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DAZ|Studio People posted on Dec 23, 2021
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(a fictional Story - with real Background - names changed) It was 23 December and her last day of work before the Christmas holidays. Aria had worked a little extra time the last days so that she could finish work a little earlier that day. There were not many people left in the office, because most of them had taken a few days off to have more time to prepare for Christmas or to go on a skiing holiday before the big hype on the streets started. She waved to the few who were still there from a distance and wished everyone a happy holiday and a happy new year, muffled by the face mask. Since this pandemic, any small, personal gestures like a strong handshake or a warm hug have been lost. She left the office and decided to take a little diversions along the small lake. It feels good and helps to clear the head. There had been a touch of snow during the night and the air was cold and cutting and every breath visibly exhaled a small cloud of steam. She walked like that for a while, listening to the soft crunching of the snow under her boots while going over the past year in her mind. Again, it was a "shitty year" characterized by sanitary masks, regulations, keeping one's distance and renunciation. The all-encompassing topic in the media was still this damn virus and everywhere one was shouted at by bold lettered Headlines announcing the latest virus variant, proclaiming hospitalizations and death figures. "Is there no end to it? This is the second year in this state of emergency and it doesn't look like any improvement at the moment," she thought to herself. Then all the events of the past year came back to her. There was this work colleague, Jeremy. He had to go to hospital to have a heart surgery. He was still joking when he left the office and then went to the hospital the following day. Then the surgery took place and everything went well and as planned. She was still in touch with him by phone after the operation and he sounded good and upbeat and was already joking again. Then the last night before he was allowed to leave the hospital the other day, something had happened. He was rushed to the operating theatre, emergency surgery, complications - cardiac arrest - end of story! Torn out of life at 35. He left behind a wife and 2 children. His post has now been taken by another employee and his witty and upbeat manner is missing. Then there was the other co-worker, Li-Yong. She never had much to do with her, since she worked in another department, but knew her by sight and exchanged a few words with her every now and then. Suddenly the news that she was in hospital because of this damn virus. Then she gradually got worse and was transferred to the intensive care unit and then was intubated. Later, one day the flat and emotionless email from HR saying they "...regret to inform everybody that our highly esteemed colleague passed away last weekend...!". Oh yes, and then there was the cold and rainy summer, which didn't deserve its name because it was a long, wet spring followed by an early autumn - leaving out the summer at all, while a few hundred kilometers further south heat, drought and unquenchable wildfires raged. Those areas would have been so happy to have had even a part of our constant rain to master the fires. Then, in autumn, the sudden death of her cat Simba. Yes, she was already old and had been blind since a year, but this death still hit her very hard, because Simba had shared a large part of her life with her and now she was suddenly no longer there. A small pile of freshly dug earth and a little headstone in her garden was all that was left of Simba. Then one day the letter from her friend Jacleena, in which she wrote that her father had died suddenly and totally unexpectedly. Aria felt her helplessness and grief at not really being able to help Jacleena, because she lived far away from her. Later, her music band in which she played the Bass, which was now disbanding and the whole year was spiced up with many smaller bad news and annoyances in between those events. Yes, it was another really rotten year. In her brooding, a shadow suddenly fell upon her face. She was standing in front of the old way cross at the top of the path that leads around the lake. She paused and looked up into the stony, suffering face of the crucified. How often had she sat on the bench next to him and told him her joys and sorrows, always hoping he would hear and do something or say something, but he always remained silent - even in her heart. She felt herself being filled with anger. "How can you let all this happen?" she hissed at the cross. "I thought you came into the world to save them? Where is your great grace and love and your salvation? If only You would finally do something - or at least say something, but You remain silent and let us all perish in pandemic, plague and suffering! People lose loved ones, children, fathers, mothers, friends, spouses and you squat in your heaven and don't move - not even a bit!!!" It was silent as usual, and only the wind blew through her dark Hair! Disappointed, she turned away and walked down to the lake shore. The lake was frozen and lay under a thin blanket of snow. She looked out at the lake and towards the sun which, despite the clear sky, could do nothing against the icy cold and the cutting wind. She felt as if her soul was also lying under a cold layer of ice and covered with snow. Somehow everything was slowly getting on top of her. Then suddenly her eyes filled with tears. "If only he would at least say something...!" She gazed out at the lake for a while longer and a few tears ran ice-cold down her cheeks. "Say something, anything, I'm giving up on you...!" She closed her eyes and sobbed silently so that the people passing by on the path above would not notice. She didn't know how long she had been standing there when clouds slowly moved in front of the sun and took the last bit of warmth the sun emitted on her body and she began to shiver. She wiped her cheeks with her jacket sleeve and climbed back up the board. At the cross she shortly stopped again, lowered her head and whispered softly: "Say something...." and then without looking up or expecting anything to happen at all, she went home towards another weird Christmas. ----------------------------------------- The older I get the more I get the impression, that years rush by in an incredible pace. Didn't I just recently post an image for Christmas? And yet it is already Christmas coming and an end of a year approaching. And again it was not a year I remember well. Too many souls I knew have gone to "the other side", too many People or Families I know, whose Christmas will be unexpectedly different than the previous ones, too many moments I felt helpless and small and things went over my head. And yes, a cold, rainy and grey Summer didn't really help either to lift my mood and give at least a little sun and warmth from the outside. Although there where as well some beautiful and bright moments, they are much too short and appear much too less in my opinion. Now again we face a Christmas time, where we will have no big coming together in the families, but rather be cautious and celebrate Christmas in smaller groups with all the necessary precautions and safety measures. I really, really hope, that 2022 will be the year, where we beat this pandemic to a degree, where a somewhat normal life will be possible again - it won't be the same as before the pandemic anyway. With these hopes I wish everyone out there a peaceful Christmas and a hopefully better new year. Thank you for being here. Credits: Aria by Exart3D @ Renderhub Cathy Hair and OOT Hairblending 2.0 by Outoftouch @ DAZ3d dForce Winter Trendy Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) by Hypertaf @ DAZ3d As usual: Pure IRAY-Render, without any postwork, except for the Logo in the lower right corner It is highly recommended to open the full image view (Image is 6000 pixels wide) Thank you for the peek and all the comments on my Last images

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Comments (23)


brain1969 1:39PM | Thu, 23 December 2021

outstanding pov and render ... Merry Christmas to you and yours


RodS Online Now! 9:15PM | Thu, 23 December 2021

Her feelings.... Pretty much align with mine, and probably several million more of us. The image and the words rip straight to the heart. And they pretty much echo the loss of faith both my wife and I have felt this past 2 years. This F-ing, neverending pandemic... New variants on a weekly basis... And as icing on this foul-flavored cake we have to deal with a bunch of obnoxious losers who we are supposed to be able to look up to as leaders, acting like a bunch of spoiled-rotten 6-year-olds.

And yet... There are still those few, shining precious moments and people that at least somewhat restore a little glimmer of light and hope that humanity and Greater Powers are still there. And they're wondering what the hell to do as much as we are. As long as life exists, there is always hope.

May you have a blessed Christmas, my friend, and a hopeful 2022 for all of us.


pixeluna 12:14AM | Fri, 24 December 2021

Wow, such a beautiful portrayal of someone like us and seeing everything happening around her. It's almost like scenes from a movie and sometimes you want to wake up and think this is not really happening. But it's true, it's someone you know, or you just talked with a few hours ago and then suddenly they're gone. It's quite a sad reality. And it makes us realize we're just humans and although we have different backgrounds, lifestyles and dreams but we're all thrown together in this chaos. Just so sad. Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas and may peace, joy, hope and prosperity follow you into the New Year! Big hugs!


Saby55 12:58AM | Fri, 24 December 2021

WOW... What a marvelous cration!!!I Wish you a happy Christmas 🙋‍♂️🎄


A_Sunbeam 1:54AM | Fri, 24 December 2021

Splendid image and text. There is always hope. We are now past the shortest day; the nights will not drag as much.


UteBigSmile 2:50PM | Fri, 24 December 2021

Marvellous work and writing! Merry Christmas, stay joyful, healthy and motivated for the Christmases to come! 😊😘👌👍🎄


Wolfenshire 11:34PM | Fri, 24 December 2021

Beautiful image and story. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


starship64 1:46AM | Sat, 25 December 2021

This is beautiful work. A very merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones!


jdwtrxk 8:44AM | Sat, 25 December 2021

A lot of prose but worth reading. I agree about the passing of time - it's like a centrifuge with a broken governor...spins ever faster until it quits...


eekdog 2:51PM | Sat, 25 December 2021

A gripping story, I feel like Rod does.🎄❤ Thank you and Merry Christmas.


donnena Online Now! 8:14PM | Sat, 25 December 2021

Great story and image!


Richardphotos 11:44PM | Sat, 25 December 2021

amazing realism and beauty. times are trying, but I think there is light and the recovery of our nation


virginiese 7:16AM | Sun, 26 December 2021

Perfect mood and artwork ! I admire the realism of your render : the pose is so perfect ! Like you, I wish that this pandemic will have an end, like you I feel tired about this situation ! Merry Christmas to you and yours !


SalemRose 7:22AM | Sun, 26 December 2021

Beautiful render and I can relate so well to your story, which was very well written by the way. I hope you had a peaceful Christmas and I do hope that 2022 will bring better days.


Jean_C 11:33AM | Sun, 26 December 2021

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


hashdoc 2:18AM | Tue, 28 December 2021

very impressive!


JohnnyM Online Now! 4:49PM | Sun, 02 January 2022

Beautiful render! Her feelings and your words echo my own! You said it so perfectly with your words and all I can say at the for me to send you my best wishes in regards to the days ahead my friend. May 2022 turn out to be a better year than the one we just left behind, may it provide a glimmer of hope and reassurance that things will soon get better. :-)


anitalee 6:51AM | Tue, 04 January 2022



giareg 3:42PM | Mon, 10 January 2022

Excellent work my friend 👍


jmattatall 11:41PM | Mon, 24 January 2022

This is a terrific scene, well done!


pchef 3:16AM | Tue, 25 January 2022

I love that creation. Je model is beautiful and the scene too. Superb texturing of her clothes (I like her clothes). For me it's a great work.


3DClassics123456 12:25PM | Tue, 01 February 2022

The environment is really amazingly realist!


anahata.c 5:21AM | Tue, 01 March 2022

I chose this because it captures what a lot of people feel now. You write with flowing sentences, real passion, a musical way that expresses deep feelings, you even use alliteration here and there, quite musically...all, in this tale, in the service of a passionate personal journey which you make both personal for the character but also for everyone else. Your main character's confrontation with the cross--a figure she'd communed with in the past---along with her rage at his silence, is an age old cry which you've made fresh and harrowing and visceral---whether in words or unspoken feelings. (An old story...a wise religious leader bounds into the house of worship, bounds to the altar, and cries, "today we don't come to ask Your forgiveness: Today we come to give ours, for You've broken everyone of your laws and you remain silent..."-----an extreme example, but spiritual writing is full of them.) A very powerful moment for your character, and for us and, I assume, you. And you don't make it 'easy' by giving an easy answer: Christ remains silent: She has to find it on her own. As for your image, it fits the tale, her gaze is hurting, angered, but quiet--this is a private journey, it's in her eyes. And the surrounding is perfect, incl the primal but beautiful landscape, and the breath from her mouth (sweet touch). Beautifully done. I hope 2022 is a much better year for you and all your loved ones, and for the world as well...

FurNose 10:26AM | Tue, 01 March 2022

Thank you, (and all who commented on this) for your honest and sincere comment!

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