Chasing A Dream, Pt.4

Writers Story/Sequential posted on Jan 13, 2021
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"Would you like to tell me exactly what happened?", Dara questioned the Sith, "how exactly did you two get together?"

"Have a seat Captain," Jeldark began, "it's a long story."  As the woman sat down, he started explaining, "I was once known as Lord Scourge, The Emperor's Wrath.  I was his enforcer if you will."  Pausing, he went on, "I don't know all the details, but Xin was part of a Jedi strike team that was originally sent to capture the Emperor and return him to the Republic.  However, they underestimated him and all were killed but Xin."

Taking a breath, Jeldark continued, "though Xin is the strongest person I've ever known with the Force, she was unable to resist him and he had her turned into another of his dark enforcers.  Somehow, she was able to break his hold on her.  It was at that time had I discovered what the Emperor had been planning for millennia, to use his immense dark powers to eradicate all life in the galaxy and replace it with his own monstrous creations that would worship him like a god."

"You're joking," the woman scoffed, "nothing is that powerful."

"But you see Captain, he would become that powerful by absorbing all the life forces he destroyed," the man further explained, "we're not only talking about humanoid life, but all life.  Microbial, vegetation, animal, everything."

"OK, but you still haven't told me how you and Xin got together," Dara interrupted.

"Yes, I'm getting there," the man sighed, "when I discovered Xin's hold had been broken, I kept this from my master.  In my hubris, I thought myself powerful enough to join with her and rid the universe of this blight.  So I helped her escape and we went together to the Jedi Council to lay out our plan.  She as a master of the light side of the Force and myself a master of the dark, the balance of our combined skills would be enough to conquer this threat."

Stopping again to give Dara time to think about his tale so far, he went on, "deals were made, plans approved, so off we went."  Pausing to breathe, he went on, "when she and I began, the fighting to get to the Emperor was heavy, but we beat it quite easily, then we came face-to-face with the Emperor."  Again taking a moment before continuing, he proceeded, "the fight was easier than either of us imagined, but we were being toyed with.  He began to take us apart, now our plan to capture him became a fight for survival."

"Go on," Dara interjected as she stood to stand across the table from the Sith.

Recalling what happened next, Jeldark began, "through the grace of fate, perhaps even a higher deity, the Emperor was distracted for the briefest moment and that was when Xin delivered the killing blow to pierce his heart with her lightsaber."

"So he's dead," Dara again broke in, "the galaxy is safe and the problem solved."

"If only it was that simple," Jeldark replied, "the Emperor has lived over ten thousand years by transferring his essence into multiple beings during that time.  Upon the death of the host body, he becomes almost pure Dark Force energy to once again roam the galaxy in search of a new vessel."  With a sigh, he added, "I'm surprised that hasn't happened, yet."

An awkward silence filled the room as the two people stared at each other.  Rising to his feet and leaning on the table, Jeldark broke the quiet, "she has had visions, dreams, whatever you wish to call them, about another that is her equal out there... somewhere."  Then again with a heavy sigh, he continued, "but we cannot do this alone, we need help.  Xin will not ask, for she cares too much about you, so I must... will you help us?"

"What good could I do?", Dara exclaimed, "I can't use the Force!"

"It's not a question of a person's Force abilities, but what's in their hearts and spirits," Jeldark responded, "and that is what will truly topple this maniac and end his terror."

Walking around to stand before the Captain, again they stood there in silence.  Reaching into her jumpsuit, Dara retrieved a lightsaber and presented it to the man.  "I believe this is yours," she said to the man.

Looking down at the weapon she now held out to him, Jeldark returned his gaze to look her in the eyes and asked, "you're trusting me?"

"Xin believes in you and I believe in Xin," she answered, "that is all I need, I'm in."

Taking the lightsaber from her hand and placing it once more on his hip, he watched as the woman began to walk away, stepping a few paces to turn and face him again.

"If you go left in the corridor, second door on the right was at one time the crews quarters.  It's now used for dry and nonperishable storage," she informed the man, "you'll have to move some things around to clear off a bunk.  You'll also find some bedding in the wall locker.  Good night... Jeldark... ... ..."

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Comments (7)


CoyoteSeven 6:26PM | Wed, 13 January 2021

Great story line and images.

Very impressed with your recreation of a Pure Blood Sith character, wonderful job.


MioraaNyte 6:32PM | Wed, 13 January 2021

Thanks, with my limited Blender skills, it was the best I could do. Really appreciate the comment.


starship64 1:21AM | Thu, 14 January 2021

Nice work on these two installments.


daggerwilldo 4:10PM | Thu, 14 January 2021

You are such an excellent story teller. Well done.


Kordouane 5:02AM | Sat, 16 January 2021

Absolutely good job well done !!


miztere 5:10AM | Sat, 16 January 2021

well done


jmattatall 7:42PM | Tue, 19 January 2021

very cool characters

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