G8F Pose Transfer to G1 Script

Tools posted on Jan 30, 2023 430 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Genesis, Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

I was asked by Holger Hartmann, rather longer ago than I dare admit, to write a G8F->G1 pose transfer script. I have finally done it. Sorry it took so long!

This script assumes you have applied a G8F pose to G8F (or G8M, for that matter), and have a G1 figure you wish to transfer it to. This makes a reasonable job of the transfer and comes quite close to getting the correct conversion. Due to different bone geometry, the conversion is not absolutely perfect and you will need some manual tweaking - but not much different from what you'd need applying a base G8F pose to a G8F character.

To operate, start the script, select the G1 figure hip using the 'Node Selector Combo Box', then, using the G8F 'Node Selector Combo Box', select G8F's hip.

The script makes a guess trying to get the right figure, but doesn't always get it right - which is why there is a confirmation Stage. After that, press the 'Accept' button.

Hope it's useful

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richardandtracy 2:03PM | Thu, 29 February 2024

I generally use V3 and G8F/M than any other shape, so have an interest in making the two talk together. SY did a V3 & M3 Autofit Clone for G8F. They are not great around the fingers it has to be said. I found this out because I tried to use them to make a TriAxV3 G*F Autofit Clone following the process outlined in PetuniaPetals' tutorial on making a G9 Autofit Clone for G8. I would love to be able to make a G8F version of V3 characters, but have failed utterly with GV3 and GND2 using GenX2.


PinkCloudSlippers Online Now! 1:10PM | Thu, 29 February 2024

To add to some comments. I have generation 3, 4 G12388.1MF and i will stop there. No need for me to start anew with G9. I use old characters with new characters quite frequently. I love for example the A3 H3 Furries. i wish too for somebody making a tut or script to transfer generation 3 and 4 characters to genesis 8. Anyway thank you for this handy one! Big hug.

miketee10021 10:53AM | Thu, 02 February 2023

Thanks so much!

miketee10021 10:53AM | Thu, 02 February 2023

Thanks so much!

Holger Hartmann 2:20PM | Wed, 01 February 2023

Many thanks. I am honored. When I started Daz3d in 2010, G1/V5 was just coming out and was celebrated for its diversity. Today V9 is praised for the same ability. But in the end, it's all about selling the same content over and over again. As an aside, G1 renders much faster, so doesn't always need better hardware like the newer charakters seem to intend. I notice this every time I use a new one.


richardandtracy 11:50AM | Tue, 31 January 2023

Must admit I have never used G1 for a render other than one for a script promo image. I played with Poser and DAZ Studio in 2005/6 with V3 and V4, but stopped because V4 was too much for my PC at the time. My new PC can cope, I'm pleased to say.


guy91600 9:32AM | Tue, 31 January 2023

I'm not sure I have to use this script because I haven't used G1 for a long time. Thank you that one day "it can be useful"!


richardandtracy 5:13PM | Mon, 30 January 2023

Poses I can do, but characters are beyond me. I have bought the GenX Transfer script, but it didn't do quite the job I wanted. Don't know of anything else that tries to do the same job, sorry.


ARTHURGARCIA 4:43PM | Mon, 30 January 2023

Totally AWESOME! I hope some day someone as talented and generous as you would make a script to transfer Victoria 4 (legacy?) characters to genesis 8 or even genesis 9 folk. I love those oldies but goodies. Thank you!


richardandtracy 4:13PM | Mon, 30 January 2023

Pose: BBarbs Just Elegant 7. G8F Character is CHB Milan, and I think the G1 character is Victoria 5, but I may be wrong there. The background is Namtaar3D's wonderful underwater HDRI.


richardandtracy 4:11PM | Mon, 30 January 2023

Please note that due to the differences in rigging, to get the G1 hands to look like the G8F hand pose, the G1 hand will almost certainly go out of limits, and the pose will be clipped. Can I ask you to either set 'limits off' for the whole figure before the pose transfer, or set both hands and all child bones to off.

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