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License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This is a freebie merchant resource. Maybe used for both commercial AND free content, but PLEASE read the included read-me for specifics.
Images MUST be included as part of a UV map on another object.

Included :
6 raw photos
6 seamless tiles
6 matching bump maps
6 matching normal maps

The bump and normal maps match to the seamless tiles only. I figured if someone is practiced enough to work from the raw photos, then they already know how to make their own normals and bumps and don't need mine to do it.

- 1 brick and mortar (from the upper section of my basement/foundation wall)
- 1 rough stone wall (from the lower section of my basement/foundation wall.)
- 1 patch of the pebbled and steel reinforced concrete from the retaining wall outside the back of my house.
- 3 patches of wood from a picnic bench outside of a local mom-and-pop general store.
One shows part of the slats, one contains a knot in it, and the other one is just the flat wood without the knot.

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AtoZ 9:53AM | Fri, 08 March 2019

Thanks for the resource! May be using it soon and of course giving you credit!