Chasing A Dream, Epilogue

Writers Story/Sequential posted on Feb 03, 2021
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"When the Emperor chose me as his Wrath," Jeldark explained to the Captain, "he also bestowed upon me the so called 'gift' of immortality."  Then pausing for a moment, went on, "so in a sense, you are correct about my apparent age.  When I received this 'gift' , I was thirty-four and have not physically aged a moment since."

"How is this even possible?", Dara asked, still skeptical of the man's tale, "people have tried and failed to achieve what you say you have since the very beginning."

"As I stated before," the Sith replied, "the Emperor is a being of pure Dark Force energy, this simple feat is well within his powers."

"Alright, I'll buy that," she came back, "but you have what others have dreamed of, yet you speak of it as if it were a curse."

"At first I too thought it was wonderful," Jeldark responded almost gleefully, then his tone changed to one of sadness as he continued, " until you watch as the woman you loved and your children grow old and die before your eyes, while the entire time you remain forever young and healthy."  With a heavy sigh, he concluded, "after that, I let myself grow cold and distant, never again wanting to feel the pain of losing friends and loved ones... so yes Captain, I call it a curse."

Rising from her seat, Dara approached the beverage station and poured herself a cup of coffee.  Watching her actions, the two still seated at the table got up and joined her.  As the Sith approached her, Dara said to the man, "I see your point, Jeldark.  No one ever seems to consider the down side, only the benefits."  Taking a sip of her drink, she further questioned, "is there a way to reverse this, or will it be like this for you always?"

"Only the total destruction of the Emperor will end this," he replied, "so you can see Captain, my desire to assist Xin is not entirely altruistic, I wish to live a normal life again, perhaps even to love once more."

"Mistress," the voice of D9 came over the intercom, "I have received confirmation from Haven concerning our estimated arrival."

After Dara acknowledged the droid, Xin turned to her friend and sharply asked, "why are we going to Haven instead of where I showed you?"

"Don't blame her," Jeldark interjected on the woman's behalf, "it was my suggestion after your collapse."  Then speaking to the Jedi in a soothing manner, continued, "you could use the rest, Xin.  Since you helped me escape prison, you have not done so."  Then in a final remark added, "you were lucky this time.  The next time you attempt to make contact, you may not be... you need to be prepared and that includes rest.  Our quest will wait, if something were to happen to you, then all is lost."

Still perturbed by the change of plans, Xin gave out a huff and stomped angrily from the room.  As the two watched her go, Dara waited until the doors closed and they were in private, "I understand now why you don't tell her, you're afraid of being hurt again."  Reaching out to touch the man's arm, she stated softly, "Sith or not, you're a good and decent man, Jeldark.  Now, more than ever, I too will not rest until we rid the universe of this blight.  Your secret is safe with me."

"Thank you, Captain," the Sith responded with a smile, then added jovially, "and whether you'll admit it or not, you are truly a virtuous woman."

"I may yet surprise you, sir", Dara laughed in response, "it's going to be a few hours until we reach Haven, it'll give Xin some time to cool off.  Until then, grab a drink and let's talk.  I want to hear more about what you've been up to in the last three hundred and fifty years."

"Haven Control, this is Redshifter Two, requesting docking clearance," Dara called the space station on the comlink.

"Affirmative Redshifter Two," came a voice in return, "you are cleared for hatch nine... welcome home, Captain Syn."

After Dara complied with the controller's instructions, Jeldark asked the Captain, "what is an Imperial commerce station doing so far from the Empire?"

"It's not an Imperial station anymore," the woman replied, "you could say it's under new management."

"The Imperials are very particular about their property Captain and who runs it," the Sith responded, "and that still does not answer how it got here."

"Well... I'll tell you what, Jeldark," Dara chuckled, "you can ask the new owner those questions yourself, he'll be more than happy to tell you."  Suddenly, a slight jar interrupted the banter as the woman informed her passengers, "docking clamps secure, welcome to Haven Station.   Let's go, everybody off the ship."

As the trio exited the docking area's lift, they were met by a middle aged human male standing in the middle of the corridor, stating loudly, "well... will you look what the akk dog dragged in."

Upon seeing the man, Dara broke into a run and shouted exuberantly, "Papa!"  When she reached the man's position, she threw her arms around him in a loving embrace.  Burying her face into his shoulder, Dara whispered to him as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks, "Papa, I've missed you so much."

As the man returned the woman's embrace, he too whispered, choked with emotion, "I've missed you too, Baby Girl. Welcome home, sweetheart."

Giving the pair a few moments to enjoy their reunion, Xin loudly cleared her throat and called out, "how have you been, you old pirate? ... ... ..."


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Comments (14)


romangirl 5:24PM | Wed, 03 February 2021

Great story and scenes!


CoyoteSeven 5:59PM | Wed, 03 February 2021

Perfect ending to this chapter.

The story line and artwork are amazing! 👍

PhthaloBlue 6:04PM | Wed, 03 February 2021

Fantastic work!


anitalee 6:13PM | Wed, 03 February 2021



eekdog 6:17PM | Wed, 03 February 2021

Brilliant 6 panel work, you do sensational stories added. 🥂🥰


Technomage_Aria 6:29PM | Wed, 03 February 2021

Your talent for writing and illustration is absolutely amazing!


NoRhymeOrReasonToIt 7:03PM | Wed, 03 February 2021

I agree with Technomage_Aria, your talents leave me wanting more.


x7 6:43PM | Thu, 04 February 2021

Marvellous work!


Wolfenshire 9:54PM | Thu, 04 February 2021

This is the fourth time today I've opened this image to try and comment, but something has interrupted me every time. Anyway, The panels add so well to the written story. I like that you don't add text to the panels, it leaves more for the imagination of the viewer/reader. Well written and illustrated story.

MioraaNyte 5:24AM | Sun, 07 February 2021

Thank you for the gracious comments. While I enjoy others works that do text their panels, I personally found that it will often hide subtle parts of an image that could add to the story line.

It may be a bit of vanity on my part, but I work too hard, often hours at a time, on a single panel to get it just right and I don't want it obscured by text and/or 'balloons'.


daggerwilldo 1:39AM | Fri, 05 February 2021

Wonderfully Done. Bravo !!! The story and the beautiful panels are fabulous. You are a master story teller. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I am very grateful to you. I look forward to the next grand adventure.


Kordouane 2:49AM | Sat, 06 February 2021

Very cool scenes well made !!


jmattatall 9:25PM | Thu, 11 February 2021



mifdesign 10:34AM | Fri, 12 February 2021

Just brilliant outstanding fabulous awesome, magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. Only.


UteBigSmile Online Now! 2:29AM | Tue, 06 July 2021

Great Epilogue renderwork for a very good series of images and related stories!

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