Gallery of the Week for December 7-14, 2020 - SHADE3D Gallery

Dec 07, 2020 at 02:18 pm by gToon


Our choice for the Dec 7-14, 2020, Gallery of the week is the Shade3D gallery. Shade3D is a 3D application that is quite powerful, but not well known. However, Renderosity artists love the program and post excellent work created with Shade3D in the gallery. In particular, artist Ark_Pilot, has posted dozens of fascinating images created using this unique application. 

We've chosen 10 works from the Shade3D gallery for this video. If you enjoy the work, please visit the gallery at Splash image: Megurine Luka by IMECOM

Link to gallery:

Link to Shade3D: 


The Gallery of the Week Artists

Here are works we’ve chosen from the Shade3D Gallery. Click the artists name to see more of their work. You can also click the image to see it in its original size at the artists gallery.



Tank Type10 and 16MCV (Modeling) by Ark_Pilot

At a certain shrine by IMECOM 


String Quartet by Ark_Pilot

Megurine Luka by IMECOM


Blade Sisters by baryonyx

The Library by dr_bernie


fighter01404 by hideakifuji

Saraswati by EmikoKAMO



Be generous! by Ark_Pilot

Cyberframe by duo




Okay, you have me a little confused. You refer to works being created in Shade 3d (and yea, I think I have it somewhere) but "The Library" above is one of Jack Tomalins early creations (2012) and looks to be a pretty much out of the box render. So you can render poser products in Shade?
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