Entry #4

The Bin

Golden sunlight streaks across the usually bright and busy toy factory. This morning, however, was different. The workshop was still dark. Slowly the light continues its course striking Will, causing him to open his eyes with a quick glance around. He ascertains he is in a container. He feels a gaze upon him as he scans about when his eyes lock with a sizeable green teddy bear. The critter grins while waving at him. The sun now fills the quiet shop.  He heads that direction attempting not to disturb the others as he makes his journey. Distracted, he steps upon some gag poop that lets out a loud squeak as his weight forces the air out of the trick. It frightens them both, inducing them to run towards each other, colliding in an embrace, making each other feel secure.
After a bit, Will takes a step back, puts forward his hand, and introduces himself. As he extends his enormous paw, he announces, “My name is George, very nice to meet you, Will.” Shaking his new friend’s hand as he asks, “Where are we?” A woman’s voice booms from behind them, “This is the BIN they put the defects and rejects!” The voice startles the duo, making them jump. They both start to spin around when Will exclaims, “What do you mean?” Together they hunt for the voice. They can make out a few faint outlines within the gloom. “Why would you say that?” he demands. The companions peer into the darkness. The mysterious voice replies, “Look at yourselves. A neon green teddy, who would want to wake up Christmas morning to that!” Her voice gaining in muster, “And you, who wants a nutcracker whose handle has been snapped off!”  Glancing at each other for a few moments, Will shrugs, “I detect nothing awry with him. He is a magnificent specimen of his rare breed. As for me, you say I am damaged, therefore, worthless? Come from the shadows and show yourself, I shall prove you wrong.”
“I respectively decline,” the woman calmly responds. He reassuredly states, “Well, if you change your mind, the invitation is still here.”  A broad grin grows across George’s robust muzzle, “Thank you, dear friend, for the very kind words, but there is no need to pretend.” Will scratches his chin for a bit examining his new friend. He walks all around his bulky pal, examining him up and down, concluding, “The only thing I can notice with you is it might be difficult for a child to fully embrace you in their arms.” George holds out his paws, “Nuzzled by a child what an indescribable feeling that would be.” George leans back, daydreaming of the vibrant semblance given to him.
Will smiles at his new friend, then makes his way to the gag he squished earlier. “I do apologize, my interesting friend, for stepping on you.”,  crouching down as he speaks, “I hope I have not injured you.” A small squeak escapes in acceptance for his apology. He then turns his focus to the high wall planning a way out. He is startled as a massive hand grasps his shoulder. Turning, he sees a towering woman action figure. “You are very kind,” comes the voice from earlier. He gives a smirk, “Are you here to give me a hand?” She acknowledges him quizzically, “What do you mean?  Help you?”
Will shakes his head, “Silly, we need to get out of here, so Santa will be able to find us and deliver us to our new homes.” He quietly chuckles as he goes back to finishing his escape strategy. “But we are rejects! No one wants us!” she bellows. Her voice calms, “Who would ever want me?” He pauses and looks at her,  “I do not just want, I need you. Please give me a boost. We don’t want to miss Father Christmas.” She simpers at him as she raises him as high as possible. Now able to reach the top. He clenches the side and lifts himself up, searching about. As he spies the exit, suddenly the door flies open. In a bluster of snow, two figures come scurrying in. That must be Santa, he thinks to himself. Oh no, am I too late? Will he be able to find my friends? Worried, he hollers down to the ones below, “He is here. Get ready. I am going to get his attention." He hopes his message reaches them.
Will takes a deep breath as he digs deep for the courage he needs. He knows that he could be hurt, but with one enormous leap, he springs from the edge. His flight is achieved for only a few moments. As he crashes to the ground, he makes a colossal clatter breaking off his left arm in the process. He watches his appendage skirt across the floor, stopping not far from the shorter of the pair. The noise attracts the silhouettes. “What in the world was that!” the man exclaims as he investigates the room. The boy with him spies the soldier on the ground. “What do we have here?”, questions the boy as he gathers up the figure and his dismembered arm, holding him up, “Can you fix him?” “Why just put him in that bin over there,” replies his father, pointing to the reject bin. “What? Dad?” the boy sarcastically asks as he runs to the box excitedly and peers inside, seeing all the splendid playthings on display. “Look, we needed more toys for the collection, and here they are.”, the boy proudly states. The man beams at his son, “You are correct. That is the place we reserve for special toys.” He reaches into the bin and starts to fill a sack with them. The boy smiles, inquiring, “All but him, father?” Clutching the nutcracker to his chest, “He is all I want for Christmas.”

Word Count: 983

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