Gallery of the Week - The Fractal Gallery

Apr 19, 2021 at 06:00 am by gToon

Splash image: Futuria-april13 by water 

Our Renderosity gallery of the week is the Youth Fractal Gallery. Fractal art, which is the intersection of computers and human coding, began in the mid-80's and is part of the New Media art movement. It is an extremely popular form of art at Renderosity with over 78,000 works posted since the gallery was created. As fractal creation applications became easier to use, more artists began exploring this fascinating abstract art. There are several artists in the Fractal Gallery who post regularly. We love the work of Koala44 and FractaliaNo1, but there are many different artists who contribute. 
Please take a moment and visit the Fractal Gallery at the link below. And if you are interested in learning how to create fractal art there's no better place to start than the Fractal forum run by CHMedia and deenamic. 

Here are 10 artists we've chosen from the Fractal Gallery. Click the image to see more of their work.


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