2004 Holiday Giveaway

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The MarketPlace Merchants would like to wish the Renderosity Community a very Happy Holiday Season!! To spread the Holiday Cheer many Merchants have created wonderful gifts for you to enjoy.Renderosity is very excited to sponsor the
4th Annual MarketPlace Merchant Holiday Giveaway.
Promo ImageMerchant(s)Gift
Morphing Vase
akahasturINWEN, elf character for SP3
Andi3dBone Christmas Tree
angelofdarknessHippie Hair
(Poser 5)
angelofdarknessWild Curls
(Poser 5)
Christmas Textures for MFD with 12 color variations
ArdathkSheynaA3D's Clothing MAT Pack 1 for Batlab's KawaRev1/R2
Winter Cap for M3
BountifulKnightChristmas Candles
BrokenWings~Allionia~ for the Mill PreTeen
butterfly_fishHarry (for David)
chrislennChristmas Decorations
(.psd format)
cwshortyLight Sets
DM's Temple Corner
DarkAngel68LaLuna for V3
DarkAngel685 New Styles for V3's Morphing Fantasy Dress
deadheadDreamy Backgrounds
DiandraAction Poses for Aiko3
DJBlueprintPinboard (Bulletin Board)
dolfijntjesEternal Christmas for Karanta's EJ Gown
dolfijntjesAnimeSoul1 Eye Textures
for Aiko3.0, Laura, Luke, David, Victoria 3.0, Stephanie Petite, Michael 3.0, and the Freak
dorkatiSaraPea LE version

electroglyph.3ds Christmas Box
(.3ds File Format)
electroglyphBryce Christmas Box
electroglyphBallista Lanchasi
(.3ds File Format)
(.3ds File Format)
forester25 Basic Stars
(.3ds File Format)
forester3D Letters
(.3ds File Format)
foresterWooden Toy Train
(.3ds File Format)
Franceena15 Free Backgounds by FranJack
gypsyangelEye Jewels
(psd layers)
HauSiyokaDazzle for V3
hongyuPhoenix for Stephanie 3
hongyuPhoenix for Victoria 3.0
JHoaglandAR-03 "Firebat" Scout Walker model
JPeterJepe's Blizzard for P5
(Poser 5)
JPPICastle/Stonework Reference Photos
karantaTexture Set for Aaronhearts Morphing Vase
karantaChristmas Elegance for EJ`s Gown by kf-aranta
KendraCasino Props
KhrysGanymede for Michael
LadyByronJuliette for Judy
(Poser 5)
LadyByronScenes for DAZ Cyclorama (Asia)
LadyByronScenes for DAZ Cyclorama (Country)
LadyByronScenes for DAZ Cyclorama (Snow)
LadyByronChristmas Hair
(Poser 5)
LaksmiFae the Winter Elf for the Girl
LevanahElvenShyne for SP and V3
LevanahElvenShyne HC1
(for the SP and V3 Hooded Cloak 1)
(for V3, SP, M3, David, She Freak, Laura, Luke and the Girl)
LisbethGreta Hair
luckyredSeamless Textures
lupadgdsFireplace Prop with Fire
lymaRed Angel
lyrainbowFantasyBoots for Preteen
Mistletoe Gown
megaionstorm29 Tops - MAT poses for the P4 strap dress
megaionstormGlamour Set 1
megaionstormGlamour Set 2
megaionstormThe Sweety (Lace for the V3 bikini)
MeloryLife's A Beach! - 50 textures for Sara's Bikini
MrBriceWorld Matters Texture Package (Sampler)
Wintressa for V3 with texture for Faerie Wings Deluxe
Wittle Wintressa for PS Mil girl with texture for Faerie Wings Deluxe and Koz Messy Hair
nirvyHolly for V3
NouschkaGinger for V3
nzmTeeth Morphs & Props for Judy
(Poser 5)
obm890Trendy Glasses
Peti1958Christmas Tiles
Poser_DreamsChristma Character for V3
queequegSnowman Prop
racin-jasonHow to Paint Eyes Tutorial
(Paint Shop Pro 8)
RhadeyaChristmas for V3/SP3 Tunic Packs
shesaBloo the Elf for V3
The3dZoneHoliday Kiki
Christmas Toys
tooRosie for the Girl
TTBackgrounds by TT
weezieMaterial Shaders
(Poser 5)
wenkeM3 Real Action Poses
xxxanderBekka-Elven Princess
ZephreSnowflake Brushes
(Photoshop 6,7 and CS)

Special thanks to the participating merchants for their generous offerings.

The entire Team at Renderosity would like to wish you a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!!

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Member Opinions:
By: BrokenAngel9 on 12/1/04
Thank you to all the generous merchants for their great gifts, and a very happy holiday season to all of you!

By: Ardiva on 12/1/04
Many thanks to all of the merchants for giving us all these wonderful gifts! May you all have a safe and wonderful Holiday as well. *smile*

By: bjt860 on 12/1/04
I want to thank these generous merchants from the bottom of my heart. These are the best presents I could have hoped to receive. Be safe and happy this holiday season.

By: ianduff on 12/1/04
Thank you for your gifts, it'll take all the holiday season to try these out! - Merry Christmas!

By: doc_jones on 12/1/04
this is awesome thankyou so much for making the holidays special through your generosity
meey christmas you guys are the best

By: ivyroses on 12/1/04
Thank you very much

By: Merlin2000 on 12/1/04
I want to thank these generous merchants from the bottom of my heart!!!and i say Thank you for your gifts!!!Merry Christmas to all !!!!

By: Zachrael2002 on 12/1/04
Y'all are awesome! Thanks to each and every one of you, and Happy Holidays!

By: Luminaa on 12/1/04
Thank you all so very much for your generosity. May you all be blessed with a joyous holiday season and prosperous new year!

By: Smitthms on 12/1/04
Thanks Guys & Gals ... for the awesome stuff & have a Merry Ho Ho Ho Day :o) ~Thomas

By: DarkStarRising on 12/1/04
oh my goodness, so much stuff, you guys are the best you truely are :D

By: Bez on 12/1/04
Many thanks to you all for this totally brill stuff, Merry Christmas to you all, :o)

By: Raven_Shar on 12/1/04
Thankyou for all the gifts, have a great christmas and great new year!!

By: Richard T on 12/1/04
Thanks everybody for these beaut' gifts. Merry Christmas.

By: gandalf_1 on 12/1/04
I'm new to 3D art, and I am curently only using DAZ Studio, but I want to thank all the great artists and developers who have been gracious enough to share their talent with me and others like me. Happy Holidays!

By: kayjay97 on 12/1/04
Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts. MAerry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you :)

By: 2GMan on 12/1/04
Many thanks to all the merchants for their generous holidays presents. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year ;-)

By: webdancer on 12/1/04
What great Christmas Presents! Thank you so much!

By: jjean21 on 12/1/04
This is my first year at Renderosity and the generosity that I've found here is amazing. Thank you all so much for the wonderful presents

By: drifterlee on 12/1/04
This is absolutely wondeful and very generous! Thank you very much. Drifterlee

By: Lyne on 12/1/04
Thank you all very much! :)

By: dantescanto on 12/1/04
Lovely! Thanks for the generous gifts :D

By: malia01us on 12/1/04
Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to all! :)

By: magnetmage on 12/1/04
I agree. Peace, Love, and Thanks!

By: pokeydots on 12/1/04
Thank you all very much! And Happy Holidays to everyone ;o)

By: dialyn on 12/1/04
Truly something for everyone...thank you so much. Happy Holidays to you all!!!

By: burni on 12/1/04
Your gifts has arrived switzerland. They where truly welcome. Happy Holidays and a peaceful future to you all.

By: Ranai on 12/1/04
WOW!! Thank you!!!! This is terrific!!!

By: elvetree on 12/1/04
Merry Christmas to you all, May your wishes come true for you all...Thanks for brightening up the season here at renderosity.

By: SMILEYDEE on 12/1/04
Thank you so much for your generosity through out the year and doubly for your continous generosity *smile* . You people are truly angels in your heart where it counts :)) Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

By: tyllo on 12/1/04
Thanks for all these wonderful freebies.
Merry Xmas and Happy New year 2005 to you ALL!!! :)

By: SndCastie on 12/1/04
These are great thanks to all who have given a little of themselves to share with the rest of us :O)

By: Runefire on 12/2/04
You da best! Thanks all :) I wish the greatest blessings of the Yule Season to each of you, your families and homes.

By: cliff-dweller on 12/2/04
These are wonderful gifts! Thank you and happy holidays to everyone! Bye, Jen. :-)

By: keweljewels on 12/2/04
Merry Christmas to Everyone! Thank you to each of yfor your generosity and beatiful gifts. Happy new Year:). Hugs.

By: brycek on 12/2/04
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts..Merry Christmas!!

By: kristinf on 12/2/04
Thanks guys, it's very generous of you all!

By: RnRWoman on 12/2/04
Thank you for the generosity and the free gifts! That is so nice of you all! God Bless you everyone!!!! And May God bring you all many blessings and safe Holidays. And may the celebration of Jesus' Birthday bring warmth to your hearts! Hope to see you all online soon! :)

By: JenX on 12/2/04
Thank you all so much for the gifts!!! The are much appreciated!
Happy Holidays!!

By: roxcat on 12/2/04
So many great gifts, thanks a lot to all of you! You're truly generous! Merry Christmas =)

By: SophiaDeer on 12/2/04
Thank you all so much!!

By: cyberscape on 12/2/04
Definite thanks are in order! Happy holidays to all of you!!

By: amberlover13 on 12/2/04
These are just wonderful. Thanks to all of you!
Happy holidays, whatever you may celebrate.

By: Billi on 12/2/04
Thank you all so much!
Happy Holidays!

By: LadyLisa on 12/2/04
Thanks to all of you..:) Your generosity will really come in handy for alot of my projects. Happy holidays to you all.

By: patiaz on 12/2/04
Thanks to all the creators.. My family will really have to work hard to top the joy that all these gifts brought to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Irish on 12/2/04

Thanks very much to all the participating Sponsors ~ have a Wonderful Christmas!


By: Artzy on 12/2/04
I'd Just Like To Say To Everyone: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! Oh and by the way... Thankyou! Happy Holidays!

By: Saddha on 12/2/04
So happy to be here at Renderosity. Thank you!

By: ricardo719 on 12/2/04
Thank you all for your generosity! \\;^)

By: ShadowDN1 on 12/2/04
thanks a lot :)

By: Zephre on 12/2/04
This is what makes Renderosity one of my favorite sites. The cool people. I have learned more here and been given so much by this community. Thank you for the wonderful gifts! You People all rock!

By: Thorgrim on 12/2/04
Thank's very much for the gifts. I hope you don't mind if I open them before Xmas:)

By: slinger on 12/2/04
Many thanks to all involved. Your generosity does you proud.

By: ??? on 12/2/04
Thankyou very, very much!

I hope you all have an excellent Christmas!

By: Cookienose on 12/2/04
Thank you, one and all, for the lovely presents. Happy Holidays to everyone!

By: xeniaghost on 12/2/04
Ooo, Santa's been early! Thank you so much everyone for the fantastic goodies and happy holidays to you all!

By: ShadowWind on 12/2/04
Wow, what a treasure trove of goodies for the holidays. Thanks to all the merchants for the cool giveaway and I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

By: Feliciti on 12/2/04
this are fantastic Gifts!!!!Thank you so much to all :)
Happy Holidays !!!

By: Shari123 on 12/2/04
Thank you ever so much! A very Merry Christmas to everyone! I know what I will be doing for the next 6 months :)

By: FanDancer on 12/2/04
This is the biggest christmas giveaway to date! awesome gifts everyone.Thank you so much for your hard work and good will this year:)

By: joannastar on 12/2/04
These gifts are so generous! Thank you all very much.

By: annemarie2 on 12/2/04
Thank you very very much to all the merchants!!! Happy Holidays to you all!

By: MalicetheCat on 12/2/04
Thank you everyone! These are most generous

By: dfsmetsfan on 12/2/04
Thank you to all the merchants who participated in this. What a wonderful gift. Thank you for your generosity!

By: Junglegeorge on 12/2/04
Thanks a million you kind generous people.
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year

By: vshane on 12/2/04
Thank you so much and happy holiday!

By: Dave-So on 12/2/04
wow..thanks much :)

By: digitalmusic on 12/2/04
You're all stars! Many thanks for these wonderful goodies. Seasons Greetings to all.

By: Stage_Rose on 12/2/04
Thank you for your generosity, merchants! Happy Holidays to everyone!

By: Odyssey on 12/2/04
A warm Thank you for all those wonderful gifts :)
Your generosity is greatly appreciated :)
Happy Holidays !!!

By: SQS on 12/2/04
WOW!!! Thanks so much!!

By: UweG on 12/2/04
Wonderful gifts! Thank you all very very much :)

By: BRATTIER on 12/2/04
Want to Thank Everyone for there Generosity,I am new to poser and doing my best to learn it and in hopes with these gifts can learn and give back to what so many haer have offered in someway

By: donnena on 12/2/04
a million thanks to all of you! Merry Christmas!

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 12/2/04
Thank you for the great generosity of the merchants, this it is a gift of the sky for all.
Again very grateful and that they have very Merry Christmas and a great New Year =)

By: Unicornst on 12/2/04
Thanks heaps you guys. You're all wonderful for doing this.

By: macdubhgal on 12/2/04
WOW! What an outpouring of Generosity! Thank you to all who are participating in this project!

By: brynna on 12/3/04
Now THIS is what I call one heckuva Christmas giveaway! My thanks go to all the merchants and their generosity! Have a Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, and wonderful Holiday Season!

By: TazTiger on 12/3/04
Thanks for your generous gifts.

By: traeumerle62 on 12/3/04
what great gifts :-)
thank you very much to all

By: obm890 on 12/3/04
The link to my "Trendy Glasses" for Victoria was broken, it should look like this:
(It seems to have been entered twice)
So everyone, and I mean *EVERYONE* needs to go back and download 'em, okay? Merry Xmas everyone!

By: starlight64 on 12/3/04
Wow! Thanks so much all! Never seen so many holiday freebies!

By: AGentleMuse on 12/3/04
Thankyou all for sharing your time, talent and generosity here! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

By: Danava on 12/3/04
This is the most amazing gift! Thank you ALL so very much. I cherish my involvement in this wonderful community. Happy Holidays everyone!!

By: AlteredKitty on 12/3/04
Thank you for these wonderful gifts.

Happy Holidays everyone :) ________ali x

By: MagicHaircutter on 12/3/04
Wow, a big Thanks for all the merchants!
Have a nice Christmastime and a Happy New Year

By: TinasDesign on 12/3/04
thanks to all of you and Merry Christmas.

By: german-witch on 12/3/04
Many thanks to alle merchants. Thanks for the wonderful freebies!! I wish everyone a wonderful christmas season and wonderful holidays!!!

By: genny on 12/3/04
Thank you all, so very, very much. (:

By: motyka on 12/3/04
Thank you very much for these very nice gifts. I certainly hope all of you have a very nice Christmas. - Nancy

By: kfox on 12/3/04
Wow - what a fabulous bunch of presents, and such a generous group of merchants!

Thank you thank you!

By: vt100 on 12/3/04
Thanks very much for the free goodies

By: DarkTiger2525 on 12/3/04
I am new to Renderosity but I have made quite a few friends here and they have helped me so much and the great merchants here totaly awsome ther merchandise is awsome as are there gifts to us i dont know where i would be with out the freebies here i wish everyone here a happy holidays

By: Hyria on 12/3/04
Excellent items there guys and gals :) Thank you soo much :)

By: HHDrache on 12/3/04
many thanks to all of you for so many gifts.
I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

By: CardinalBiggles on 12/3/04
Thanks to everyone for their generosity.

By: Avalonne on 12/3/04
Every year the merchants and members here make me ever so proud to belong to this wonderful community. Their generosity is just so uplifting! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and may you all have the Happiest of Holidays!

By: masha on 12/3/04
So many gifts to open!!! Thank you all and wishes of a wonderful holiday season to one and all!

By: msebonyluv on 12/3/04
Thank you so much for your generosity!! Happy Holidays!!!

By: atilla39 on 12/3/04
Happy holidays and thats for such wonderful gifts!!!!!!!

By: danidh on 12/3/04
Beautiful!!! Thank you all so very, very much!!! Merry Christmas.

By: gypsyangel on 12/3/04
Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!! May the blessings of the year continue on through the next.

By: stoffel on 12/3/04
Thank you to all for these wonderful gifts and happy holdiday :)

By: samoanlady on 12/3/04
Wow!!! Thank you ALL so very much for all the beautiful gifts, but most of all for your talent and generosity.

Merry Christmas and happy 2005.

By: IceDancer on 12/3/04
What a wonderous Christmas surprise! I ooohhhed and ahhhhhhhhed all the way down the list. Thank you so very much. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you thoughtful people.

By: DragonessD on 12/3/04
Thank you! I always wanted to walk into a store and say "I'll take one of everything" and have it fit my budget!
But seriously, thank you so very, very, VERY MUCH!! These are such fantistic gifts, words fail me!

By: xantor on 12/3/04
Thank you. Merry Christmas.

By: CnS on 12/4/04
I want to thank all of you for your generosity.. Happy Holidays to each of you... Huggzz ~Clara~

By: kat on 12/4/04
Great seasonal gifts, thank you all. Have a great xmas everyone :o)

By: bk321467SKYNET on 12/4/04
Thank you so much to all for your generosity!
Merry Christmas and happy 2005.

By: perengil on 12/4/04
Wow! this is overwhelming!
Thank you so much for your genereosity, all of you!
Happy Holidays!

By: Moonfire on 12/4/04
Happy Solstice everyone! Thanks to all for the great freebies so poor chicks like me can keep on rendering! LOL!

By: MrsCC on 12/4/04
WOW!!! Thanks to all the merchants for their generosity. These are great. Happy Holidays to all.

By: crypticghost on 12/4/04
thank you, thank you, thank you... super awsome, renderosity community is the best for sure!

By: megaionstorm on 12/4/04
It's christmas time, it's giveaway time !

Happy hollydays to you all !!!

By: beachnut on 12/4/04
A million thank you's to you all. Happy Holidays! :)

By: Seven Wolves on 12/4/04
Awesome gifts! Thanks very much to everyone - Merry Christmas!! :)

By: webmaster421 on 12/4/04
Oh my gosh - thanks EVER so MUCH to all of you!!!! This is just amazing - I could render for a year just from the items on this page alone!! A great *BIG HUG* to each of you!!! Thanks again!

By: willowelf on 12/4/04
Thank you all for the wonderful gifts! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas :)

By: OonaTheWild on 12/4/04
These gifts are awesome and we all thank you ( looks up ) Obviously...LOL !!!

By: ellocolobo on 12/4/04
genereosity = Renderosity and all who come here. Merry Christmas EVERYBODY!

By: nukkinfutz on 12/4/04
Thanks so much to all of you!

By: camera on 12/4/04
I think Renderosity artists, besides being generous with the gifts for us, are also the premier of artists anywhere. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you all.

By: stasp on 12/4/04
Many thank you's for all these wonderful gifts.

By: kalon on 12/4/04
Wonderful gifts. Thank you very much!

By: ShadowDaleCreations on 12/4/04
Thank you, thank you, thank you for these lovely gifts.
The generosity of spirit from all of the wonderful merchants is greatly appreciated by all of us in the 3D art world.
The best of the holidays to all!!!

~Shadow Duchess

By: cjw on 12/4/04
Thank you all for being Santa Claus this Christmas! We all love your wonderful presents!

By: Porthos on 12/5/04
Terrific gifts, many thanks for your generosity! God Bless!!

By: infinity10 on 12/5/04
a big thank you !! muack muack

By: Turtle on 12/5/04
Thank you so much.

By: 1010 on 12/5/04
Thank you, what a generous offer.

By: MarianneR on 12/5/04
Thanks to all the artists for their hard work! Much appreciated!

By: Cherii on 12/5/04
This is just awesome!! What a wonderful gift -- it really feels like Christmas. Thank you so much to everyone who was generous enough to contribute. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, too. :)


By: atsoram on 12/5/04
Thank you very much. Happy Holidays!

By: Sivana on 12/5/04
I also want to thank you all for your great gifts for us! Itīs fantastic!!!
Happy Holidays to all!!!!

By: EugeniaAnn on 12/5/04
Thanks to all, Merry Christmas.....

By: TeleClone on 12/5/04
Thank you all, artists and modellers. This will really speed my holiday renderings along ^_^

By: Naylin on 12/6/04
Thank you all so much for all the great stuff!

By: sandoppe on 12/6/04
What a wonderful bunch of gifts!! Thanks to all who contributed. Best wishes for the holidays to everyone at Rendo :)

By: Skipychic on 12/6/04
Thanks for the great gifts.. I really appreciate it :)

By: cinema on 12/6/04
Thank you All for such beautiful Holiday gifts!
Happy Holidays to ALL

By: squeeka on 12/6/04
What a wonderful group we have here on this site! Thank you so very much to all the merchants for the wonderful gifts and may everyone have a Happy Holiday and very Happy New Year! *hugz*~jen :)

By: barb on 12/6/04
Very sweet. Thanks so much. And Merry Christmas to one and all. - Barb

By: TheVelvetFoxx on 12/6/04
Thanks so much for all your hard work! What wonderful gifts!

By: DustyRoad on 12/7/04
Your Spirit of giving is beyond Generous. Thank you so much to All the Merchants here at Renderosity.

By: cecemckenzie on 12/7/04
THANKS A MILLION! So much great stuff and so little room left. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all.

By: geoff1 on 12/7/04
Thank you all very much. Happy Christmas to all

By: kmw on 12/7/04
This is hilarious. For the last four years you've absolutely, positively surprised me with the annual giveaway. It's annual, for corn's sake! Why do I keep forgetting about it? Hell, let's hope I keep forgetting. It'll make for another great surprise next year. And the year after...

Thanx to all involved. It's a pleasure to be even a miniscule part of this community.

By: GothKurlz on 12/7/04
Thanks a bunch! These are great shares! Happy holidays!

By: Ravenzwhisper on 12/7/04
::: dances ::: I knew there was more than one Santa!!!

You guys rock!!

By: mari_e17 on 12/8/04
So many beautiful gifts, thanks a lot to all of you!!! You are truly generous!!!! Happy holidays to all of you!!!!

By: dv8_fx on 12/8/04

Thanks to all the generous Santa Clauses in the Store. May you and yours have a great Christmas.... hope you guys get a lot of gifts, too.

By: buckzero on 12/8/04
WOW, Awesome, Thanks y'all. Merry Christmas,

By: FantastArt on 12/8/04
Wow! Thank you all! This is a lot of fantastic stuff!

By: PsychaDurmont on 12/8/04
Wonderful Gifts! Many thanks to all the merchants! Happy Yule!

By: Debs on 12/8/04
I would like to thank all Renderosity Merchants for the generosity shown here
Merry Christmas and a Happy succesful New Year

By: glozwurld on 12/8/04
Thanks so much for your generosity!

By: AranelStyles on 12/8/04
WOW!! Thank You!!!!

By: Kspada on 12/8/04
Thank you so very much for these wonderful gifts! May you all have a very Happy Holiday Season!!!

By: pbonilla on 12/8/04
Thanks to all Renderosity Merchants for this advanced Christmas Gift.

Season Greetings!

By: szymas on 12/8/04
Thanks guys and gals, hopefully someday I'll be able to do the magic that you do for the group!

By: Washi on 12/8/04
I only noticed this today 9th in New Zealand which is my Birthday so this is a great Xmas and B-Day present from my point of view :)

To the Merchants who provided this bag of goodies
Thank you all :)

By: EdsArt on 12/9/04
This is my first Christmas with Renderosity and I'd like to thank you all for your gifts and support. Merry Christmas.

By: Lethamama on 12/9/04
Thank you all for the lovely Christmas gifts. I am a newbie to poser and this is a great start. I want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! and hope it is a great one for all.

By: schwester-josepha on 12/9/04
a very nice christmas gift :) many many thanks to all sponsors :)

By: funnylady on 12/9/04
Thank you so much to all the merchants who contributed these special gifts! What a nice surprise.

By: dido6 on 12/9/04
Thanks to everyone!! Happy Holidays! :)

By: Iraya on 12/10/04
Thank you to all merchants for their great gifts, and whish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

By: hirumono on 12/10/04
A great thank you to all contributors, for your kindness and generosity. Happy holidays to all!

By: FrenchKiss on 12/10/04
Wow, what a selection! Thanks ever so much!!

By: Sophies on 12/10/04
Thank you so verry verry much and happy holidays to all of you...

By: ejayrich on 12/10/04
Thank you all!! I am toaly floored by these gifts!!!
May you all have the best this holiday season!!!

By: Silke on 12/11/04

Never mind me while I go into a download frenzy...

Thanks you guys :)

By: steeldream on 12/11/04
Another great year, another great batch of gifts. Thanks to all of you who gave, and thanks to those of you who tried and wound up banging your heads against the wall. Thanks to all you folk at Renderosity. I wish you all the best in the coming year, and have a memorable, merry Christmas.

By: Petunia on 12/12/04
Thank you kind folks! They are all lovely gifts!!

By: genaris on 12/12/04
A great big hug and Thank-You to all the generous artisans who've made these wonderful digital gifts available to the community! Happy Holidays, and Best Wishes for 2005 to everyone here....

By: Juju_st on 12/12/04
Thank you very very much!!!! I wish you a wonderful christmastime!!!!

By: Batronyx on 12/12/04
Thanks all! Merry Christmas!!

By: DMFW on 12/12/04
Merry Christmas to one and all... What a wonderful set of presents! Many thanks to all the contributers.

By: ScotHarvest on 12/12/04
Toys, Toys,Toys, Toys,Toys, Toys... Thanks

By: Kashmir on 12/13/04
Thank you so very much for your generosity. May everyone have a safe and Merry Christmas~S~

By: Seren on 12/13/04
WOW I'm transported with delight!
Thank you SO much to all the generous creative people.
Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda ~ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone ~ from Wales.

By: Trunkmonkey on 12/13/04
Thank you very much for your generosity. May all of you kind people have a safe and Merry Christmas.

By: jrcejaspulido on 12/14/04
A big big thanks to all of you. Merry Christmas.

By: jarbeard on 12/14/04
Wow, Thanks to everyone for your generosity. Wishing all a Happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Now where do I start?


By: gdigga on 12/14/04
thanks alot.. im glad im not too late!!!

By: jkohl on 12/14/04
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was beginning to doubt there was a Santa Claus - There is! There is! Merry Christmas and a great New Year to all of you. Your generousity is awesome.


By: RocketArt on 12/15/04
Thanks so much! Wonderful gifts! Happy Holidays!

By: Keystaylor on 12/15/04
Thank you all so much. Seasons greetings to everyone.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2005!

By: suezoo39 on 12/15/04
Thank you very much for your generosity.

By: bigH60 on 12/15/04
Guess if you do not have poser you are out of luck , ba humbug , to you all !

By: teanie on 12/15/04
Thank you all for you generosity. It is very kind of you and most welcome from us newbies *S*.


By: Elliandra on 12/15/04
These are beautiful!! Thank you to all the merchants who are sharing these wonderful gifts with us!

By: Trouble on 12/15/04
Thank you all for such generous gifts!

By: digitell on 12/15/04
Thanks so much for the wonderful gifts!! They are much appreciated!! :)
Merry X-mas!

By: eneilb on 12/15/04
My first Christmas with Renderosity - and it's grand! Thank you merchants!

By: aazaricantharess on 12/15/04
Big thanks to those who offered something for those of us who DON'T do the whole Poser/3D thing. This is the first time I've actually found anything in the special give-aways I could and would use.
*happy dance!* :-D

Happy Holidays!

By: wile1 on 12/15/04
Thanks so much everyone. You always have such lovely items. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

By: Azharryo on 12/16/04
To all the Merchants who contributed to the 2004
Holiday Giveaway, You people are FANTASTIC, TRULY
AWESOME, Have a wonderful holiday, Many Thanks... AzHarryo

By: MidnightStorm on 12/16/04
Thanks soooo much everyone.....These are truely great gifts....Have a great holiday, and many happy wishes..... :)

By: Judgedeth on 12/17/04
Thanks to all for the wonderful gifts this season. may you all have many more.

Happy Holidays everyone!

By: Sarte on 12/17/04
Thanks for the Scout Walker...you can never have too many mecha.

By: drsofaking on 12/17/04
Thanks aren't enough for all the generous gifts!
Wonderful stuff...

Happy holidays to all!

By: deerpath on 12/18/04
Thank you to all and happy holidays!!

By: Revelation-23 on 12/18/04
I may be cheap, but free is just as good. Well, better. Good thing I cleared off a bunch of hard drive space last week. Guess I'm gonna have to slap another blank CD in soon...

By: REG on 12/18/04
Thank you all for your generosity this holiday season. Wishing all the Happiest Of Holidays and a bright and prosperous New Year!

By: nene-chan on 12/18/04
A big thank you to everyone.

Happy Holidays.

By: PangurBan on 12/19/04
Incredible, thank you all so much - Merry Christmas one and all!

By: Magician on 12/20/04
Thanks a lot for your wonderful gifts!

By: Hahathna on 12/20/04
I would like to thank the entire staff of Renderosity for their hard work year round, and to all of the merchants who were so generous in providing us these wonderful downloads. May all your holiday wishes come true!

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

By: Oracle5 on 12/21/04
Wow. And wow again. Thanks to everyone for providing such wonderful gifts.

Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!

By: microcyb on 12/21/04
Happy Happy day!
The holiday is filled with so much 3D fun that I will be smiling for a long time!
You are the best!

By: wparrott1 on 12/21/04
Wow!!! What a wonderful gift!! This is a gift that will keep on giving..Happy Holidays. Thanks!!

By: BlackCloud on 12/21/04
Many, many thanks to all of the artists who have given their time and talents to present us with such a wonderful selection of gifts! Safe and Happy Holidays to all!

By: Aquariante7 on 12/22/04
Thanks for this great Stuff, its beautifull...
Wishes to you: Happy Holidays too...

By: Sentinal on 12/22/04
Thank you all for your wonderful generosity. Happy holidays to all

By: Celiam on 12/22/04
A super treat! Many thanks to all the wonderful artists for their generosity.

By: ThrommArcadia on 12/22/04
What can I say that hasn't been said? "Tongrabacht"? Well, that you everyone for your kindness and generosity. And thanks to Renderosity for hosting this!

Happy Holidays!

By: Ms_Outlaw on 12/22/04
Merry Christmas, and thanks so much for the lovely gifts.

By: mjonesboy on 12/22/04
Thank you to all the artists here at renderosity for their kindness. Everyone have a safe and warm Holiday season.

By: Elcet on 12/23/04
Thanks very much to all the merchants for these very charming gifts! Hope to all meryy Xmas and happy and prosperous new years in peace n' love!

By: Zaadong on 12/23/04
Thnks to all ! Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Greetings from Germany

By: Judyco2 on 12/23/04
Thank you so much for your gifts and Have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

By: bsteph2069 on 12/23/04
Many many thanks from all of the merchants. This is really great. Super hot stuff.

rubbs stomach. I'm stuffed,


By: aeilkema on 12/24/04
Thanks for all of these wonderful Christmas gifts, excellent!

wishing all a blessed Christmas and a great new year.

By: keyze on 12/24/04
I thank all of you for your wonderful generosity. When you are new to 3D it is so wonderful that seasoned artist are so generous with a variety of helpful items. Thank you for all the newbies who will use the wonderful items. Maybe someday we can be as generous with our own items. Fabulous community here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Rodie on 12/24/04
Thank u all who gave and still give :D
Wish u all merry Xmas and a prosperous new year
Also thanks for helping beginig artists and amateurs like me with ur work :D

By: ABL on 12/25/04
A very merry and peaceful Christmas to all of you and thank you so much for this load of awesome gifts!

By: wushing on 12/28/04
These gifts are just tremendous! Thank you for your generous hearts! Happy holidays to you all!

By: gwhicks on 12/29/04
Sincere thanks and joyful greetings to all for the wonderful gifts.

By: Risika75 on 12/29/04
Thanks everyone for the fantastic gifts. They are much appreciated. - Michelle

By: kpredmor on 12/30/04
Thanks to all for their wonderful gifts! I can't wait to check them out! Kathy

By: colorfulsilk on 12/31/04
Thanks sooo much and happy holidays to you all!!!

By: abellius on 12/31/04
Many thanks to all the freebies and I hope your stores prosper from your generosity!!! Happy Holidays!!

By: westryde on 1/4/05
Before this theme is closed may I add my thanks to all who gave their time to give us so many gifts. Thank you so much and a Happy New Year!

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