Birth of a forii... part duex...

vette · March 7, 2001 12:00 am

Ko... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Didja miss us? *snicker* All righty. This is where we answer that question that on everyone's minds... Just what DID Lestat have in his pockets? Er... wrong question. The question on everyones mind is: "How does a new forum get born?" Yes? Whattaya mean, no? You there... down in front... Basically, what happens is, someone log into the site with a burning question on their minds, and scolls down the list of forums looking for a place to post it. Then they smack head on into the realization: "Hey! There jest ain't no forum for this!"So they go over ta poser forum and post it there, annoying JeffH immensely. ;] Hey, it's fun, cheap and easy to do, right? *snicker* Just kidding, Jeff... put down that virtual hammer. Actually, that IS what happens a lot of the time - the question in question gets posted in the wierdest of places. After a while tho... either people get tired of posting their strange hardware related or gaming related questions all over the forii. Or, people like me get tired of having to wander all over the forii looking for those questions to answer them. That's basically what happened with the HTML and Web Scripting, and the Gaming Graphics forums. In both cases, the investigators of those forums, mjustmike and myself decided that this site would be a good place to host such a forum and that there was a need for it. So... in both of those cases, we headed over to Community Ideas, the Virtual Tavern, and Complaint and Debate and posted notices to everyone that said: "Hey! New forum idea! Tell us if you think we need this too!" And suchlike... Mehndi did basically the same thing when she decided that we needed a WorldBuilder Pro forum. And then rcook logged into those thread and said things like "Well, if it looks like there's enough support, we'll code it in and build one for you. ;)" And various and sundry people saw those threads and logged in and posted things ranging from: "Hey, great idea, I'd use that!", to "A new forum? Ya gotta be kidding me?", to "Hey! How do I get clothes to conform to a default poser babe?" [Heya, there's always one in ever thread...] And after a time, rcook looked in and tallied up all of the yea votes and went "Ok, here ya go." And lo there was a new forum up on the forum list, and we looked upon this and saw that it was good. And empty... So, we all ran over there and posted stuff. ;] So.. pretty muchly, that's how it works. On occassion, the admins see that one is needed and they start one, kinda like how the Render Wars was born. Now that ya'll know how it's done... ifn ya ever wander in with a burning question and can't find a place to post it... Run over to Poser forum and bother JeffH with it like we used ta. He'll thank ya fer it. Honest. And then he'll come after me with a shotgun... *snicker* Later... Sherman [Ironbear at Renderosity] Ironbear's Featured Column (click here) PS: Next week... we'll figger out something else to tour. ;] Just kidding, next week we'll either have another forum tour, or else I'll have worked up another Featured Member interview.

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