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smell's like Hobbit !

Lightwave Fantasy posted on Apr 02, 2016
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Time to freak out a little bit there Bilbo...or at least invest in some fire-proof undies ! LOL So, Thursday night my graphics card packed it in after trying to do my game level mechanics...&$#&%, it's getting repaired now and should be ready early next week, what a pain ! On the good side I was going to get a new graphics card and possibly a new motherboard when I finished my Diploma, on the bad side I only had 3 more assignments to finish...sheesh, almost made it ! Luckily my old desktop came in handy, which happens to have a new motherboard and graphics card and 6 Gigs of ram with Lightwave installed, but not much else, So this a tweaked scene from the bullet dynamics, which I re-textured the Cloth dragon, did some compositing with a ref-pic and tweaked the lights, only added the smoke and logo in Photoshop. Anyhoo, can't wait to get my beefy PC back, finish my Diploma and keep making games ! Cheers jif3d :o)

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10:02AM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Sorry you had some unforeseen troubles Jeff

Awesome tweaking, great outcome !

Amazing red eye, smoke and charging stance.



10:03AM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Great looking scene you've created.
sorry to hear about your card but happy to know that you're getting it back, hopefully very soon.



10:30AM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Really dramatic scene, the lighting is nicely done.



10:36AM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Fantastic dragon and great lighting, excellent fantasy image!



10:42AM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Powerful and creepy dragon, poor Hobbit ! superb lighting, great fantasy image !



12:25PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Great work with the dragon!!! Wonderful scene and work!!! I am glad that your graphics card will be repaired! Good luck, Jeff!



12:46PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Fabulous character and marvelous scene/composition !!!



1:26PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Nicely done ! Like the lighting too.



2:12PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Sounds like the dragon got a whiff of Old Toby Bilbo's been toking on!!!



2:43PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Sorry of your woes, I'm sure you will prevail. Wonderful image!



3:49PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

BBQ'd Hobbit, be sure to wash him off good first otherwise it's too Salty....always nice to have a back-up machine, mine ain't worth more than a Doorstop now it's been raided so often.



4:10PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Lucky you had a backup but I hope your repaired machine comes back quickly. Great lighting in this scene and his eye really stands out. Excellent work and you will be be pleased that you can see the end in sight with your diploma. ☺



4:33PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

A pity you couldn't make it to the finish line with everything in tact. Still, you got a dragon out of it!



4:58PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Wonderful image my friend love the lighting :)



6:18PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Never good when that happens feel for you ...This image is Brilliant.awesome lighting well done



8:00PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

You forgot to mention, that the old Modem gave up the ghost and we also needed to buy a new 'Router M.' YIKES and I am sure there will be more - usually is ... BTW - the stance of the Dragon is definitely nothing short of a big scare, I do remember that movie too and followed then by a hell of a lot of spitting fire, like a lava fire ! 🐲

Cheers 🔥



8:26PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

It is always something. Great render! Hope everything gets back to normal soon or much better!!



9:57PM | Sat, 02 April 2016

Yeah, there are days when I want to take an axe to my pc lol. My wacom cintiq decided it would quit, so that's a $1000 down the toilet. Ah well.

Smaug was in a good mood, or Bilbo would have been a snack.


starship64 Online Now!

1:37AM | Sun, 03 April 2016

It looks like it's time to run! Fantastic work.



2:02AM | Sun, 03 April 2016





5:35AM | Sun, 03 April 2016

Brilliant !



2:36PM | Sun, 03 April 2016

This is a Fantastic Render!!!



12:48PM | Mon, 04 April 2016

Wouldn't like to come face to face with him!!!! xx



1:51PM | Tue, 05 April 2016

Very cool Buddy, sweet scene....


8:11AM | Sat, 09 April 2016

Very cool



9:47PM | Tue, 12 April 2016

I just knew these marshmallows would come in handy! Now... Where to find a stick?



3:16AM | Mon, 18 April 2016

Ah, this really is pretty hot, and dangerous, my friend; I guess you let go out all your angry about that messing card, right? Any way I like it's attitude, what fits so well to this monster, and btw you are lucky, not needing that fire-proof undies, sitting save behind your screen! In mean while I hope everything is okay, and you almost are there, to receive that well deserved diploma, Jeff. Fingers crossed here 🍴 (LOL)



6:06AM | Tue, 19 April 2016

Sorry to hear about your computer issues....this image is top notch...Love it....



9:38PM | Tue, 19 April 2016

superb lighting and beast. hope your comp is returned promptly

studying is something I have no desire to do. between taking care of projects around the house, and playing with Poser and my time here, there is hardly any time left. I use it to eat!!! and sleep



9:08AM | Mon, 01 August 2016

Splendid monster!

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