New Kid On The Block, Pt. 1

Writers Story/Sequential posted on Jul 11, 2021

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"But, did you really have to break his arm?", the woman asked Laulara as she took another sip of tea, "he's new here and didn't know better."

Looking up to see Xin and Ky'reyal enter the cantina, Laulara called out, "have a seat anywhere ladies, I'll be with you in a moment."  Then returning her attention to the woman across the bar, responded, "he grabbed my ass, Elara!  How the hell was I supposed to know he was new and not up on the rules?"

"I don't know, maybe next time it happens, take a quick moment to remind the person before you get physical?", Elara replied, then added, "it's a good thing I've got another load of bacta and kolto coming in tonight, he's going to need it."  Taking the last sip of tea from her cup, the woman leaned over the bar and gave the Mirialan a kiss and said, "I'll see you later Major, I've got to get back to the infirmary... love you."

Returning the kiss, Laulara asked, "Elara, we've been out of the military for quite some now, when are you going to stop calling me Major?"

Turning to leave, the woman looked over her shoulder and said with seductive smile, "when having a very intimate relationship with my commanding officer quits feeling so naughty, bye love."

Laughing at her partner's words, Laulara moved from behind the bar to see to her new customers, as she leaned over to talk to them, she quickly turned to the departing woman and said, "later, darling."  Waving to Laulara as she left, Elara acknowledged her and headed back to the infirmary.  Returning to her patrons, she asked what she could do to help them.  Taking their orders, she returned shortly and said to Xin, "Jedi, we need to have a talk."

Motioning the woman to have a seat, Xin replied, "by all means Mistress Questral, what can I do for you?"

Sitting down, Laulara wasted no time and began, "well first off, you can drop the 'Mistress Questral', it's just Laulara,"  then leaning toward Xin continued, "I've heard about your little quest and how you're wanting to get Ana and her Mandos to help you out."  Before Xin could respond, she went on, "what I'm about to tell you can't leave this table.  You're going to get your help, but Ana's waiting until her last few people come back from escorting our supply convoy from Hutt space to ask her pilots if they agree."  Taking a moment to breathe, she went on, "knowing the Mandos like I do and that you represent an honorable cause, it'll be a unanimous decision.  But know this, these people are my friends, my family, and I would fight beside them any day."  Again pausing, she added, "but you must promise you will not use them as blaster fodder!  There are no finer warriors in the galaxy than the Mandalorians and they will fight, bleed and if need be, die for you and your cause without a moment's hesitation."

Absorbing the woman's words, Xin replied exuberantly, "that's wonderful news, Laulara!", then continued, "in the past, I had to fight against the Mandalorians and the Empire they supported.  During that time, I grew to respect their prowess on the battlefield and you are right, they are some of the best warriors ever.  But times do change and a people that were once my enemies, now, are a very important part of my greatest hopes.  I guess it's true when they say adversity makes for strange bedfellows."  After taking a few seconds, she again spoke, "upon my word of honor, I will not take their alliance lightly and all sacrifices they may make will be forever honored in the galaxy and by its people."

Satisfied with the jedi's response and hearing her cook, call out that the food was ready, Laulara told Xin, "then you have my services as well... anywhere, any time.  It will be an honor to fight by your side, Master Jedi."  Getting up to leave the table, she added, "looks like Lantrell has your nerf burgers ready, I'll go get them and let you taste the best in the galaxy... guaranteed."

Staying silent throughout the meal, Ky'reyal only then spoke to her master after leaving the cantina and they began walking the station's corridors to an unknown destination.  "Master, at the temple we were told that the Mandalorians were enemies of the jedi, yet you seek an alliance with them.  Master Shan said you were on a vital mission, but never told me any details.  Perhaps you could fill me in, since like it or not, I'm also involved here, too?"

Smiling at the girl, Xin said, "well, I guess I should let you know what kind of a mess you were forced into.  I'll give you the abbreviated version for now and later when time allows, fill you in on the details."  As the pair walked down the corridors, Xin began her briefing, pausing occasionally during their journey to answer her padawan's questions during the conversation.  Entering the airlock corridor, Xin called for the lift to take them to the ship's docking port.  "Time for you to meet the rest of the team, Ky'reyal," then added as they arrived at the ship and started to board, "just to give you fair warning, we are a pretty diverse group of people."

Taking her padawan to the common area of the ship, Xin turned and leaned on the table, as she began to go into further details.  Suddenly the doors opened as Jeldark walked in and began speaking in an irritated manner, "I thought I heard your voice.  Xin, didn't the Captain and I clearly instruct you to not come here?"

Whirling around to face the source of voice, Ky'reyal instantly recognized the man's species, in the briefest of moments, she armed her lightsaber and took a defensive stance, commanding Jeldark in a loud, shrill tone, "stop right there, Sith!  Don't you dare move a muscle... ... ..."

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Comments (9)


miwi 1:38PM | Sun, 11 July 2021

Wonderful sequence,klasse story,like it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!


ZjaelingNytesong 3:18PM | Sun, 11 July 2021

HaHa... love the opening as well, was all too real life in it's feel.

Great beginning of a new chapter, really a very enjoyable read and the images helped so much to convey the plot.

Excellent all around!


CoyoteSeven 3:47PM | Sun, 11 July 2021

Great opening dialog between the two women, a classic small spat very common in all close relationships where opposite personalities attract and no matter the sexual orientation of the people involved, they seem to reach a compromise and still deeply love each other.

A wonderful story line and illustrations, very enjoyable.

EDIT: BTW, I can understand why the poor schmuck did cop a feel, not that it was acceptable in any way, shape or form. Trying hard here not to come off as misogynistic, sexist or a combination of both... ... ... screw that, I'm getting too friggin' old to give a rat's keester what others think about me 😛... ... ... Laulara DOES have a great ass!

MioraaNyte 3:55PM | Sun, 11 July 2021

Thanks Larry, and don't worry about the last part of your comment, I'm not offended (though God knows others might have thin skins and will be). We've been friends IRL long enough for me to know you're not any of those things.

Take care, ya old fart! 😘


STEVIEUKWONDER 5:07PM | Sun, 11 July 2021

Your art and writing skills are unquestionably magnificent! Must have taken forever to assemble so many facets. Excellent!


Radar_rad-dude 9:43PM | Sun, 11 July 2021

Another fine chapter with superb illustrations! Most excellent results!

PhthaloBlue 10:37PM | Sun, 11 July 2021

Excellent work!


Kordouane 3:11AM | Mon, 12 July 2021

Wow !! Fantastic image, excellent work !!


daggerwilldo 12:44AM | Wed, 14 July 2021

Your story telling is A-List always. I also want to compliment you on your graphics. This series has a special and vibrantly new feel to it. Congratulations on both the literary and the the graphical excellence !!!


NoRhymeOrReasonToIt 7:23AM | Wed, 14 July 2021

Great story and images.

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