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Artist of the month for July, 2017 is


Petege has been a member of Renderosity since 2015. He creates detailed 3D scenes and characters using Blender and Daz 3D primarily. He has a large gallery of work considering his relatively short time as a Renderosity member. Every scene, every model is well-crafted and imaginative. I urge you to spend time in his gallery to discover this talented artist for yourself.

Petege kindly answered questions about his work and experience being a member of Renderosity. Our thanks to petege for taking the time and a big congratulations for being voted the Artist of the Month for July, 2017.

Interview with Petege

Renderosity: how did you get involved in digital art creation?

Petege: About 4 years ago at my work, we need to explain a technical process and the best way to do that was a 3D animation of it. I start learning Blender in 3 week by doing some tutorials, then I modeled the parts that I needed and create the animation. That was my first step into the 3D world. I really like it, but there is a lot to learn for me.

I notice you use Daz and Blender in many of your works; why do you use these particular tools?

Petege: Blender is my favorite 3D tool, I like the user interface and I can work really fast with it. I use more and more 3D characters and for that I use Daz Studio with Iray.

Darlene by petege

One of my favorites in your gallery is Darlene. I particularly like the designs on her face. Can you tell us how this image came about?

Petege: For Darlene I used Maddelirium’s Vivienne which has this amazing texture. I like to do portraits and try to achieve a realistic looking renders. I also use these portraits to build a library of characters. When I need characters for illustrations, I look over these images to find a character that I need for that specific image.

What is the typical workflow on one of your creations?

Petege: For more complex scenes I make some sketches first, then build the scene, if needed I create other texture images, play around with the materials and doing the lightning. After the final render I do some postwork if needed. I also draw illustrations and sometimes I do it the other way around. For more difficult things that I want to draw I use 3D models as reference for it.

How has Renderosity impacted your work as an artist?

Petege: There is so much amazing stuff on renderosity that can be combined to create scenes and renderosity makes it a lot easier to find that what I need for a specific work. But it is also a source for ideas and inspiration.

Sunset by petege

Do you have some favorite renderosity artists? Ones that inspire you?

Petege: There are so much great artists on renderosity that I like, like FurNose, rajib, JoeJarrah, pixeluna and there are a lot more. One the artists that inspires me is Mousso.

Would you like to add anything to close out our interview?

Petege: I am really impressed to be the Artist of the Month July and I want to thank Renderosity members for the nice comments and the rating of my work and of course Renderosity to make this all possible.

Petege - Artist of the Month for July, 2017.

Be sure to visit Petege's gallery at

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