Braid Art Labs Announces GroBoto 3.0.0 For OS X

February 23, 2011 11:47 pm

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Colorado Springs, Colorado – February 23, 2011 – Today, Braid Art Labs LLP released GroBoto 3.0.0 for OS X. This version is a Major expansion of GroBoto into the areas of Modeling & Mesh Creation. Braid Art Labs continues with its focus on truly original Methods, Tools & Technologies.


"GroBoto's new Tools & Technologies are Transcendent," said Braid Co-Founder Darrel Anderson. "They elevate the Creative Process, freeing the artist to Design and Explore with simple, intuitive geometric primitives & booleans — while dramatically increasing productivity by automatically generating sophisticated meshes from arbitrarily complex forms."


For decades, 3D Artists have been attracted to intuitive modeling with Simple Primitives, as well as the uniquely robust and powerful characteristics of Geometric Booleans. Unfortunately, barriers remained between those systems and the ultimate goal, a High Quality Mesh.

The results were unreliable, inelegant systems, limited in scope.

GroBoto has succeeded in building systems that combine Real Time, True Geometry Boolean Editing with the capability of generating High Fidelity, Beautifully Structured Meshes — Automatically. These systems are both Robust & Sophisticated — Able to Automatically Mesh any Arbitrary, Complex arrangement of Primitives & Booleans, and further, to Smooth & Stylize those Meshes, creating sublime forms.


GroBoto 3.0 Key Features (there are many more):

  • Real Time Boolean Modeling & Editing in a Clean, Fully Rendered Workspace. True Primitives are used (not meshes), resulting in unparalleled complexity & subtlety of form.
  • Flex Tools that allow broad 'range-of-influence' editing of complex arrangements of Primitives & Booleans.
  • Intelligent, Snap, Align, Duplicate and Transform options that allow one to work naturally with the primitive forms keying on their innate properties and interrelationship.
  • Fully Automatic Mesh Generation. All (or any subset) of GroBoto's Geometry is combined into a single, unified mesh 'shell.' All Boolean trims and intersections are tracked with ultimate precision and converted into our 'SeamNet' mesh.
  • Mesh Density Control - locally and globally. True, procedural geometry means that meshes can be easily and automatically regenerated at different densities..
  • OBJ Mesh Export includes all the precision Seams (multi-row edge loops) as well as special UVs for selecting/masking/manipulating the elegantly structured elements of the model in other 3D apps.
  • All of GroBoto v2's algorithmic creation tools are still present... transformed into much more pragmatic tools by the ability to better manipulate, and ultimately mesh and export for any 3D CG application.
  • Output to OBJ, TIFF, JPEG, BMP (PC), AVI (PC) and QuickTime (Mac).

Pricing and Availability

GroBoto is available now from as a Universal binary for Mac OS X (10.4 or later), with a price of $100.00 (USD). A fully-functional 30-Day Trial version is available.

About Braid Art Labs LLP

Braid Art Labs was founded in 2006 by three pioneering computer graphics developers: Darrel Anderson, Jeff Anderson, & Boris Tsikanovsky. Darrel Anderson is also an award winning Graphic Artist, with credits in major publications, productions & film. Together, they have about a century of Graphics Software Development experience.

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Article Comments

DarwinsMishap ( posted at 10:03AM Thu, 24 February 2011

O.o! I'd love to be able to play with this program-that's an idea ontop of many I already have, but the options are ones I've been wanting to work with. Wow.