Animation Master is a Smash at Siggraph 2005

LillianH · August 6, 2005 12:00 am

With catchy T-Shirts that ask "Got Hash?" Think Outside the Triangle, the Hash family business was a smash at Siggraph 2005. With lots of entranced on-lookers, Animation Master made quite an impression.
Now anyone can make 3D pictures and animations at home or in the studio with Animation:Master! This complete product includes everything you need to create fabulous graphics; including comprehensive modeling features, powerful animation tools, superb rendering, and cross-platform compatibility. Animation:Master gives both beginning and advanced animators the ability to tell their stories. Remarkably, wrapped into one interface are advanced features like inverse kinematics, ray-tracing, image mapping, and modeling of complex organic and mechanical objects. The revolutionary patch based technology makes it easy to create natural, fluid-moving characters, scenery, and props, and to intuitively animate them! Click here to purchase your copy of Animation Master Or, visit their website at:

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