Vendor of the Month for May 2021 - Ken_Gilliland

May 05, 2021 at 12:26 pm by gToon

Our Renderosity Vendor of the Month for May 2021 is Ken_Gilliland. Ken joined Renderosity in 1999. Since then he has built an excellent store with over 250 followers and many who admire his work with birds and native plants. His skill and attention to detail are obvious. We especially love the colors he uses which probably comes from research and care in how he depicts the birds and plants he loves. Here's a quote from his bio: 
As an artist, I do four things; Oils on Canvas (Social Commentary), Drawings of National Parks, Photography of Birds and California Native Plants and 2D/3D Digital. Since most here will be interest in digital work, I'll talk about that. I started in the digital world with a TI-99/4a computer in the early 1980's and immediately started creating art and animation with a very limited graphic range in hexadecimal code (16 colors, 256 shapes). I eventually became a published artist for Asgard Software and a year later when out on my own to form “Notung Software” which became on of the most popular TI Software companies. In 2010, I was inducted in the TI-99/4a Hall of Fame.
After making my switch to the PC, I started with Sketcher (the precursor to Painter) and even owned Fractal Design's "Poser 1". I didn't start seriously playing with Poser until Version 3 came around. With the advent of Poser 4, I began by creating textures and started a career as a digital artist, selling my work through Zygote, Vista, DAZ3D, Hivewire3D and Renderosity.
I really didn’t find my nitch in the 3D world until I partnered with BL Render to do the Songbird ReMix Series in 2003. The following year, I came into my own blending my love and knowledge of birds with a strong environmental theme "Threatened, Endangered, Extinct". That set, designed specifically to raise awareness about threatened species and why they're going extinct, became a template for all my work. 
Since then I’ve steadily worked on improving my skills with Painter and Modo, and of course, producing more 3D birds and other flora and fauna with a strong environmental message. Today, the Songbird Remix birds have appeared in films such as ”I am Legend”, in Audubon literature and advertising, Duncraft (bird product & seed) advertising, in the museum presentations (such as the National Wildlife Research Center of Saudi Arabia) and even billboards and bus benches for the Omaha Reads promotions.
Besides being a Renderosity Vendor, I work at home as a freelance artist/photographer and also volunteer/lecture at the Theodore Payne Foundation (a Foundation that focuses a native plant awareness) and Audubon California.
Please take a moment to visit Ken_Gilliland's store at the button below. We know you will enjoy this vendor's wonderful and evocative creations. We will share a video gallery of his works and more info on Ken in a week or so. 


Woo hoo!!! You are as cool as your birds!!!! I'm thrilled to have read this!!
Very happy to get to read more about you. Sounds like your life is meaningful to lots more than online digital artists. 👏👏👏
Definitely one of the best artists in Renderosity !
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