Artist of the Month for June, 2017 - Velleman

gToon · June 1, 2017 9:42 pm

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AOM June Velleman

Artist of the Month for June, 2017 is


By a very wide margin, Renderosity members voted vellemen our June artist of the month. He joined Renderosity in 2010, just about the time he started creating 3D artworks in DAZ Studio. Since then he has gotten better and better as an artist. Velleman specializes in pin-up style art and his gallery is filled with a wide variety of provocative and humorous, stylized portraits of women.

La Parisienne by velleman

Velleman's Renderosity bio

My name is Vadim, I live in Riga, Latvia. I am a researcher in electronics science, started doing 3d in DAZ Studio in late spring 2010. My only experience - creative photography which I did long time ago for a short time. Was born in 1955, still young for sure. Hope my images will give you a little bit of entertainment for the eye.

Please take a moment to visit velleman's gallery at Renderosity to the great work he is doing. We'll be posting a short interview with him along with a video which will feature 11 of his artworks.

Sailor Sveta by velleman

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UteBigSmile ( posted at 1:10AM Fri, 02 June 2017


aaditya ( posted at 4:57AM Fri, 02 June 2017


Richardphotos ( posted at 7:13PM Fri, 02 June 2017

congratulations and well deserved. first class gallery always

DavidNK ( posted at 4:55AM Sat, 03 June 2017

Very cool. Congratulations!

DavidNK ( posted at 4:56AM Sat, 03 June 2017

Very cool. Congratulations.

MihT ( posted at 7:09AM Sat, 03 June 2017

My sincere congratulations!

MihT ( posted at 8:27AM Sat, 03 June 2017

My sincere congratulations!

velleman ( posted at 8:43AM Sat, 03 June 2017

Thanks Renderosity team, thanks all who voted for me for high appreciation of my art :-).

MihT ( posted at 2:16AM Sun, 04 June 2017

My sincere congratulations!

renecyberdoc ( posted at 12:51AM Tue, 06 June 2017

sincere congratzz - well deserved!!!

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contedesfees ( posted at 7:38AM Wed, 07 June 2017

Congratulations indeed. I've been admiring your lovelies for years. Very deserving of more than a mere pat on the back.

flavia49 ( posted at 11:35AM Wed, 07 June 2017


PhthaloBlue ( posted at 1:01PM Wed, 07 June 2017

Congratulations on being voted Artist of the Month! Very well deserved!😄

RodS ( posted at 7:14PM Wed, 07 June 2017

Big congratulations, Vadim! Two thumbs-up from T.N.A. Headquarters!! 👍 👍

karanta ( posted at 11:34AM Thu, 08 June 2017

Congratulations :)

Richardphotos ( posted at 11:05AM Sat, 10 June 2017

a well deserved honor befitting your quality art

steve2 ( posted at 2:22AM Mon, 12 June 2017

Congratulations! Beautiful work !