Interview with June 2021 Vendor of the Month - SABBY

Jun 16, 2021 at 07:30 am by gToon

Our Renderosity Vendor of the Month for June 2021 is Sabby. Sabby joined Renderosity in 2005. Since then he has built a very cool store with over 1800 followers. She won the VOM back in June of 2019 with her frequent collaborator, Seven. Sabby has a real gift for creating beautiful and alluring women characters and dressing them with style. She is a very popular vendor at Renderosity and we congratulate her for winning the Vendor of the Month!

In addition to the video gallery, which features 10 works from Sabby's Renderosity store, we spoke informally with Sabby who shared information about her background and what she's currently working on (spending time with her family!). Please note that several of the works featured in the video are collaborations with Renderosity vendor Seven.

You have such a skill at creating compelling female characters. How did you develop this skill and what are you trying to achieve? 

Sabby: I’d say that I’ve mostly developed the skill by always working with a partner, it helps you to have another set of eyes to see mistakes and offer constructive criticism. Generally speaking the style we’re trying to achieve is a more fae or sprite-looking character.

DAZ Studio is your application of choice. Why did you choose this application?

Sabby: Daz Studio became my software of choice mainly because it is free, it has a very large user base, and I really appreciate that it is constantly being improved and updated. I also enjoy working with the Genesis series of models and they’re only natively supported in D|S.

What is the typical workflow on a project from conception to finished product? 

Sabby: Generally, Seven and I spend Mondays talking about what the rest of the week will look like. (We call them our boring meetings!) We make plans on what we’re working on and work begins on Tuesday. Usually, we start with a morph and a name once the character's face & body shape have been achieved. After that, we move onto skin that suits her features. The last stage is working on promos and we spend so much time trying to choose what a character will be advertised wearing and the vibe we want for her, we want each character to have her own personality.

What are you working on currently?

Sabby: Currently, I’m actually on holiday. All of my kids are in town for two months and my family from across the USA is also coming to visit. So, I’m taking a couple of weeks to spend time with family! 


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