hope, you have invited Tom to the Fondue as well, as a little sign of gratitude," I said. "You bet. Of course I did" she replied with a big smile, put the sunglasses out from her hairs to her nose and said "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seat belts and turn off all electronic devices". I grinned and thought by my self "what a crazy lady she is, what a crazy lady, my lady is...." This fictive Story came into my mind, out of two reasons. First of all, because 3DCLASSICS awesome Piper Cub Bundle, where one of them has a swiss immatriculation and is fitted with snow skis, and second, my friend, who took me on several glider and motor glider flights recently send me some photos, where he and his girlfriend where invited by one of the club members to have a flight in the Maule M-4-210 Rocket (HB-ETN) which is owned by that Club member and can be fitted with snow skies and they landed on one of Switzerlands glacier airfields (they made me jealous right away :laughing: ). On the other hand this gave me the opportunity, to use Pixelunas cute Angelie-Character morph, which she was generously giving away as a freebie here at Renderosity Credits: PIPER CUB BUNDLE for DAZ Studio by 3DClassics soon here at Renderosity Angelie by Pixeluna here in the freebie section @ Renderosity Classic Long Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female(s) by Linday @ DAZ3D Clothings are quite a bit a mix'n'match from different places and packs French Ski Resort by Mely3D @ DAZ3D As usual: Pure IRAY-Render, without any postwork, except for the Logo Thank you for the peek and I hope you like it. As always, comments and critics are very welcome, since they can help to improve my skills.

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Comments (14)



2:55PM | Sun, 30 January 2022

Wonderful story and an awesome looking image for 2 fantastic artists! I wish you a nice new week!



3:16PM | Sun, 30 January 2022

Mind-bending awesome composition, gorgeous realistic atmosphere and lighting, brilliant render.
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!



4:27PM | Sun, 30 January 2022

Quality scene and characters, super sharp work and clarity of render and lighting...first class in every aspect...!


4:36PM | Sun, 30 January 2022

Great story and render! Bravo!



6:34PM | Sun, 30 January 2022

Nicely done.



7:21PM | Sun, 30 January 2022

This is a four-plex of greats, my friend! A great story, a great render and 2 great dedications! Jenny was one of my first friends when I first started playing around in 3D. She is awesome! And I think I need to draft Angelie (I know she's around here someplace), we could use a few more skilled pilots in our growing organization..

Excellent work!



9:35PM | Sun, 30 January 2022

Fantastic scene. I really enjoyed the story as well.



1:17AM | Mon, 31 January 2022

Excellent work my friend šŸ‘šŸ™‹ā€ā™‚ļø



12:22PM | Tue, 01 February 2022

The story is interesting and your render EXCELLENT! Compo, poses, lighting, But as the Piper is small, just enough for two passengers, the story teller will have to seat with his snowboard straight up in front of him. Not very pleasant...


2:55PM | Tue, 01 February 2022

Hahaha! Or he just binds the board on the struts of the wings. The J-3 mostly was pretty low powered and therefore not so fast. Aerodynamically it should as well not have a too big of a bad influence with the low speed of a cub and should work for a short flight šŸ˜



11:00AM | Sat, 05 February 2022

I agree with Alain : perfect render and light. I love your landscape !



10:45PM | Sat, 05 February 2022

very beautiful scene and superb composition

Jenny has been a friend for so many years to so many members. she is a master designing characters for Poser or Studio



12:53AM | Sun, 06 February 2022




8:41AM | Thu, 10 February 2022

Wow, great scene!



6:20AM | Sat, 07 May 2022

Hi Alexander! What a beautiful scene with a great background story. I had been awol for a long time in the 3d scene. Thank you for the dedication and Iā€™m glad that you like Angelie. Big hugs!

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