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We now have a ProPack Section in the Poser FreeStuff.
Check out the new Poser Python Wish List thread. If you have an idea for a script, jot it down and maybe someone can write it. If you're looking to write a script, check out this thread for useful suggestions.

Also, check out the official Python site for interpreters, sample code, applications, cool links and debuggers. This is THE central site for Python.

You can now attach text files to your posts to pass around scripts. Just attach the script as a txt file like you would a jpg or gif. Since the forum will use a random name for the file in the link, you should give instructions on what the file name should be and where to install it. Its a good idea to usually put that info right in the script file as well.

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Subject: Paying for a Script that Restores X Y of a python add-on hiding somewhere

Threshroge ( ) posted Sat, 17 December 2022 at 2:52 PM · edited Sat, 13 April 2024 at 10:17 PM

Need a poser 12 version that finds Hampelmann (the Poser version of Daz's powerposer) and brings it to front. It always jams and hides somewhere. Currently tearing my hear out

import poser

APPNAME =  'Hampelmann'

DEBUG = True

manager = poser.WxAuiManager()

def FindMe(name, debug=False):

for pane in manager.GetAllPanes():

if debug and pane.caption != '': print '\t%s' % pane.caption

if pane.caption == name:

return pane

return None

if DEBUG: print 'Searching for running scripts...'


if me:

print '\nScript %s found' % APPNAME






print '\nScript %s is not running' % APPNAME

HartyBart ( ) posted Sun, 18 December 2022 at 3:55 AM · edited Sun, 18 December 2022 at 3:59 AM

Interesting to hear Hampelmann can run on Poser 12. I get the "Bad Magic Number" version error with it on Poser 12. And on Poser 11 it launches, but then I can never get past its initial loading panel and onto what you see in the image below. How did you get it working on Poser 12? 

To prevent possible confusion by readers of this thread, Hampelmann is not figure. It's a "Python script for Poser 8 allows to create and modify layout, geometry and figure definitions for Hampelmann, a figure posing tool." Later updated for Poser 2012.


I think what's being asked for is a script that grabs the Hampelmann panel, and pulls it forward in terms of its z-depth in the user interface.

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HartyBart ( ) posted Sun, 18 December 2022 at 4:01 AM

Ah, just a thought. Are you asking about Poser 2012, or Poser 12? They're very different things.

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Threshroge ( ) posted Sun, 18 December 2022 at 10:21 AM

Hey bud, so glad that an echo came out in response to my post. Dizzi released a Poser 12 useable version of Hampelmann on his page, crazy as it is, as a release on his page. The bad magic number program does not happen to users running poser 12 who have downloaded this most recent release of Hampelmann.

Please make me my script......... i love you

HartyBart ( ) posted Mon, 19 December 2022 at 5:40 AM

Thanks for the news about a Poser 12 version of Hampelmann. 1.7 for Poser 12 is free at his forum: though may also need the free 1.6 from Renderosity for the configs and figure profiles. Regrettably I still can't move it past this window, whatever I do or load. Moving to the next screen is presumably done by the tiny arrows in the top-right, but they do nothing.


But this at least gives me a panel I can test your script with.  Here is a working version of your mover script in Poser 12:

# A PoserPython script for Hampelmann 1.7 for Poser 12 which is
# available free at
# Usage:
# 1. Launch Hampelmann in Poser 12.
# 2. Run this script.
# 3. The active Hampelmann panel is grabbed, moved to the upper left of the UI.
# Written by Threshroge, and fixed my HartyBart, December 2022.

import poser

# Set up our parameters, to call later. Change the APPNAME name to have this
# script work with any other panel / pane in Poser 12. Note that the print
# statements here are Poser 12 (Python 3) specific, and thus this is not a
# Poser 11 script.
APPNAME = 'Hampelmann'
DEBUG = True
manager = poser.WxAuiManager()

# Get a list of open panels (aka panes)
def FindMe(namedebug=False):

    for pane in manager.GetAllPanes():

        if debug and pane.caption != ''print('\t%s' % pane.caption)

        if pane.caption == name:

            return pane

    return None

if DEBUG: print('Searching for running scripts...')

# Detect Hampelmann on the list

# If a Hampelmann panel is present, move it to the upper-left of the UI.
# Change the co-ordinates after FloatingPosition, to move the panel elsewhere.
if me:

    print('\nScript %s found' % APPNAME)






    print('\nScript %s is not running' % APPNAME)

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Threshroge ( ) posted Tue, 20 December 2022 at 3:09 PM

The provider Dizzi gave me a script that is a fix to this that forces load at the screen so I no longer need a fix.

As for YOU <3

Heres what YOU need to do click  import layouts, then find the folder you donlowaded from his site containing all the layouts of tons of popular figures, THEN click known geometry, click the ones that say the reletive character to the character you use, almost always its MILWOM for millenium woman, and then you will get the poseable doll

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