Streets of Philadelphia (The Video)

Video Gallery Atmosphere/Mood posted on Nov 12, 2021

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Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing fine and having a great week! Today I have this animation based on the song "Streets of Philadelphia" This song was written and sung by Bruce Springsteen for the movie named "Philadelphia" starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, released back in December 22, 1993. (its been awhile) What an amazing artist Bruce Springteen has been all these years. (there is good reason he is concidered "The Boss" in the music world) I have always liked this song but found it a bit too sad...nevertheless I went ahead and made an animation using this song, yet at the same time doing everything possible to treat this song with the respect that this emotionally intense song deserves. My apologies for the visual mistakes I made (I had a few rendering issues) I corrected a few and some others I let go due to the length of time it would have taken to render the scenes over again. Christmas is fast approaching and I would like to get another animation done before then. The year has gone by so fast...I don't feel like I got to know 2021 very well and before you know it, we will be welcoming 2022 soon. We just have to find a way to slow time down! I am presently looking for someone with a time machine...I promise to take good care of it and will return it in the same shape in which it was received...and yes I will accept a slightly used DeLorean as long as the Flux Capacitor is in good working order! "LOL" :-) Any "Back to the Future" fans out there? I will most likely be doing an animation with this awesome car in the near future. Thank you all for your awesome support and wonderful comments. You are the main reason I am here my friends! Take care and have a great weekend everyone! :-)

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4:23AM | Fri, 12 November 2021

I have no correct words to express my're a master of animation. This urban desert is is not only intriguing, it's scary too...and this poor probably dying guy (he's so skinny) is moving. Why can't we give more than 5 stars to pieces like this one ?



4:31AM | Fri, 12 November 2021

Great, beautiful, and I agree with gaius on the number of stars blocked at 5. He remains the last man in this city, and not for long it seems. A huge bravo, it is beautifully done and the music is magnificent. Thank you.



5:29AM | Fri, 12 November 2021

Exciting !!! Thank you for the experience !!!



5:52AM | Fri, 12 November 2021

Just pure brilliance!



6:10AM | Fri, 12 November 2021

wow, that is an amazing, soulful, composition that fits the music so well. I'm with Gaius on this one and 5 is not enough. Stunning animation, Johnny, you really have set the bar high :)



9:03AM | Fri, 12 November 2021

Fabulous animation work, I also don't have the right words to express my admiration, it's full of emotion, the music is also marvellous... a masterpiece !!



3:29PM | Fri, 12 November 2021

what a very detailed video and maybe your longest to date Johnny. all was excellent, loved the sign Liquor in front Poker in rear. he seemed to be waiting for something to happen. 5++ work my friend. MOV= Master Of Videos ...



3:33PM | Fri, 12 November 2021

Very touching, fabulous awesome movie. Unbelievable brilliant directing skills, Johnny.
This is a Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!
I love Sci-Fi and for sure "Back to the Future" is in my veins. The DELorean as well, including all the well-known time machines made public, H.G. Wells' time machine, Philadelphia Experiment, included.
I tell you one thing, do it!



9:02PM | Fri, 12 November 2021

Man!! You put a LOT of work into this! The mood, the camera moves, the walk, and the mood - all just excellent. I've done a few short and simple animations - just enough to realize what goes into making something like this. Most impressive!

I've thought several times about doing a short animated clip with the Girls, but haven't tried anything complex yet. I want to keep what little hair I have left! LOL



2:03AM | Sat, 13 November 2021

Wow! This is amazing work!



3:27AM | Sat, 13 November 2021

I am amazed by your work, it is really very well done, bravo my friend !!



5:08AM | Sat, 13 November 2021

hoo boy..ok, I took notes, lol...(I hope I can read them!) say, in your bio that you're a "hobbyist"---I'm sure there are a lot of artists who'd do anything to be a hobbyist like you...this shows such intuition and insight, and such a deep feel for cinematic movement and expression. But for the fact that you're not working with actual film or high resolution digital film, someone would have to convince me you weren't an experienced director. I know nothing of how 3D animation is done, but you really dive into it, and you've made it your own.

Your opening is a traditional "tracking shot" (if you know film, you'll know the term; if not, it's just a camera on tracks, so it moves very smoothly): It's a wonderful opening---low to the ground, letting the pavement rush by while the buildings in the background move more slowly (real life perspective). Terrific...and your titles are in the lower portion---this is a bona fide fine credit sequence Johnny. (The film, "Down By Law" by Jim Jarmusch, comes to mind---it opens with a smooth tracking shot of the amazing jalopy-like houses of N.Orleans...there are other films that start with urban tracking shots too---"Touch of Evil" by Orson Welles comes to mind.) You do this so well. You then go the opposite direction---visual contrast---then you zoom into the character as Sprinsteen's voice comes in: perfect timing.

The 1st scenes of him walking are perfect: He goes back and forth, circling himself, with that nervous resignation of one who has seen many loved ones pass. It also becomes apparent from the start that this is an empty city: There are people, no doubt, but you leave it empty to focus on his loss and pain, to make the city 'empathize' with his's very touching. You have cuts and wonderful "crane" shots --- where your camera is up high and sweeps in and lower, etc.: Pure music...they're wonderfully cinematic, and capture the flow of the music too. At one point, you come to a stop (the end of a paragraph, so to speak) with the sign "Happy Hour"---more irony, since he's so down and so seeking, yet this segment ends with a sign for "Happy Hour" with the nude woman...And then---with more beautiful camera moves---you let us see the hotel, which you slowly zoom into: This is a kind of 'establishing shot', telling us this is where your character will wind up. (You sure you never made films before? Boy do you have a feel for cinema...)

and oh my---the interior: such beautiful light and shade, and such angles---they're beautiful separate of the story, and they bring out the moods and emotional distensions of your story/character. You resolve at one point to a mirror---where you visualize his confrontation with himself and his condition (and it's dark too, which suits it). And we also see him with his shirt off, and it's so stark because he's emaciated (from AIDS), and obviously struggling to stay alive.

I remember a dissolve again, and we're back to the beginning---it may be a different locale or the same, I don't remember, but it's the same type of travel shot, and it brings everything full-circle, and also suggests the flow of life, like the river of life going by (as directors will do w/ travel/tracking shots)...And, as a poetic bow, you end with a glittering shot of a skyline: Urban poetry, a graceful 'bow' at the end. (It looks a bit like the Brooklyn Bridge---and if it is, that's fine: without a major budget and a cinematographer to go to Philly and get you shots of the river and skyline---a bit of an 'expense'---you use what you can get...but the point is, you ended with a poetic urban bow, a melancholy, strange and beautiful skyline...the perfect ending for your piece.)

I don't usually write all this, but I just wanna flesh out what your fans I'm sure are seeing; and what makes this so sensitive, intuitive, and so cinematic; and so touching a portrait of the song and the time...As one (me) who knew many gay men who suffered and died from AIDS, you captured that time and the mood very touchingly. One gay friend said, "you know the only difference between you and me? You can love without facing death..." (His lover died 6 months later.) Your video captures that time very heartfully...very moving work Johnny.



6:38AM | Sat, 13 November 2021

This is amazing !! Love your work : )



10:27AM | Sat, 13 November 2021

A most incredible and emotional rush for me watching these scenes unfold! I am as always in awe of your cinematic skills which you so masterfully bring to life in all your works! As has been stated above, you can't give this masterpiece just five stars! So I am dumping a semi load of stars onto this super fine video! Millions of stars only begin to express the superbness of this work!!!!!!!



12:08PM | Sat, 13 November 2021

Brilliant work, Johnny.I am moved by the images and how lonely and abandoned someone can feel, as well as a feeling of being accepted in accepting what is. Very clever, how in the beginning the rhythm of the music goes with the pace of this person. Thanks for how I can become aware of the sight of a big city in your home country through this amazing animation. It's all very impressive.



2:54AM | Sun, 14 November 2021

One can see that you have put an enormous amount of effort into this video and your animation skills are amazing. I would imagine the planning of the scenes can be quite time consuming. Well Done and looking forward to the DeLorean.



9:13AM | Sun, 14 November 2021

Super work, the camera work is fantastic!



9:50AM | Sun, 14 November 2021

You have presented to those of us who looked in with an emotional and superbly crafted animation.



1:37PM | Sun, 14 November 2021

Thank you for sharing this with everyone, it brought tears to my eyes and a lot of emotion. As someone who grew up in the late 80's and 90's this really hit home for me. That movie when it came out was such a huge thing I remember watching it with my Mom at home. Later when I came out my Mom referenced that movie, and said she felt she understood why I needed to watch it. Things are a lot different now, but there is still a long way to go for many things. Your video captured so much of the emotion from that time.


UteBigSmile Online Now!

5:13PM | Sun, 14 November 2021

I totally agree with Gaius and I wonder how many images you had to create for this!?!



1:54AM | Mon, 15 November 2021




6:24AM | Mon, 15 November 2021

very pretty this video, the b / w reinforces the effect of loneliness, seeing or zombie of the character (skinny) the delorean, would it be in a future where this character would be the omega man, again nice work.



9:46AM | Mon, 15 November 2021

o wow, wow, wow! great work here, love it!



2:16PM | Mon, 15 November 2021




10:53PM | Tue, 16 November 2021

terrific animation and city scene



3:08PM | Wed, 17 November 2021




6:31PM | Wed, 17 November 2021

You accomplished the amazing on this one. This one is not only technically great, it has wonderful Production vision working for it. The way you evolve from a grim vacant feeling city, into the inner most intimate moments of a very sick man is compassionate and emotional. The subtly of his limp. The look at him at a distance becomes very personally as you bring the camera to focus on the individual. You are truly talented and creative on a very high plane. Well done.



1:52AM | Thu, 18 November 2021

WOW!!! Great animation!!! 😃



12:00PM | Fri, 19 November 2021

Unique and AWESOME



8:41AM | Sat, 20 November 2021

You have made a very impressive video! It was a terrible time with that terrible disease.

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