Hair - Ameizing Hair for G8F

3D Figure Essentials Hair posted on Jul 26, 2019 7580 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Whether she's harassing the enemy team or blocking her own team with ice walls every step of the way to the objective, nobody can say her hair game isn't on point.

Set hearts on fire while you encapsulate them in ice with this free hair for G8F! This pack includes:
- A fitted hair piece with rigged banes
- A rigged hairpin prop
- A rigged pair of glasses

This hair comes with a comes with TWO sets of UV's. One UV is more universal, meaning almost any seamless hair textures you may have on hand will work nicely. The other UV has been UV-matched to Out of Touch's "Super Messy Updo," and surface names match as well! This means if you own Super Messy Updo, simply follow the steps for surfacing the Updo for THIS hair instead for A-Mei-Zing results!

Be sure to read the readme, as always!

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Freestuff Comments

gktgkn 2:47PM | Mon, 27 June 2022

Awesome! Thank you!


toni58 3:29PM | Tue, 22 March 2022

Thank you kindly


IAmNobodySpecial 3:28PM | Tue, 15 March 2022

Wonderful, thank you so much!

Senoj 12:04PM | Thu, 10 February 2022

X-lent - Thanks so much for your good work!

Stardust_79 2:22AM | Tue, 11 January 2022

Excellent ! Thanks.

xiaoshengsu 3:04AM | Fri, 02 April 2021

Thank you!! I love this hair set!!


mifdesign 8:13PM | Sun, 06 December 2020

Thank you very much for the wonderful gift.


android65mar 2:37PM | Wed, 26 August 2020

Cool, many thanks for this fabulous hair piece


Viewpoint42 9:56AM | Fri, 03 July 2020

Merci beaucoup, c'est magnifique!

jotemaru 10:26AM | Fri, 15 May 2020

Outstanding pack! Thank you sou much! BTW, who is the character used in this picture? Thanks again!

Rugalele 12:50PM | Wed, 11 March 2020

Grazie mille

KidCloud 8:36AM | Mon, 13 January 2020

what is the figure?


Jotaerre 6:23PM | Sat, 14 December 2019

Beautiful work, thank you!


MarianneR 1:59AM | Wed, 04 December 2019

Thank you very much!

Neogus 2:27PM | Fri, 29 November 2019

Thank you


Black_Chii Online Now! 1:26AM | Fri, 08 November 2019

Thank you!


SilverDolphin 9:55PM | Sat, 24 August 2019

Very nice. It is scary when the freebies are better than what is up for sale :laughing


Itazura 4:27AM | Fri, 23 August 2019

Awesome freebie as always. Thank you very much!


AnitramE 4:56AM | Sun, 11 August 2019

THank you !


tweedledumart 1:24PM | Sun, 04 August 2019

Great! Thank you!

Lukon100 10:15AM | Tue, 30 July 2019

Warlama, maybe the glasses problem is from the method of putting it in the scene. I think I remember the readme saying something like "Don't load the glasses to the figure as you would a fitted item of clothing. Just put them in the scene like any other prop and then adjust the position to the face of the figure."

miketee10021 6:06PM | Sun, 28 July 2019

Thank you!


Warlama 12:37PM | Sun, 28 July 2019

just downloaded this. looks great. but i tried to load the glasses and daz said it couldnt find some files and loaded the glasses into the scene as a grey blocky mess. how would i fix this?


mininessie 9:23AM | Sun, 28 July 2019

thank you,very nice hair!

Lukon100 7:14PM | Sat, 27 July 2019

Neato! Here it is with some shader from the Two-Phased Bob hair:


poisinivy 1:55PM | Sat, 27 July 2019

most excellent gift thank you very much


thelufias 12:21PM | Sat, 27 July 2019

Thank you very much


dieggomasamune 11:27AM | Sat, 27 July 2019

So awesome!


GrandmaT 11:02AM | Sat, 27 July 2019

Awesome! Thank you!

ebygum 8:24AM | Sat, 27 July 2019

Thank you!


BBarbs 7:41AM | Sat, 27 July 2019

Thanks ! You do have fun with your freebies dont you. Nice work. 🙂


Sea80 6:21AM | Sat, 27 July 2019

Thank you love the hair, do you have any plans to make the dress, it's pretty cute.


Klutz 2:17AM | Sat, 27 July 2019

Great. Many thanks for your generosity. :)

Miscreate 1:25AM | Sat, 27 July 2019

Thank you, SP! Another wonderful freebie.


Leilana 12:58AM | Sat, 27 July 2019

Thank you!


jonnybode 9:57PM | Fri, 26 July 2019

Very nice! Thank you!

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