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Jul 26, 2023 at 10:00 am by Staff


Feel the Poser Pulse getting stronger!


This week Tieta for La Femme by Afrodite-Ohki is 50% off until Wednesday, August 2nd 9:59 am (cdt).


Be sure to check out the product page for more information!

Afrodite-Ohki has kindly taken the time to answer some of our questions below.

How did you become interested in creating 3D content?? 

"I first saw Poser as a tool to create references for drawings... after I was hooked, only using what others had created didn't feel like enough. I've always tried to create things for everything I get my paws on :)"


What inspires you when creating a new product and what do you most enjoy doing?

"It can be other people's art, it can be me noticing there's a lack of some specific content, it can be a game... Inspiration for me comes in way too many forms! And honestly I enjoy doing a bit of everything, I have a need of variation otherwise my brain gets bored quickly."


As a Poser user from the earliest versions what changes have affected your process most over time and what tools do you find most useful in Poser?

"The Morph Brushes were a godsend. I turn to them for everything, from a small pokethrough to a thing that's in the way of a render and I wanna move it differently. Superfly was another thing that hooked me, and when it first came around I was having monetary issues and still I borrowed money from my mother to purchase that Poser version (was it PoserPro2012? I think it was!) because I NEEDED IT. And currently, the improvements in Copy Joints and Copy Morphs in Poser13 are helping a huge lot."


What is your dream project?


"I feel like I'm working on it right now ;)"


What advice would you give someone starting out in 3D content creation?


"Learn your tools. Don't be afraid to experiment. Follow your heart and what you love doing the most. The rest will come with time and experience."


Our warmest thanks to Afrodite-Ohki for taking the time to talk with us!


Please visit Afrodite-Ohki's store to see more of this vendor's products!

Now on sale at 50% off until Wednesday, August 2nd 9:59 am (cdt).

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Afrodite-Ohki is one of my favorite content creators; I think I have everything she has made for Poser and I am always looking for her latest release. <3 Molly
Have to agree with Molly also one of my favorite vendors. Her hair styles and scripts have helped me make better renders and more defined characters.
You're too kind to me, Molly! <3 thank you for all the support!
If you do not own her already - run and buy Tieta! She is my absolute favourite of all the Afrodite-Ohki characters (and I do love them all). Quality is AO trademark.
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