Poser Pulse - LF2 Intro

Jul 19, 2023 at 10:00 am by jennblake


Feel the Poser Pulse getting stronger!


Coming soon to a render near you! 


An all-new La Femme 2!


New and improved features!


- A-pose for better pose realism and easier clothing creation

- Completely redone rig that allows better movement and animations

- Geometry that better follows the body's landmarks and allows for more facial detail

- Tools to help you use or convert most types of content from LF1 to her.


This week the Poser Pulse is offering

La Femme Pro - 1.2

 at 50% off until Tuesday, July 26th 9:59 am (cdt).


Featuring select LF1 content on sale - stock up now!


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I am excited. I've been waiting for this figure since it was first mentioned in the release notes of Poser 13. It looks to me like one of the people with input has been Afroditeo-Ohki; that can't be bad as I have every thing she's ever made for La Femme 1.2. XD Molly
HOLY SMOKE!!! Release her! I want to play! She is absolutely stunning!
I can't wait to get her!
Oh man -- I want her NOW! I'm with CassandraNorth; let 'er loose so we all can have fun with her!
I want her! I want her!! I WANT HER!!! OOH, and I agree with you Molly, because I'd know any one of Ohki's ladies anywhere. :wink:
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