Telescopic Aluminium Crutch

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License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

I threatened to offer a crutch. So here it is:

The crutch comes with two wearable presets, to fit them to left and right hands. There is a pose and mirror. The crutch has two morphs, the upper and lower sections, can be lengthened in 1cm increments. The top of the arm support can rotate through 90 degrees. There is a problem with the arm support that I don't know how to fix. If the top morph is non-zero, the arm support pivot drifts away from where it should be. To cure, reset the top morph to zero.

Anyway, I hope you find the crutches useful.

Character: CHB Milan from DAZ. Foot amputation - Divisible by MsFrankie here at Renderosity.

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Freestuff Comments


Andrew_C 9:00AM | Mon, 20 February 2023

Another handy prop, thanks for this and the walking stick. I've run across free old fashioned crutches and walking sticks but these are the first modern ones I've seen.


richardandtracy 10:53AM | Sun, 12 February 2023

You are very welcome, I'm glad you like it. From Google Translate: Пожалуйста, я рада, что вам понравилось

Diletant59 5:04PM | Thu, 09 February 2023

Благодарю за классную работу !

mozzipoz 8:51AM | Sun, 14 August 2022

Thank you for sharing!

akorinsikenkoy 4:19PM | Fri, 22 July 2022

Oh, I might actually use it often. I have some very bad characters just asking for trouble... Thanks for this cool item!


richardandtracy 2:47PM | Fri, 22 July 2022

Thank you so much for your kind comments. In some ways I hope this freebie won't be used often!


firstamz78 12:21PM | Fri, 22 July 2022

It is really a nice hommage to handicap !!! True life is to be integrated in OUR VR things and you do well ! TYVM !!!

Diletant59 6:37PM | Thu, 21 July 2022

Благодарю за классный реквизит


riuken 12:54PM | Thu, 21 July 2022

Thanks for the model


Trace Elements Art 6:10AM | Thu, 21 July 2022

Thank you for this!

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