T-Shirt Genesis 2 Female

3D Figure Essentials posted on Oct 02, 2015 1684 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures: Genesis 2 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This is a T-Shirt for the Genesis 2 Girls.
It has several Colours and Morphs to drop it to the floor, hang it up or fold it nicely for a Drawer or Closet.

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GrandmaT 12:00PM | Fri, 28 August 2020

Thank you!


EdenEvergreen 3:15PM | Fri, 27 December 2019

I like the idea that it can be worn, folded, or hung up. Appreciate the extra work that must have taken. Thanks! <img class="emojione" alt="&#x1f603;" title=":smiley:" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/emojione/assets/4.5/png/32/1f603.png"/>

akorinsikenkoy 3:40PM | Sun, 22 November 2015

This is the first time I've seen folded or hung clothing! It's brilliant. Thanks so much!


jamesed1971 11:53AM | Fri, 09 October 2015

Another great outfit for the Genesis 2 Females

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