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Free Scalp and Free Strand Hair for La Femme 2

3D Figure Essentials Hair posted on Feb 18, 2024 150 downloads

Softwares: Poser 12

Base Figures: La Femme 2 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Unrestricted use only for La Femme 2.

RedPhantom shares beautiful free hair shaders. So I tried to make a hair casually, but the hair guides move around wild. How can I make them a tidy style? I know there are such products for V4. And, Poser includes some strand hairs as legacy content. This may be a challenge from the old content developer. Perhaps he/she is sneering, this has been available for a long time but you still can't master it? I got compulsive on this work, but it only gave my old eyes much damage. After struggle, I found that minimizing the guidelines generated is one of a helpful way. Would anyone like to take this challenge? You can modify a strand hair included in this package. Or you can create new works from the beginning using Scalp OBJ file which is also in this package.

Hair Shader: Dynamic Hair Shaders for Poser 13 (RedPhantom/Free Stuff), Accessories: My Black Heart Jewelry (jancory/Free Stuff), Clothes: Sally Set (donnena, lwperkins/Store Item)

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elleque 4:12AM | Wed, 13 March 2024

Thank you for commenting!


Gisela 12:38PM | Tue, 12 March 2024

Thank you Elleque.


elleque 7:52AM | Sun, 25 February 2024

Thank you! I'm glad to hear that :)


mininessie 12:58PM | Fri, 23 February 2024

great! thank you!


elleque 4:21AM | Wed, 21 February 2024

Thank you for the commenting :) Try the challenge, please! Perhaps the Hair Room has been changed nothing from Poser 5. I believe whether this room will be further improved or abolished in the future depends on the interest of users.


Boni 3:42PM | Tue, 20 February 2024

Wow, what a wonderful gift! A great challenge for users and vendors! Thank you!


elleque 10:21PM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Thank you for the comments :) The hair guides will move wildly, so style them slowly one by one. If you lose sight of it, type the undo shortcut immediately. And, feel free to distribute your finished work for commercial use or freebies. Try this challenge and be careful about your eye strain, please.


MollyFootman 11:42AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Thank you, Elleque! I've not messed with the hair room much and maybe this is the challenge I needed. The content looks wonderful!


SIGASIGA 8:10AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Thank you very much

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