A Haven For The Weary, Pt. 5

Writers Story/Sequential posted on Jul 03, 2021
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"Really, you're scared?", the Force ghost of Master Korgan Deru replied to his former padawan in a slightly sarcastic tone, "well, you'd be stupid to be otherwise... don't you think?"

Shocked at first by his statement, Xin was about to retort when Master Korgan spoke again, "sit down Xin, there is much to tell you and I have only enough energy for a short stay."  As the pair sat upon the deck, Deru continued, "as you know, the dark side entity we call the Sith Emperor grows gradually stronger by the second.  True, twice you and your previous allies failed to bring him down, but you have also learned from your errors and in the process gained the knowledge and wisdom of a powerful friend, Jeldark."

"But Master," Xin began to protest, "he is Sith, a user himself of the dark side... even though I try my best to have full faith and trust in him, I find it impossible to completely do so.  And there is also another complication..."

"You love him," Korgan interjected with a sigh, "which in turn, conflicts with all you been taught.  There is no emotion, there is peace."  Then with a slight laugh, he added, "it seems that line of the code has many interpretations and it's up to the individual to come to their own,  Remember what I tried to teach you Kiddo, the code is a guideline and not etched in stone.  In my opinion a Jedi can love, but not to a degree that it completely controls their every thought and action.  Love is good, but even it must have limits."

"You know Master, that really didn't help," Xin replied in exasperation, "you're just as cryptic now as you were in life.  It's a wonder I learned anything!"

Standing to lean on the rail and gaze at the nebula, Korgan's ghost responded in a jovial tone. "and yet, look at you now.  Not only have you become one of the most powerful of the Order since its founding, but you've also become the champion of a noble cause.  Looks like I did something right."

"I'm sorry Master, I didn't mean to imply...", Xin apologetically began to stammer.

"And that could be your downfall, Xin," Deru interrupted, "questioning even the smallest thing you do."  Turning his head to once again speak to the young woman, "I knew your outburst wasn't malicious and we've known each other long enough for you to know that yourself, but you felt you had to apologize for it."   Turning fully to face his friend, he went on, "you must let go of these doubts, and be resolute in the decisions you will have to make.  Some will be profitable, some disastrous, it is the nature of the beast known as leadership.  There will also be times when you must follow, a good leader knows when to do this... and you must trust your allies decisions as they have trusted yours."

As the ghost of Korgan began to fade, he reached out to his former padawan to bid her farewell and added in parting, "I have faith in you Master Jedi Xin Quon that you will do the best you can.  I'll see you again my dear friend when the time is right, until then know this... I have always loved you as if you were my own daughter and I'll always be proud of you.  May the Force be with you, my dear child."

Feeling a glowing warmth on her cheek as the spirit of her old friend vanished, Xin whispered, "I love you too, old man."

Approaching the door to the quarters that her and Dara presently shared on the station, Xin saw Jeldark and Dara standing there having a discussion.  "In the morning, we can return to the ship and see how D9 has done with the data," the man said to the Captain, "and perhaps rearrange the items in the cargo hold.  We left Nar Shaddaa in such a hurry, we didn't have time to organize the load."

"Agreed," Dara replied, "let's meet in my quarters at 0800 and we'll head that way.  And I was also thinking that maybe we could let the dock crew have the lift, it would give us more space for future storage."

"Good idea, Captain," the Sith concurred, "plus it would ingratiate ourselves with our hosts as a gift for their hospitality," then adding with a slight chuckle, "especially with my presence."

As the pair laughed about the man's last remark, Xin decided to keep her encounter with Korgan's spirit to herself for now and called out, "glad to see you two having such a good time."  Then turning to access the door panel remarked, "but it's getting late and we have a lot to do tomorrow, so why don't we call it a night and get some rest."

A little later as the two women prepared to retire for the night, Xin said to her friend, "you know Dara, I could sleep on the couch.  There are extra pillows and blankets, that way you could have your bed to yourself."

"Nonsense," the Captain responded, "I've slept on there there a few times myself and it may feel comfortable at first, but about halfway through the night it gets a little cramped."  Then with a smile, continued, "any way, this reminds me of when we were kids.  You and Master Korgan would visit and we'd have a sleep over.  Those were fun times," then chuckled, "just promise you won't start singing."

"That bad, huh?", Xin answered her friend.  Getting a whimsical nod from her friend, Xin began laughing as she assured her, "it's a deal, I promise."  Still feeling lighthearted, both women gave each other a hug and bid good night.

Lying there, Xin could feel sleep begin to overtake her, as it did, the last conscious thought that went through her mind were some of the last words from her 'father', "I will always be proud of you... ... ..."

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Comments (7)


NoRhymeOrReasonToIt 4:09PM | Sat, 03 July 2021

Great dialog and images, really enjoy your writing.


jan_scrapper 4:32PM | Sat, 03 July 2021

Very Cool!!!


daggerwilldo 7:19PM | Sat, 03 July 2021

Lovely illustration and wonderful literary skill. A very fine gallery to visit !!!!


Kordouane 4:46AM | Sun, 04 July 2021

Wow! Yes, indeed I like this page very much with perfect images and text !!


Technomage_Aria 3:46PM | Sun, 04 July 2021

I do love how the various characters in your tales have their own attitudes, ranging from 'down home' to ultra prim.

Always a pleasure to read your stories and enjoy the wonderful images.


eekdog Online Now! 5:20PM | Sun, 04 July 2021

Very impressive work.


Flint_Hawk 1:10PM | Fri, 09 July 2021

Impressive story & illustrations!

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