Gallery of the Week for March 20, 2017 - Urban/Cityscape Genre

gToon · March 19, 2017 10:40 pm

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Splash screen: Phantom by dzfire1102

For the week of March 20, 2017, we have chosen the

Urban/Cityscap Genre

as our Gallery of the Week. This genre is very popular at Renderosity with literally thousands of works being created each week. The rise of dystopian fiction/cinema has fueled a renewed interest in this subject. Photography is the primary mode for this genre, but there are many excellent landscapes and models as well.

Listed below are 10 featured artists who have created works that have been posted in the Urban/Cityscap Genre. Be sure to check out the short video at the top of this article which features all of the artists listed here. Remember, it's only a small sampling of the good work being done by digital artists at!

1. Mercer And Prince by tetrasnake

2. Desert temple gallery by hansmar

3. Street Artist by richard2015

4. Fog by anahata.c

5. Paris Stroll by DOM1

6. Somebody by mermaid

7. Phone Booth by curious3d

8. Urban Sky 2 by Artformz2

9. On the way home or to the nearest shop by byteline

10. Phantom by dzfire1102

Visit the Renderosity Urban/Cityscap Genre to see more out of the box works by Renderosity artists.

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