Easy MojoWorld Exploration Tips

LillianH · March 21, 2004 8:40 pm

Although its fun and challenging to build your own Mojo world, one of the most enjoyable things to do in MojoWorld is to explore Mojo planets created by others. MojoWorld planets are lifelike in size; the number of renders possible from a single MojoWorld file is almost infinite. To create the image, Sky Party, I downloaded the file FRVEN, by Master Mojonaut Aktati. The large spindles are made by using very intricate displacements. We wont get into that here; its enough to know that you cant get too close with huge displacements or youll run into some serious aliasing problems. The image provided as the default view gives a good indication of what the world looks like. So lets go exploring! The exploration controls in MojoWorld couldnt be any easier. There are three modes: Walk, Fly, and UFO. Personally, I prefer the walk mode, no matter what altitude Im exploring. I like to start moving around10 to 20 km above the surface. The m key moves you higher and the n key moves you lower its that easy! The arrow keys move you forward, back, and side to side. To fine-tune your position, use the shift key in combination with your movement keys. This is also very useful for positioning your camera for your final render. Begin by finding a set of features in the RTR (real time render) window that look interesting. Now move in for a closer view by pressing the n key. You can also look around by holding down your left mouse button and pan around. If the moon(s) arent in your view, just look for a blue line in the sky. This shows the moons orbital path. A red line denotes the suns orbital path. Planetary Rings, a new feature in version 2, show up as a grayish ring. Now open the Time Editor to move things into place. The time editor consists of two basic controls, time of day, and time of year. By carefully adjusting your time of day and year, you can easily move the sun and or moons to the exact location you desire. HYPERSPACE MIXER When you create your own MojoWorld planet, you can include Hyperspace Axes, or the sliders in the Hyperspace Mixer. What is that? The Hyperspace Mixer is a set of sliders that allows explorers to change certain predefined parameters. You can make them do just about anything you want. In fact, a single slider can control more than one Parameter. Common uses for these are: Ocean level or color, cloud color, level and density, mountain height and so on. Personally, I like ones with fun names that invite explorers to experiment with them, such as Land Twanger. In the MojoWorld of FRVEN, there are 15 different sliders. They allow the explorer to turn various cloud layers on or off, and alter the sky color among other things. In the case of my image, Sky Party, I used the wavelight clouds-on, and the clear blue-sky sliders. Now simply hit the jump button to implement the changes and were ready to do some test renders. RENDERING MojoWorld has a very powerful render engine with five different settings that make it easy to customize. I like doing all of my renders with custom settings. I use a preview low setting, for example, to quickly preview the graphic before doing a final rendering. Once Ive done a few test-renders and made additional adjustments, Im ready to do a final render. I prefer to use the render room and custom settings. With the render room you can also queue-up several renders for processing. Note, that render times will vary greatly. Some factors that can determine your render time include: The speed of your processor, the settings you use, and the composition of the image. If you havent tried MojoWorld yet, go to the Pandromeda website (http://www.pandromeda.com), download the Free Transporter, and give it a whirl. Youll have a terrific time both building and exploring exciting new Mojo worlds!
Once upon a time... No wait. Along time ago, in galaxy far far away... No wait. Come and listen to story about a man named Jed... Ah, never mind. So, who is this pushinfaders guy?
I'm actually kind of new to the whole computer thing. I got my first computer in 2000. For me, that was like a junkie in a pharmacy. I jumped right in. Once I had a decent grasp of how things works I began a search for what I wanted to do with it. My friend Bambam131 introduced me to the world of computer graphics. Thanks David ! I've always enjoyed landscapes. My first app was Terragen. It was free and seemed like a good place to start .The Terragen Community is very friendly and easy going. Everyone made me feel right at home. Next, I made a short excursion into Bryce. My Bryce days would have lasted longer,but I found MojoWorld. From the first day I open the original free Transporter, I knew I was home. Two years later, the concept of working with entire planets still fascinates me. MojoWorld works for me because you can enjoy it on several different levels. It's extremely easy to open a planet file, and go exploring. Remember, these "worlds" as big as the earth. The Genreator interface seems kind of quirky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's both fun and challenging.The possibilities are truly endless. You don't need to be a mathematical genius to work with all the different types of fractals. Although, if one likes to tinker with numbers, the Pro-UI will keep you busy and happy. The Pro UI offers more flexibility, but requires a little more thought. MojoWorlds is still just in it's infancy. The potential for use in animation is just starting to be tapped. It is also a great environment for importing 3D models and makes great backgrounds for Poser. My newest tool is Poser.I really don't have a clue what I'm doing with it yet. I've also begun playing with some Fractal applications as well. I've been a part of the "Mod Squad" here at Renderosity for a little more than a year. I moderate the MojoWorld and Terragen Communities, and spend time hanging out in the OT forum. So, what does the future hold? I dunno... I just would like to continue to grow as an artist and keeping improving my skills. You can learn more about pushinfaders by visiting his Artist HomePage here at Renderosity.

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Zerelli ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 30 March 2004

Nice article Bruce! It is helpful people like you that make Mojoworld so much fun to use.

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