vMaterials 2.2 vConcrete DS Shaders

Materials posted on Sep 02, 2023 315 downloads

Operating System(s): Windows 10, Windows 11

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This package contains the converted shaders of these .mdl files:
Mortar.mdl, Spongy_Concrete_Weathered.mdl, Spongy_Concrete_Weathered_Mossy.mdl, Concrete_Floor_Damage.mdl, Concrete_Formed.mdl, Concrete_Polished.mdl, Concrete_Precast.mdl, Concrete_Rough.mdl, Concrete_Wall_Aged.mdl, Concrete_Wall_Age.mdl, Concrete_Wall_Aged_Scratched.mdl, Concrete_Wall_Even.mdl
and includes:
4 Rough Concrete Shader Presets
2 Formed Concrete Shader Presets
2 Polish Concrete Shader Presets
11 Concrete Wall Shader Presets
7 Damaged Concrete Shader Presets
8 Precast Concrete Shader Presets
9 Weathered Concrete Shader Presets
8 Mortar Shader Presets

(see vMaterials Installation Instructions.txt for full list and usage tips)

I will be releasing the other packages as i complete them.

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Radtail 6:09AM | Fri, 27 October 2023

Thanx very much

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