Available Now - La Femme 2 for Poser

Sep 27, 2023 at 10:00 am by Staff

La Femme 2 is Available Now!

La Femme 2 is a game-changer in 3D modeling, born from the original La Femme but vastly improved. Featuring new 4K textures, facial expression dials, and DEV rig access for clothing creation, La Femme 2 makes your 3D creation process a breeze! 

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Sale Ends: 11:59pm Monday, October 2nd.

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Content on Sale Until: Tuesday, October 3rd!

More About La Femme 2

A Foundation for Realism

La Femme 2 begins with an A-pose base, enhancing natural shoulder movement and making clothing creation a breeze.

True-to-Life Proportions
 With realistic proportions, La Femme 2 delivers a lifelike look right out of the box, eliminating disproportionate characters.

Facial Animation Mastery
Advanced facial controls enable effortless and natural facial expressions, breathing life into your characters.

Content Creator's Dream
Designed with content creators in mind, La Femme 2 streamlines asset creation for better quality results.

Modeling Excellence
The mesh topology follows major body landmarks for detailed muscle and facial morphs without extensive HD morphing. Improved UV mapping allows for natural texture details.
Efficient Rigging
Fewer JCMs simplify conforming clothing creation. Flexible posing handles and intact body part names maintain posing possibilities.

Texture Brilliance
4k skin textures with normal maps, 2k lash and brow maps, and detailed eye textures ensure high-quality visuals.

Cutting-Edge Shaders
Physical Surface shaders optimize rendering for Poser 13 while remaining compatible with Poser 11 and 12.

Abundant Content
La Femme 2 includes hand poses, facial expressions, body poses, and designer files for Poser 13 or higher.

Backward Compatibility
LF poses work with LF2 with included Body Dial converter to convert poses with very little modification.
 Most hairstyles made for LF will fit LF2 with included INJs.
Most props parented to the head area of LF will work in LF2 with easy adjustments in zTranslation.
 LF skin textures work out of the box in LF2. Eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes work with included material converter (which requires Poser 12 or higher).
Dynamic clothing for LF will work in LF2 by dialing the included LF shape morph in the first frame of the simulation animation.
 Props are included with the Pro version to help you convert conforming clothing from LF to LF2.

La Femme 2 Pro: Ultimate Creativity
The Pro version offers diverse skin textures, eye and eyebrow options, makeup choices, face and body shapes, and DEV rigs for clothing creation.
Merchant Resource Opportunities
Utilize included textures, shaders, and morphs as merchant resources, and access the DEV rig components for unparalleled creativity.
In summary, La Femme 2 and La Femme 2 Pro redefine 3D modeling with enhanced features, backward compatibility, and merchant resource possibilities. Explore limitless creativity in your 3D projects today!

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