Putting Plans In Motion, Pt. 2

Writers Story/Sequential posted on Nov 06, 2019

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"That went pretty well, don't you think?", the Commander said to Omega as they turned the corner of the corridor leading back to his office.  "Have to admit, though," he continued, "I was a bit surprised by their response to forming a militia.  I had figured they would not be as enthusiastic... it's amazing how many of them wanted to volunteer on the spot.  Darth Nox definitely has these people's hearts and minds, it's almost as if they worship her as a god."

Entering the office, the Commander turned to the woman and spoke again, "you've been silent since the meeting with Amstel and the others, what is going on?  You're still angry, aren't you?"

"Angry?", Omega shot back, "I moved from angry to terrified over two hours ago!"  Moving behind his desk to have a seat, the woman continued her tirade, "what do you think you're doing?  We've only been here three days and you have reorganized this complete group."  Once again as anger began to take over her emotions, she went on,  "if this were any run of the mill setup, it probably wouldn't be so bad, but you've decided to do this to a Sith's organization... and not just any Sith, but a member of the Dark Council at that!"

"Will you please relax, Shara?", the Commander spoke in a soothing tone as he leaned across the desk, "even in the most efficient organization, there is always room for improvement.  Besides, you've seen me operate, you know I have the ability to charm people into seeing things my way.  How many missions did I accomplish doing just that?"

"Quite a few, I admit," Shara replied, "but this isn't a normal person, this is a Sith!  Aurturo, you know as well as I do, they're not like us.  The Sith have their own rules and they don't like it when we 'normals' don't obey them."  Pausing to take a breath, she continued, "you've had to work with their kind in the past, you've seen what they do to people who anger them... hell man, you've come close to suffering the same fate yourself a few times.  And then you do something like this, didn't you learn anything from that?

"Yes, I did," the Commander replied, "and after those instances I learned they are still just people, too.  Even they can be manipulated to do things out of their character."  Still trying to soothe his partner's qualms, the man went on,  "Nox is no ordinary Sith, her methods are like none I've ever seen from the average Sith.  She shows true concern and compassion for these people.  Her methods of operation are unorthodox, to say the least.  And remember, she did give me authority to run this group.  I don't recall her putting any limits on that."

"You know there's always a catch to everything a Sith tells you," the woman wearily responded, "I hope you're right, otherwise we are dead."

Suddenly the door chime rang ending the conversation.  "Enter," the Commander said in response.  As the hatch slid open, the pair were met with the sight of a scantily clad Togruta woman in the doorway.  "How can I help you?", the Commander addressed the visitor, "are you lost, Miss?"

"No, I'm right where I need to be, Commander," the woman replied, "I apologize for not having an appointment and missing the meeting, but then again, I'm rarely invited to such events."  Entering the room she extended her hand to the Commander and began to introduce herself, "my name's Syreena and I think we can help each other as I did for your predecessor."

Taking the woman's hand and with a firm, but gentile shake, the Comander spoke, "pleased to meet you, Syreena, won't you have a seat?"  Leading her to the chair closest to his desk and assisting her to her seat, he then retrieved the chair from behind his desk and sat in front of the woman and went on, "now you mentioned that we might be able to help each other, what did you have in mind?"

"Well, sir," the woman said, "Major Crennik and I had an arrangement.  I would supply him with information that was very often unavailable through normal means and he in turn would 'overlook' certain activities I might engage in... of course, only if those activities didn't compromise the group's operations."

"I see," the Commander responded, "please continue Syreena, you have my undivided attention."

Smiling at the man, Syreena went on with her proposal, "as we both know, information can be gathered in many ways.  Torture and pain is one such method, but as we both know, it is often useless as the person will say anything to make it stop.  My method is more effective and most of the time, the informant doesn't even realize that he or she has 'spilled the beans'."  Seeing that had piqued the man's interest, she went on, "I am the director of what we in the business, call  the 'conjugal entertainment facility' here on the compound.  My clients often indulge in casual, but informative conversation with their 'counselor' during their visits and in turn, my employees share this with me.  Then I share this with..."

"A whore house madam playing spy," Omega interrupted in a disgusted tone, then added, "gutter trash."

Jumping to her feet in a move that startled the Commander, causing him to also rise, knocking over his chair in the process, Syreena turned toward the other woman and aggressively shouted, "listen bitch, I don't care who or what you are, NOBODY talks to me like that!  I am a businesswoman that provides a wanted service... my employees are healthy, happy and treated fairly.  Every one of them are there because they chose to be and can quit at any time to do other work if they want.  Don't you even dare to judge me or them on your moral high horse.  Look into your own backyard before you look into your neighbor's."

Moving to defuse the situation, the Commander thought to himself, "Aurturo, welcome to the lion's den..."


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Comments (17)


Koala44 9:33AM | Wed, 06 November 2019

Its a very good ja=ob


Jean_C 10:07AM | Wed, 06 November 2019

Superbly staged images, great work!


CoyoteSeven 10:17AM | Wed, 06 November 2019

Wonderful chapter and the images really put it together.

But I wonder about the Commander, he's either very brave or insane, maybe a little of both, to even think about getting in the middle of a catfight. 😆


Kordouane 11:01AM | Wed, 06 November 2019

Very great work, it's superb: star2:


Richardphotos 11:26AM | Wed, 06 November 2019

quite a story and superb scenes. will a female versus female fight ensue?


SidheRoseGraphics 12:17PM | Wed, 06 November 2019

Have read a little bit back on this. Well done and I like how sassy the girls are - LOL. Should get most interesting soon - yikes! Wonderful images and story!


AureliusdeMercoeur 12:33PM | Wed, 06 November 2019

Very well rendered scenes and interesting story !


Radar_rad-dude 1:40PM | Wed, 06 November 2019

Great looking illustrations and wonderful story! Well accomplished work!


anitalee 2:29PM | Wed, 06 November 2019



eekdog Online Now! 6:35PM | Wed, 06 November 2019

My, my she is alluring.


minkura 12:59AM | Thu, 07 November 2019

good job on this one. 5 stars! (づ ◕‿◕ )づ ♡♡♡♡♡


Bad-Wolf 3:44AM | Thu, 07 November 2019

Excellent render, love your stories as well.


UteBigSmile 5:05AM | Thu, 07 November 2019

Spectacular and excellent work!


marcPoser 8:36AM | Thu, 07 November 2019

Great sequence of tense situations! Excellent!


byteline 12:25AM | Fri, 08 November 2019

Very fine series, great done! 🌟


Technomage_Aria 7:39AM | Fri, 08 November 2019

Superbly written with the accompanying images illustrating the story line very well.


bucyjoe 2:58AM | Mon, 21 March 2022


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