Wedding Ring, G3F, G3M, G8F, G8M and G9

3D Figure Essentials Accessories posted on Aug 29, 2023 863 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Base Figures: Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male, Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 9

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This is a freebie that I hope you can enjoy.

May I present a number of wedding rings for your delectation. Well, in actual practice there is only 1 wedding ring, but it has been made to fit G3F, G3M, G8F, G8M and G9 using DAZ Studio Autofit and a few tweaks.

As it's not only females who wear wedding rings, I have included ones for the males too. The promo image shows V7, G3M, My favourite model, Scar 8 and Mousso's Dola G9 all wearing the rings so you can see it works for a number of different body shapes too.

I have included an obj file at a scale of 1 unit = 1cm for those who won't use DAZ Studio.

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Freestuff Comments


argail31 7:41AM | Sun, 05 November 2023

Merci beaucoup .


richardandtracy 5:06AM | Tue, 12 September 2023

I have done G8F & G8M Right Hand wedding rings and made sure CassandraNorth has a copy, if anyone other than CassandraNorth wants them, I will see if I can update this download.


CassandraNorth 2:42AM | Fri, 08 September 2023

Oh, this is wonderful!! Now I just have to figure out how to switch to the right hand (normal here in Scandinavia) :)

Jeffbaker 1:55AM | Wed, 06 September 2023

Thank You!


richardandtracy 11:02PM | Thu, 31 August 2023

Thank you all for your kind comments. It is a very simple model, loosely based on the one I had until Tracy distorted it beyond repair when giving birth to our youngest daughter. She was holding my hand as the final contraction came, and squeezed so hard the ring bent. I had to cut it off or risk losing my finger.

PhthaloBlue 5:24PM | Thu, 31 August 2023

Wonderful! Many thanks! :)


Klutz 11:03AM | Thu, 31 August 2023

They look great. Thanks a lot. :)


mich40ish 10:20AM | Thu, 31 August 2023

Thank you so much, Richard and Tracy! These will be very useful!


GrandmaT 6:05AM | Thu, 31 August 2023

Very useful. Thank You!

Rozsakert 12:07AM | Thu, 31 August 2023

Beautiful. Thank you very much.

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