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Girls From T.N.A: Breitlenger Jar: Ch 6 Page 2

Digital Comics Story/Sequential posted on Feb 24, 2017
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The Girls are happy and excited to head back to Vegas, and pick up the trail once again. They will soon find their journey taking them in directions they never imagined. And keep an eye peeled for some familiar characters who will be making guest appearances from time to time. For those of you who have joined the story recently, This is what Ar is referring to concerning water / sewer outlets. I keep hoping to post these a little more often, but RL keeps throwing things in my way..... I have to go next Friday for some tests - I'm just a bit apprehensive about that. Then, sometime in the very near future, I'll have surgery for my hernia and gallbladder - both at the same time. So, for a guy who has been blessed with good health most of his life, this spring is going to suck. I'll be glad when all this is overwith. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this latest page. I'm going to try and get these done a bit sooner. Thanks to Steve (eekdog) for the great magazine cover! Thanks a million for dropping by and for any comments you wish to leave. They really mean a lot! Have a great weekend!

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Comments (27)



8:24PM | Fri, 24 February 2017



Napalmarsenal Online Now!

8:30PM | Fri, 24 February 2017

Eeek hopefully no sewers, but then again into the garbage shoot flyboy? LOL oh yes Major Jana Stephan Got some nice girls uniforms lined up for us?

Nice work!!



8:43PM | Fri, 24 February 2017

Most awwwwwwesome, each segment is so creative and professional my friend. I enjoy the plane view with additional passengers. I see they have the most recent issue of Poser Gurlz mag. AR is going to have a blast driving that ride, but hope the Camero Tina gave her is faster. G4 see me to love their nice room, hope it's not bugged. Waiting to see how this story develops. Great job my friend and hope the best for you on them tests. Went to the ER myself yesterday, had a large abscess that was giving me issues.



9:13PM | Fri, 24 February 2017

Hernia? what in heck did you do! Yick, I hate hospitals. Good luck in there, and with your tests.

Don't rush these, they're worth the wait. Nellis eh? Reminds me of Fallout new Vegas dodging artillery lol. I like the magazine cover, nice touch. And don't hit me but for some strange reason this made me think of Three's Company. I have no excuse.



9:21PM | Fri, 24 February 2017

Awesome page, and now I'm here in my seat just waiting to see the next one and meet Major Jana Stephan.... she sounds interesting! well I got to get on with my story, we're not getting out of that cell on our own... or will we... super work on this, please keep-um coming, and I hope everything turns out alright for you in your surgery! have a good one!



9:23PM | Fri, 24 February 2017

Fabulous work on this set of images! Love the sign on image two (Acme Rentals)and license plate on the car! Great lighting and posing on this page! It was great talking to you tonight. I wish you the very best on your up-coming surgeries. Have a wonderful weekend and try to stay sane.



9:53PM | Fri, 24 February 2017

really a very detail and superbly composed scene and poses. the ladies are looking fine as always



10:59PM | Fri, 24 February 2017

the sewer chapter was back before RR allowed large uploads: You were complaining about that awful 512 KB limit! With all the bad stuff from the "change" here, the large upload limits were a great addition, weren't they! Anyway, man you know how to compose a frame, and forward a story. And btw, one of the joys of coming here is seeing the great comments you get, and all the buzz and energy you create, and how others riff off your creations. I too loved the Acme Rentals (cartoonist bows to cartoonist) and the license plate bow to Steve. Your plane frame is really fine composition; and you highlighted the mag in just the right proportions (not to take over the shot, but be sure it has its day). Love the details on the other characters too. And that lady on the right is wearing one tight dress! She's gonna have to squeeze outa that plane! You're also expert at posing your characters as ensembles. They're always in-relation. Of course, you begin with the line "Now we can pick up where we left off---without any interference!" Riiiiiiiiiight. Not in this saga they wont...

Ar's colors are fine contrasts to G's. And fine angles on frame two. (Rod the photographer at work.) Same, frame 3---in fact, that's a wonderfully composed frame. Angles, play of the furniture, the deep reds, the wonderful sunset and buildings peeking through, the suitcases, etc. Really finely done.

4 is cloistered, by comparison; the call from the woman in hq (yes?), as the next part of the story is being revealed. And the last one, as always, prepares us for the next perilous journey. I was studying G4 in the bottom frame: Really complex poses you get, as people are speaking to each other. It strikes me that many Poser pieces are "posed" one way or the other; but, because your characters are speaking dialogue, you have to adjust the pose to their thoughts, interactions, etc; and she really is in the middle of's subtle, but real, with her right hand up like that, turned to Ar, etc. And I can appreciate the many layers of light and shadow in these, even though I don't do 3D. Then, even touches like the bright blue in the left-hand window---I really like that. Another terrific chapter, Rod.

I wish you everything in the world with your doctors' apptmts. It looks like you're gonna have those procedures no matter what the tests show...if so, I wish you all the best with them, Rod. They can be very routine, and I hope they are. And if they can do laparoscopic, all the better. Medical stuff is a real intrusion, and we should be paid for going through it: We should be allowed to bill the cosmos for poor workmanship. I hope your tests tell you that you're in great shape; 'cause if your body's like your mind and spirit, you should live to 800. All the best on it all!


11:04PM | Fri, 24 February 2017

Hehe.... 800........ I'm on track to beat Yoda's record.... 😁



12:47AM | Sat, 25 February 2017

With This Chapter it should Be called the Girls from T.M.A ouch!glad your having them done at once that way they can bill the insurance twice for the same supplies.



12:47AM | Sat, 25 February 2017

Lovely work, RodS-san!



1:09AM | Sat, 25 February 2017

I suppose sewer swimming is something one NEVER forgets. :D

Great to see G4 and Ar back on the beat and looking fab as usual.

Will have to dispatch the nurses when you have those procedures, Rod. Try to take it easy in the meantime. :)



2:13AM | Sat, 25 February 2017

Really fun story and illustration, very well done



5:23AM | Sat, 25 February 2017

Didn't remember the sewer scene..Thanks for having a link..Nasty stuff.

Congrats once again on a fantastic segment...



7:11AM | Sat, 25 February 2017

Oh, nuts! anahata.c just outdid me! Stole my thunder - gack! So you'll just have to read his comments twice, and pretend the second time round is me commenting! Isn't it a bummer to have a pro delivering your speech? Well, one thing he can't best me on is - DARN! I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE NEXT INSTALLMENT COMES! Glad to hear they're doing both operations at the same time. You only go in for surgery once. And it may be endoscopic surgery (peep hole type) which saves you a lot of recovery time, as well as pain. SO, all the best! I doubt they would let you bring your computer - to great a risk for theft. Keep us posted! And, maybe you may keep those gall stones for a necklace or bracelet (provided they are mineral and NOT cholesterol = yellow, rubbery).



9:25AM | Sat, 25 February 2017

Oh my God. The magazine knocked me flat on my butt right from the start! Gorgeous work with these scenes, Rod!!! The airplane scene especially because it put me right there with them and I've never been on a plane. 😊 Best wishes and fast calendar flips for putting the medical issues behind you!!!!



3:55PM | Sat, 25 February 2017

Superb work! Can't blame Ar for wondering about the chance of another sewer escapade! :)



4:18PM | Sat, 25 February 2017




2:32AM | Sun, 26 February 2017

1000 POINTS & 1000 🌠




8:15AM | Sun, 26 February 2017

Great sequence, love the characters!



10:20AM | Sun, 26 February 2017

I saw a copy of Poser Girlz on the plane. First class section no doubt. Looks like there will be a close encounter with this chapters antagonist very soon.



11:23AM | Sun, 26 February 2017

Ya did good and my prayers are with you. I had a Hernia and a TURP operation at the same time and survived. I suspect the Pancreas is a lot more serious. I know mine is shot, hence the diabetic problems. Your TNA girls are in more trouble he he he (evil laugh) though it cost me some cash to get G4 stuff and there was not much to choose from still on DAZ perhaps on Rendo there are some items that will help me hunt your girls down, so eekdog can feature there risen dead corpses on his mag cover....(evil laugh). That aside I continue to be a fan (box type non oscillating)



9:07PM | Sun, 26 February 2017

Fantastic work, great composition Rod.Awesome image! extremely well written so enjoyed! Everything is perfect.Sorry to hear about your doctor's appointment.Thinking of you my friend ..wasn't that long ago hubby went though it.. Its amazing what they can do these day.thinking of you 🙏 take care my friend ☕


donnena Online Now!

9:29PM | Tue, 28 February 2017

great image Cool story! Scary hospital stuff!!! Be WELL!



11:35AM | Wed, 01 March 2017

Excellent story board!! Wonderful and creative work! Love the girls! Favorite!



11:41AM | Thu, 02 March 2017

I love the attention you pay to detail. The way you've posed both their feet are just right for shoes/no shoes. Bare feet on the chair legs, heels on the floor. That sort of thing comes from your keen powers of observation. (aka ooogling the women at work ... shame on you!) :P

Oh, btw ... Family Tree Maker has rolled over into, and everything is on the web now. Bill was a bit miffed at first, but after using it for five minutes or so, he loves the new system.


6:43PM | Thu, 02 March 2017

Oogle? Me????? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh 😉



3:49PM | Thu, 02 March 2017

Wish I could stay in rooms like that. Motel 6 hasn't upgraded that far yet. Love the Rental logo. Top Notch work!!



10:16AM | Tue, 11 April 2017

excellent :-)

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